Another great collection of ty dehner short stories come together in one new book. This group has two new stories including the title story SWITCHBACK.

Read the excerpt to learn what happens between a cop and a the new biker in town.


dominating defense

all new novel coming november 2022
now available for pre-order for kindle on amazon.com worldwide


leather affection

available for Amazon Kindle and in print

In the dungeon where they first bonded, Lance leads his boy into the center dropping the leash. The boy looks into the mirror before him, taking in the western clothing he wears and the black leather collar that he wears around his neck. Lance reaches up, removing the leash, “Remove your clothes, I want you nude, boy!”

Lance steps back. Without hesitation, his boy begins to remove his clothing, neatly folding them and placing them in a spot that Lance had pointed too. Lance enjoys watching his boy work so quickly as he works his way down to his jock and then nothing but the collar on his neck. The boy stands tall, looking forward, his hands behind his back and his cock growing before him. Lance approaches him, only the sound of his boots on the concrete floor is heard as he grabs his boy by the neck, lowering him to the floor.

Lance forces his boy to the floor and on his stomach. As Lance goes to the wall grabbing some white cotton rope as his boy feels his cock laying on the cool concrete floor pressed by his torso. Grabbing his boy’s hands, he begins wrapping the rope around each wrist then snugly pulling them together, looping the rope to securely bind his wrists together behind his back.


orignal short stories


the chain

won't break


enter reality


green bay

rubber meets

the road



a collection of sports gear kink stories

For the first time ty dehner has brought together a collection of his short stories involving sports gear, bondage, and kink! These exciting stories once appeared in the online ezine Ropedweb.com and have never been presented together in print. Now it’s time to gear up in your football, boxing, baseball, or MX gear and start reading these original and thrilling man to man adventures!


Football gear with Playbook, Football Master, Things Change, Packers Win, and the epic Over the Line!

Get into the ring with the boxing and bondage story Round One

Then, put on your catcher’s gear for adventure on the baseball diamond in Catcher in the Grass

Finally, put on your leathers and helmet for kinky motorcycle escapades in Moto slave, New Gear, Saturday Ride, Motoboy’s Workout, and the intense Inescapable.


master eb's spirit


A holiday novel set in the modern leather community,
where a Master learns that he needs to change or he
will regret his future.
Now available worldwide for Amazon Kindle and in print


leather cop enforcement

the second leather kink novel by ty dehner

In the high desert a dedicated group of law enforcement have formed their own gang that allows them to live their lives in Sergeant Kieran Moore is the second in command of The Jackals, a dedicated squad of law enforcement in the high desert of California that has built a dark world of leather and kink while executing their own form of legal justice. The Jackals enjoy service from the submissive men that worship their boots as well as conform to their powers of control and ownership.

This epic story has intense BDSM experiences with leather, uniforms, and more. These two men end up finding out more about their emotions, their lust, and how important power dynamics is in their life as well as the need to have each other in their heart.