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gay leather writer, ty dehner, has written many stories dealing with bondage, leather, sports gear and more.

here are just a few of these exciting stories.



As we walk, our booted steps turn from dirt to wood.  I feel the stale warmth and the odor of animals, making a conclusion that we are in a barn.  He takes me to a point and we stop.  I feel him working with my hands and I am beginning to be thankful that he is going to release them.  But shortly, they are being pulled up behind me, and I am made to bend over at the waist.  I moan into the gag, this is not comfortable.  I am worried about my balance.  After he secures my wrists, he takes rope and binds my elbows together as close as they can get.  Then he takes my booted feet and kicks them together, binding them and my knees.  He takes rope and wraps it around my waist and I get the feeling that he is securing it somehow that I won’t fall over.  Some type of leather devise is strapped to my head, I feel it is a head harness.  I feel a tug on my head, as I figure he has tied a rope to the d-ring in the top and stretching it to some point to make my immobile.  Then Ty unzips my Wranglers, fishes out my dick and balls.  He ropes them very tightly and stretches them out before me.  Ty works the blindfold off me, and he stands before me

“I wanted you to see how helpless you are cowboy.”, with that he steps away and there is a mirror before me.  I see me, in a barn, ranch tools and equipment around me.  There is am bound in my Wranglers, chaps, piss covered boots, shirt, with a piss gag in my mouth, a leather head harness surrounding my head.  My wrists are secured behind me pulled up to a beam overhead, forcing me to bend forward, in a bit of pain.


rubber meets the road

Here i was, a rubber hood ornament for this trucker. The breeze started to fill the eye holes on my hood. Then there was a shock. Not totally unexpected. Then another, in a pattern. But i realized that as Tony sped up, the shocks were occurring at shorter intervals. And speed up he did, there was no slow, soon is was going pretty fast, then faster, and then i swear he had to be doing 60 or more. i didn’t dare look down at the pavement rushing under me.


This outdoor session goes on for quiet a while.  He even takes me at one point and tapes my hands behind my back and tackles me over and over.  Then another point he tapes up my helmet so i can’t see and i am blindsided several times.  This fucker is cruel and he is getting into it.


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