Taking his first step into leather and bondage over 3 decades ago, ty dehner found that memories were not enough and began writing about his adventures. Several of these true life experiences were published in the once famous Bound & Gagged magazine. As his experiences grew, so did his ideas and he started to write fiction, with his first published story being titled “Skin boi”. It was well received on the internet and to this day is one of his most requested pieces.

With the explosion of the internet there were many new places to share bondage fiction. But ty found that many of the sites didn’t last and he felt there was room for something better for all of us that were into man to man bondage and gear action. In 1999, he created the online magazine Ropedweb. Over time, he published his own stories, along with fetish pictures and videos that he also wrote and directed. Ropedweb also featured stories by talented writers from around the world. By the time Ropedweb came to an end in 2005 it had been viewed in 160 countries around the world with hundreds of stories told, thousands of original gear and bondage images and over a dozen exclusive videos.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Since his introduction as a submissive into the leather BDSM world, ty has been involved with many community activities including Ropedweb's sponsoring the International Deaf Leather contest in Seattle, taking over the historic New World Rubbermen and donating the contents to the Leather Archives in Chicago, marching in the pride parade in Vancouver, B.C., creating exciting web sites for Dungeon on the Bay, the Jail Training Center, and several others. ty dehner has attended many fetish events including International Mr. Leather in Chicago, Rubbout in Vancouver, B.C., Dore Alley and Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco and has enjoyed meeting the many leather, rubber, sport gear fans that attend. He has experienced legendary places such as Hellfire Club in Chicago, the former Academy in Atlanta, and SirNContrl's Dungon on the Bay.


More recently ty has continued to write short stories about gear and bondage which have been shared on the MetalbondNYC web site. There you can find many new works, as well as some that appeared in Ropedweb along with some personal experiences.

Through all his writing ty has had one focus, to share his kinky experiences and dreams with others in the hopes that they will step out into this exciting and creative community to be part of it. He has always enjoyed hearing from those that enjoy his work, as well as those that share their experiences after reading his work. If that includes you, please send an

ty dehner continues to write in confinement in a small space in the desert of the Coachella Valley


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