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excerpt: leather cop enforcement

novel available worldwide from amazon
signed edition available directly from ty dehner


Mateo looks at Kieran's leathered torso then moves his stare up the leather to Kieran's eyes. "Yes Sir I do. That might seem a bad thing to admit but deep inside I have dreamed of being owned by a man for many years." 

"No boy, it is not a bad thing.", Kieran states as he gently rubs the boy's leathered leg to provide warmth and reassurance. 

"I know it means a great deal to admit that I want all control taken from me, to serve a confident and powerful man and be trained as he sees fit. I am very independent now, and giving that all up will be difficult, but it is why I was born." Mateo looks away after that bold statement, then returns his glance to Kieran to see a smile on the leather man's face. 

"I can tell that you do feel that deep inside you. Even though you were locked up by a complete stranger, you remained respectful."

"Thank you, Sir." 

"I don't know if you are the boy that I will one day collar and own full-time, I have some unique tastes and requirements that few boys can handle." 

Mateo looks at the leather man, asking what those requirements might be, "Sir, may I ask about those?" 

Kieran grips Mateo's leg, "Not now as they require a deeper level of conversation and trust between both of us. But I will say I think you have potential Mateo.", as Kieran states the boy's name once again, he is providing the boy with a sense of control and respect that will take both of them a long way. 

Mateo lifts his hand and places it on Kieran's gloved hand on his leg. Kieran turns his hand to take hold of Mateo's hand, taking a firm grip. They look at each other's eyes. 

"I am going to tell you a few things about me boy.', Kieran becomes serious now. "Nothing earth-shattering but it will explain who I am and what I expect, should you decide to move forward with me. I am a deputy with the Mojave County Sherriff Department." 

This makes Mateo take a deep breath as a slight smile comes upon his face. 

Kieran enjoys the response from this new man, it brings a bit of fun to their discussion. "I know, every gay guy's wet dream to serve a cop and right now one is holding your hand. I've been on the force for 22 years. As you might guess by my interest in dirt bikes, I am on the motorcycle patrol unit and love it. Before that, I was in the Marine Corps so I am very structured in my life and believe in a strict protocol for the boy I will own." 

"Yes Sir." Mateo listens intensely, reviewing the leather man before him to see if he missed any signs of who this man is and what he serves. 

"I have some land north of Yucca Valley where I live and have room to ride and train any boy without interruption from the outside world. Besides being good at my job, I am known in the leather community and enjoy attending events worldwide. My boy would travel with me and I hope to take an interest in many things that I enjoy and would like to explore. While my boy will be owned by me and live life as my property, he will be well taken care of and loved." 

Kieran looks directly into Mateo's eyes when he says the word loved. "You think you can handle being loved boy?" 

Mateo has never had anyone ask that question before, especially one involved in the leather community. Most guys are into bondage or sex and not interested in anything long-term. Kieran speaks of a small part of what Mateo believes he would like to have. He has read the fantasy Master/slave stories on the internet on websites like Metalbondnyc, but they always seem just another piece of fiction for him. 

There are rare occasions where he has had an element of love with a guy he was with more than once, it was terribly emotional and intimate that created a memorable moment. Now he was being offered love by a man in full leather, a cop and a man controlling his world. "I believe so Sir." 

"Good." Kieran squeezes the boy's hand tightly to let him know he will be safe with this man. "So many guys I have met that want to serve as my boy are afraid of the commitment it takes and the love that has to be part of it. Being my boy doesn't mean you are a piece of shit, for I want to train you for the long term. You will develop into something I will be proud to show off and I know you'll want to go where I take you because you will treasure me as much as I treasure you." 

"I think I understand what you are saying Sir." 

"You better, for it is something that will be part of you and me, if we are to grow. Like my leathers, I only have the best and my boy will be the best. You will have to be the best boy. Can you handle that?" 

Mateo pauses to think and then confidently responds, "Yes Sir!" 

Kieran smiles as he releases his grip on Mateo's hand, reaching up to his chest and stroking Mateo's chest. 

"I like that confidence boy.", as he thumps the boy's chest. 

Mateo pushes his chest out more as Kieran slowly strokes, enjoying the firmness of this boy's body. 

"Put your hands behind your back, boy." 

Mateo does so as Kieran takes his other hand and gently starts to work the boy's tits through his t-shirt. Mateo grimaces some as he does enjoy the leathered hands light squeezing his tits. 

"Seems these need some work boy.", Kieran firmly states. 

"Yes Sir.", he quietly responds. 

As Kieran works the boy's tits, the sleeve on his leather shirt exposes more ink on his left arm. It is a skull with a cowboy hat, holding a set of six-shooters and a six-point sheriffs' badge in the design. Mateo looks at it closely as Kieran continues to work his tits. Applying just enough pressure to show Mateo that he is in charge, Kieran smiles at his boy and stares deeply into the boys brown eyes. Mateo is breathing heavier, adjusting his body as his cock gets hard in the cage. Kieran notices and chuckles. "Feeling that steel you're locked in, are you boy?" 

"Yes Sir." 

Kieran removes his hands to let the boy cool down. "I better stop or you'll be getting too worked up and I don't want you in too much pain right now." 

"Thank you, Sir." Mateo catches his breath from the bit of treatment from this Cop. 

Mateo keeps his hands behind his back and Kieran sits back in the seat. "Sir, may I ask about your ink?" 

Kieran reaches with his leathered hand lifting the sleeve of his leather shirt exposing the full ink of the skull and hat. He rubs it, then lowers the sleeve to cover most of it. 

"It is imperative, but now is not the time to tell you about it. I will share the story of my ink when you can understand the full importance boy." 

Nodding his head in understanding that not all can be discussed during their first meeting, Mateo lowers his head slightly. "I understand Sir." 

"You can go get us both another beer.", Kieran notes, as he caresses the boy's leather-covered leg. 

Mateo stands quickly, "Yes Sir." 

He leaves as Kieran watches him scurry to the bar. The bar isn't busy, so Mateo gets the beers quickly, returning to the leather man. As he returns, he sees Kieran sitting in his full leathers, Dehners, black leather breeches with a white stripe down the legs that run into his boots. The short-sleeve leather uniform shirt and cop gloves on his hands. As Mateo's hands this leather man his beer, he goes to sit but Kieran places his gloved hand on the boy's shoulder gently pressing until Mateo is on his knees. Kieran guides the boy into a position where he can view the Dehners he wears. Kieran's gloved hand releases Mateo's shoulder, coming up and gently tapping the boy's face, which Mateo leans into, feeling the leather's warmth. Without thought Mateo places his hands behind his back. 
"You may sniff the leather of my boots, boy." 

Kieran knew that was what Mateo had been waiting to do. Respectfully, Mateo leans towards the shafts of the boots before him. Feeling the power of the Cop wearing them Mateo wondered if Kieran had stomped someone while wearing these boots. 

Without getting too close, Mateo draws in the smell of the polished leather combined with the leather of the breeches. Closing his eyes, he dreamed of being allowed to take care of these tall boots, keeping the shine on them. Breathing in, he takes another whiff of the leather that was making him drunk with horny thoughts. He was feeling that damn steel locked on his cock again as it was growing. Adjusting his jeans, he decided he needs to touch those boots. Slowly, Mateo reaches for the boots with his right hand. Kieran kicks the boy's hand away from his boots. 

"Keep your hands behind your back, boy.", he states firmly. 

Returning his hand behind him, Kieran lifts his boot placing it upon the boy's shoulder. Then, Kieran adjusts his leg so the boy's neck is behind his knee and he wraps his leg around the boy pulling him in closer. Mateo presses his cheek against the smooth cool leather shaft of the boot, taking in the musky scent of the leather cop he kneels before. Nuzzling his face along the Dehners, Mateo slides it up and down a few times before glancing at the leather man sipping his beer. 

The leg around his neck tightens and Kieran presses the boy's face against his boot. The pressure makes the boy's face start to turn red. Mateo's boots worship was natural as he decided he had to experience the leather man's boots. Opening his mouth, his tongue comes out, with just the tip of it touching the smooth polished leather. There was a slight chuckle from the leather man over him, his gloved hand reaching down, gently stroking Mateo's head to let him know it was okay to proceed. 

Taking larger and larger licks, the boy savors the leather he was now enjoying. Over and over as far as he could move Mateo was cleaning the leather because the leather man kept him in place with his leg. Mateo took a moment to look up at the man whose boots he was licking to see that Kieran was watching people in the bar, enjoying having his boots worshipped by the boy, and feeling the pressure from the boy's tongue. 

As the boy continues, Kieran releases pressure on his leg to allow the boy to explore more areas on his boot. This allows the boy to take longer strokes with his tongue, covering more areas, reaching down to the upper foot and the softer leather. The boy presses very hard with his tongue so the leather man can genuinely feel his boots being adored.

"Nice boy, very nice.", notes the Cop as he takes a sip from his beer. 

This adoration from the leatherman made Mateo feel good as he could feel his own spit soaking his cheek from areas on the boot shaft he had already cleaned. The boy was taking his time, he didn't want this moment to end, and neither did Kieran. The boy was honored to worship these boots worn by an actual cop and wanted the leather man to know it. Curiosity got the better of the boy, and he stopped to see if anyone was watching him at these mighty boots. 

Noticing the boy stopping, Kieran reached down tapping the boy's cheek. "Now boy, concentrate on what you're doing." 

Kieran took his hand squeezing the boy's neck tightly as he went back to licking the boot. 

After a few moments, Kieran reaches down placing his gloved hand between the boy's tongue and his boot. Cautiously Mateo stops, looking up at the leatherman. Kieran's hand takes hold of the boy's chin, lifting his head, and guiding him so they look right into each other's eyes. 

"You want to taste my other boot?" Kieran asks with a suggestive tone. 

There is no hesitation from Mateo, "Yes Sir." 

"I’m a cop, fucker; call me Boss.” 

“Yes, Boss.” 

Kieran lets go, standing as he crosses his arms. Mateo's instinct is to stand, which he does. Kieran reaches for the boy’s vest, straightening it. 

“You trust me?” Kieran firmly questions the young man before him. 

Mateo is unsure how to answer. He was unsure why he should trust him as he had only tasted one of his boots. But the guy did show up at the bar as he had promised. Part of Mateo wanted to see where this was all headed. He started to respond, then stopped for a moment. Then his reply came, “Yes, Boss.” 

“Turn around and take one last look at the outside world.” 

Mateo looks at the leather god with a puzzled look, not sure what his statement could mean. Slowly, he turns around looking away from Kieran, placing his hands behind his back as if it seemed only natural. Mateo takes in the sight of the guys in the bar where most were oblivious to what was happening, there was that one old guy who was still stroking himself as he had been enjoying the boot worship between Mateo and Kieran. 

Then, he felt the cold steel of handcuffs on his wrist. Kieran did them like the professional he is, as the first cuff was ratcheted, tightening around his wrist, followed by the other. Kieran rubs his gloved hands over the boy’s shoulder and down his naked arms. The Cop Boss then released his touch to leave the boy standing, cuffed, and wondering what would come. 

The boy could feel Kieran’s leathers slightly touching him as he was trying to maintain his breathing, the sound of the Cop’s leathers creaking as the leatherman moved around out of his sight. Mateo tried looking behind him but decided the better to continue looking away as the Cop had suggested. 

Kieran reaches over the boy and before the boy can look up, a heavy leather hood is slid over the boy’s head. Pulling down quickly, the boy is plunged into darkness as the hood is a heavy padded sensory deprivation hood with straps that lock. The leather encases Mateo’s head with only one grommet hole in the position of his lips for breathing. 

Kieran tugs on the leather, making it snug then draws the laces to tighten the leather around the boy’s head and face. Being placed into the hood surprises Mateo as he tries speaking up to stop what is happening, but it comes out as a quiet mumbling, as the boy struggles in the cuffs. Kieran chuckles as he takes control of the boy. 

For Mateo, the hood is tight, and with it being difficult to hear much of the outside world at this point, all he could hear was his own breathing and the muffled beat of the loud music. Kieran pulled the laces tight, making the hood snug so the boy could feel the confinement he was now in. As the laces were secured, a layer of leather was zipped closed over the lace. Then, the four straps around the hood were pulled tightly, each locked at the buckle. Finally, a 3-inch heavy stiff leather collar was wrapped snuggly around the boy’s neck. Mateo could breathe, but it was labored. Another lock was added to the collar and a large heavy chain was attached to the front ring on the collar. Kieran let go of the chain and stepped back to look at his captive locked in a dark world. 

It wasn’t long but the boy felt very lonely in the bar. Several of the guys noticed what Kieran was doing, approaching the scene. They were respectful and didn’t touch the boy, allowing his situation to sink in. As the boy stood alone, he would occasionally stop breathing to see if he could hear something, but there were only the sounds of the music. Mateo stood alone, unable to hear, see, or speak and helpless as his hands were cuffed behind him. 

Kieran stood for a few moments as the guys looked at his new boy. Smiling, the Cop grabs the chain, tugging it to move the boy forward. The boy stumbles at first having to walk while sightless, his hands secured behind his back, but catches himself, following where Kieran was leading him. The boy was scared, mumbling in the hood as he asked to be released. Of course, no one could understand him as the Cop proceeded to drag him forward. No one in the bar attempted to stop what was happening as it all seemed consensual. And deep inside Mateo knew it was. He was scared and his cock was straining in the steel cage but deep inside he was excited and wanted to see what this Cop would do. 

They exited the bar into a light rain that was making things sparkle. Mateo stumbled as the surface under his boots would change, but Kieran would only pull on the chain harder. The leather man led the boy right to his black Ford Explorer. The boy was pushed, chest first, against the wet vehicle as the leather man kicked his feet apart. Frisking the boy a little rougher than expected, Kieran spends a bit more time around the chastity device, reminding him that he was locked up. The boy moaned in the hood, which was quickly silenced by a slap in the face by the Cop. 

“Shut the fuck up.” 

That action was more aggressive than Kieran had been, but he was now in charge and wouldn’t let this boy forget his position. Kieran pulls the chain, having the boy step back from the vehicle while he opens the back hatch on the SUV. Tugging on the chain again, the Cop turns the boy around so that his ass sits on the edge of the SUV bumper. Reaching into the Explorer, Kieran pulls out heavy wide leather straps that he wraps around the boy’s ankles, followed by another strap below his knees. Kieran pushes the boy over and into the back deck of the Explorer. Grabbing the boy by his boots, he brings them closer to his cuffed hands, then grabs another leather strap, placing Mateo into a tight painful hogtie. Rolling the boy on his side, Kieran takes a pair of tit clamps, installing them on the boy’s tits, making him scream in the hood. 

Grabbing the hood with his gloved hand, the Cop leans close to the boy’s head so he can hear. “Struggle all you want fucker. The night is just getting started!” 

With that comment, Kieran reaches up and slams the vehicle door shut.


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