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gay leather writer, ty dehner, has written many stories dealing with bondage, leather, sports gear and more.

here are just a few of these exciting stories.


the jackals

Entering the dungeon Cop Boss finds the boy just where he should be, kneeing, hands cuffed behind his back, in the center of the dungeon still in his leather jeans, Wesco logger boots, t-shirt and leather jacket zipped up, hooded and collared.  The boy keeps his eyes on the concrete floor as Boss enters, shutting the door and moves forward to where his Dehner boots are in the eyesight of the boy.  Lowering his right gloved hand, Boss takes his boys leathered head into his hand gently stroking it from the top to under his chin where he lifts it as he bends down to kiss his boy on his exposed lips.  Cuffed and in submission the boy enjoys the taste of the Cop Boss lips with the after taste of his cigar that he had been smoking.  Boss pushes his tongue past the boy’s lips, inserting it deeply into the boy’s mouth with passion showing who is in charge.  Moaning a bit, the boy enjoys this pleasure, adjusting himself on his knees lifting to reach the Boss a bit more. 

Cop Boss releases the kiss as his hand guides the boy back to lowering his head and keeping his gaze on the floor and the Cop’s boots. Boss makes his way to the cupboard, returning with a gag and leather blindfold, which he puts on the boy.  Now that the boy is sightless and speechless Boss looks at his boy and enjoyed the sight of a leather boy head to toe.  Without warning and just because he can, Boss hauls off slapping the boy in the face, then kicks him in the balls.  The boy yelps in the gag as he drops forward in pain.  This makes Boss very hard as he can use this boy anyway, he wants and the boy will just take it, like the slave he is.

a new leather bondage novel coming july 2021

rubber meets the road

Here i was, a rubber hood ornament for this trucker. The breeze started to fill the eye holes on my hood. Then there was a shock. Not totally unexpected. Then another, in a pattern. But i realized that as Tony sped up, the shocks were occurring at shorter intervals. And speed up he did, there was no slow, soon is was going pretty fast, then faster, and then i swear he had to be doing 60 or more. i didn’t dare look down at the pavement rushing under me.


“I wanted you to see how helpless you are cowboy.”, with that he steps away and there is a mirror before me.  I see me  bound in my Wranglers, chaps, piss covered boots, shirt, with a piss gag in my mouth, a leather head harness surrounding my head.  My wrists are secured behind me pulled up to a beam overhead, forcing me to bend forward, in a bit of pain.