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april 2023


rodeo roping

meeting a cowboy for the first time this novella has roping, riding and cowboys


gear up and read.

For over two decades ty dehner was been writing gay gear and bondage fiction. Originally his stories appeared in, an ezine. Some of those stories inspired exclusive photo shoots. He also wrote over a dozen scripts for videos featuring gear like football, leather and motocross.
Currently ty's short stories are available at In 2020 ty released his first novel,
Leather Affection. He has written a couple more novels and released two books that contain a collection of short stories. In 2022, ty released Rodeo Roping his first novella. All ty dehner books are available on Amazon worldwide. Signed edition can be ordered exclusively through this web site.


ty dehner books available on amazon worldwide

short stories for this month

ty dehner started his writing by creating short stories that he shared on the web and eventually morphed in the ezine These days, his short stories appear exclusively on
Here a few stories that ty has written recently:

catcher in the grass

more with jonas

meeting skin

find many ty dehner stories on

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