master eb's spirit

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Christmas Eve

This has happened before. Many times in fact, as this night seems to bring out the mystical dimensions of our human minds. Most never share their actual experience, but those around the subjects of this nights events notice a change in their friend or relation. There is a learning that these souls go through as they are given a chance to shift their lives, catch up or make amends to something they have done in their past. They begin their nighttime journey skeptic of what they are witnessing, convinced that are in a dream. As day breaks, these individuals have gone through a life changing event that they become firm believers of their new destiny, vowing to change and build the best life they can.

This night was one of those night, as it was Christmas Eve once again. Being that it is London, it is cold, dark, damp and actually snowing to provide a bit of festive atmosphere for the holiday season. Being it is December; darkness falls in London in the afternoon this time of year. It makes the cloudy day even more dreary as people go about their business, preparing for their holiday, gathering the gifts and food as they wind down the evening.

Layers of clouds lay over the huge metropolitan city of millions. With the stars going unseen high above, the clouds are thick in three layers, with the lowest laying like angel hair on a Christmas mantel display. The city lights glow under the softness of the billows that lay like a blanket on the capital.

North of the great Big Ben that pokes through the blanket of winter, is a small deserted street in Soho where the falling snow floats lazily under the streetlamps that line the cobblestone. The sound of heavy boots is heard making their way down Great Chapel Street. As he steps into the glow of the streetlamp, Ebenezer Scrooge clothing has a shine to it. Part of it is because of the snow melting as it settles on his shoulders, but it also shines as he is in full leather. Leather that a gay leather man wears, a leather man that is confident and in control of his world. With his hands tucked into the pockets of his classic motorcycle style leather jacket, the brass zippers reflect the light as he passes under their glow. The always immaculate Wesco boots that he wears have become coated in the grime that snow brings with it, the salt from the road crew and the general dirt that lives on the street. These boots were custom made for this leather man, who is known as Master Eb in the community. The Master wore these boots purposely this night as the waffle soles provide extra grip on the small patches of ice that are developing as the temperature is falling below zero (Celsius).

Yes, Eb was a leather man, he was proud of what he has built of his life as he was going to spend another Christmas Eve in his local before returning home and sleep until the bells of Christmas rang in the morning. It was fucking cold on this night, but he knew he would find warmth in the pub he as headed too.

It was indeed a spirited night, as it was dark because of the lowering cloud cover, turning to fog. Making his way down the cobblestones, the fog seemed to be enveloping the leather man as the familiar tones of the Great Bell in the Elizabeth Tower echo in the distance. This provides Master Eb some comfort, for no matter the time or weather, that sounds reminds him that he is home, no place else he would want to be.

With the fog lightly floating down the small street, it starts to surround the leather man and he makes his way with purpose to his favorite pub. Eb doesn’t really notice the growing fog around him as his moist breath would create a temporary little cloud of its own before his face. Eb has a handsome face, with a tight dark goatee with flecks of gray, his blue eyes dart around checking out the buildings he walks past every weekend night as he makes his way to the pub. Under his leather Muir cap, his salt and pepper hair is cropped closely, with his neatly trimmed eyebrows sitting at the edge of his leather cap. The heavy leather he wears hides his well-toned body, as he works out in his home gym on a regular basis.

Without his notice, the fog increases around the man, his boots clomping on the damp pavement. As he moves forward his shadow upon the flats that line the street, glides towards and away from him. As the Master passes one of the doorways, his shadow cast his silhouette, but behind him there is the shadow of an arm reaching for him, some chain hanging from the steel shackle that is locked on the wrist of this shadow. Moving forward, Eb’s shadow shrinks and in the next plane of light, it is only the leather man’s dark shadow on the flat window.

Not paying attention to the shadow that he casts, Eb makes a turn on Noel Street as he is now heading west towards Hanover Square. The small shops along the street have multi coloured Christmas lights in the windows, some of the upper level windows have trappings of the festive holiday season. Eb doesn’t take in this festive atmosphere, focused on cutting through the bitter cold of London and placing his leather covered ass on his stool in his pub.

Once again his shadow is cast on the walls of the small kabob shop that is closed for the night. This time there is another shadow of a head, with a steel collar and chain hanging from the collar. The head casts the shape of a dog head as it seem to be following the leather man, with Eb maintaining his movement forward. Knowing this route well, Eb looks up at the right moment to see the small wooden sign for his destination pub, The Regents Boot.

Reaching his destination, Eb scoffs at the single strand from Christmas lights that hang over the weathered sign, positioned right above the riveted metal door that allows entry into the pub. A small clump of snow drops from the top of the sign as a gust of wind makes the sign sway slightly. The snow plops on the right shoulder of Eb’s leather jacket, splashing him as the snow is slushy. Without turning his head, Eb’s blue eyes look over at the slush on his fine leather, a scowl growing on his face. Pulling his left gloved hand out of his pocket, Eb slides the slush off his shoulder, then quickly grabs the door handle, pushing in and entering the pub.

As the door closes behind him, the stairway leads deep inside and below the street level. Red lights provide the stairs light as Eb makes his way down. There is the sound of music, men singing holiday tunes in a lively, festive style, getting louder as the leather man arrives at another door, wooden this time, with the pub behind it. Hearing the festive tune, Eb groans, not appreciating the holiday spirit. Closing his eyes to provide himself the strength to enter the pub, Eb has done this many times, focusing on his pleasure of the fine beverage he will drink to warm his soul this cold night. With his gloved hand, Eb takes hold of the door handle, turning it and entering the pub.

Coming through the door, Eb takes in the familiar sight of his home pub. They men and few women that are in a festive mood this Christmas Eve are enjoying their singing in harmony, while hoisting their drinks as the tune come to an end. Many of the patrons are dressed in their finest fetish of leather, rubber, uniforms and sports gear.

Upon entering Master Eb notices a fine young man that wears a heavy leather harness on his well-defined chest, his pierced nipples reflect the light from the ceiling. Smiling at Master Eb, the young man with a shaved head and septum ring asks for the five pound cover charge.

A bit annoyed Eb is prepared, as he pulls out a fiver from his leather jacket, quickly handing it to the doorman. As his hand pulls back, Master Eb swipes across the chest of the dark-skinned man, which elicits a jerk and a meeting of their eyes. Seeing there is no hesitation from the man, the leather man moves his gloved hand back to the man’s tit, slightly squeezing it. Wincing with the light pain, Eb asks, “You’re new here, aren’t you?”

Gritting his teeth, the man in the harness responds, “No Sir, I’ve been coming here for a long time. I know you are an established leather Master.”

A bit embarrassed for not noticing this man during his other visits, Eb brushes it off as he is a busy man and can’t be bothered to remember every little leather shit he encounters. To prove his power, Master Eb squeeze very tight as the man hisses through is teeth, his eyes closing. Just as Eb is getting into causing the pain in this young man, the door opens and two men in rubber enter the pub.

Quickly releasing the boy’s tit from his grip, Eb steps back then starts to make his way to the bar.

“Perhaps I can visit with you later Sir?”, asks the boy. Eb just waves his hand as he proceeds away, not even looking back at the man he was just toying with.

As Master Eb makes his way into the pub, the crowd quiets, as they recognize the established leather master who comes to the pub several times a week and holds court from his favorite stool. As he proceeds to the bar, the people part, no one making eye contact with him, most just want to avoid any contact with this man.

Arriving at the bar, Eb places his hands on the brass rail as he waits for the barman. Ordering his usual bitter, the leather man leaves a five pence coin without any acknowledgment of the barkeep, who smiles as Eb turns away. This barkeep is used to serving the leather man who is known to be notoriously cheap. Taking the coin the barman puts it in his pocket and moves on to the next customer.

Eb scans the pub to see what might peak his interest this Christmas Eve. He scoffs at the festive lights and trimmings that the owners have decorated the pub with. Seeing nothing of interest, he moves to his favorite spot where he spends the long hours into the early morning. This coming morning will be Christmas, but for Eb it is just another morning.

The story continues in November 2021