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excerpt: switchback

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Here is a new collection of short stories by ty dehner. Featuring two new stories that have never appeared in print, this group of stories includes men in uniform, friendship and more.


The sound of a cop's nightstick breaks the slumber of Dan as the opens his eyes to find he is still locked in the cage. Lifting his head upwards, he sees Garth, still in his uniform, standing over the cage, patting his nightstick in his now leather-gloved hand. As Dan adjusts, his leather riding suit creaks; the biker's muscles are sore from the cramped confines of the steel cage that he has been locked in for several hours.

Without a word, the cop places his nightstick on the cage's bars, then removes the keys from his duty belt, opening the lock on the cage. As Garth places his keys back on his belt, Dan takes this moment to lunge forward, pushing the cage door into the cop, knocking him off balance. As the biker lands on the cop as they fall to the concrete floor and start struggling as each wants to take control.

As the two roll around, wrestling for control, Dan can work his hand to where the cop's cuffs are stored on the duty belt. Popping the leather cover takes a moment for Dan to get control of the cuffs. Now getting the upper hand, the biker gets the cop flat on the floor, pressing the cop's chest into the concrete as the biker manipulates the cop's hands behind his back, sitting on the wrists.

Dan fumbles to grab the keys from the sergeant's duty belt and release the cuffs he has been locked in. Then, immediately, Dan gets the cuffs locked around Garth's wrists in a less than artful way.

As the cop realizes he is now cuffed and helpless, he starts yelling obscenities at the biker, demanding to be released.

Now that Garth was under his control, the biker stood over the captured cop. Garth turned his head to see the biker, "Fucker, you're making a big mistake."

Dan just laughs as he places his dirty riding boot on the face of the cop, pressing down a bit to reinforce who is controlling the situation now. "Oh, I'm quite aware of what I'm doing, pig. And it is no mistake!"

Lightly grinding the rough sole of his boot into the cop's face, Dan looks around the basement to see what fun he might have with this cop. As he reviews the rustic space, he can see that this CHP sergeant seems very kinky. Knowing about the cage he was in, Dan sees a heavy wooden cross against a black painted wall, with an impressive collection of floggers and whips hanging next to the cross.

Along one wall is a collection of cabinets and draws, and Dan can only wonder what he would find in those. A closet is also in the basement, with one door open. Leathers and uniforms hang, with an assortment of well-polished boots lining the closet's floor.

Lifting his riding boot from the cop's face, Dan begins to formulate his plan for the man in the CHP uniform that he has cuffed on the floor before him.

The light in the bathroom comes on, illuminating the eighties-style oak cabinets and walk-in shower. Dan's motorcycle boots are loud as the sound echoes in the tiled washroom as he drags the cuffed CHP officer behind him. Dan's hand has a tight grip on the uniform shirt as Garth struggles to stay on his feet.

Dan notes, "Guess you being cuffed ain't so easy, is it fucker?"

"Shithead, you'll be sorry.", Garth growls as he maintains his balance.

Dan just laughs, knowing he is in total control and will continue to be.

The biker shoves the cop into the shower, slamming him against the tiled wall. Garth moves to get out of the shower, but Dan slams him back. Turning his stare at the cop, the biker's eyes show that he is serious and that the cop shouldn't move a muscle.

Lightening his grip, Dan moves his gaze away from the cop, looking around to the vanity in the bathroom. He spots the roll of duct tape from earlier. Turning to the cop, Dan grins as Garth starts to understand what is about to happen.

Taking the keys that are still in his hand, Dan releases one of the cuffs on the cop's left wrist while turning the steel on the right wrist to cause discomfort to Garth. This allows Dan to make his move and switch to cuffing the sergeant's wrists in front of him. Then swiftly, Dan lifts those cuffed wrists to the showerhead while he grabs the duct tape with his other hand.

In haste, Dan wraps the tape tightly around the pipe and wrists several times, ensuring that the cop will not be getting out of this little bit of bondage very quickly. Ripping the end of the tape, Dan steps back and admires his handy work. The sight of a CHP cop bound in his own shower is really hot!

"Let me out of this, now!" demands Garth.

Of course, the biker just smiles. Not wanting to hear the fruitless demands from the cop, Dan moves forward with the tape and starts wrapping it over Garth's mouth and around his head to make it secure and tight.

Very angry at his position, Garth struggles in the bondage, trying to yell from under the silver tape that seals his lips.

Dan pays no attention to the effort the cop is putting in. Stepping out of the shower, the biker lowers his zipper to get his cock out. Seeing what the biker is doing, the cop stops. Spreading his legs, Dan takes his cock into his hand, positions it, and releases his piss. Allowing the flow to first strike the cops' boots, slowly Dan raises his dick as the piss darkens the pant legs then the uniform shirt of the cop.

"Guess you should've let me finish earlier! Do you feel dirty now, pig?" Dan reaches over as his piss lessens to a slow drip and gently slaps the face of the gagged cop. This causes the cop to glare daggers at Dan, who just smiles.

Sliding his dick back into his leathers, the biker starts going through the cabinets in the bathroom. Garth just watches; not sure what Dan has planned next.

Leaving the lower vanity doors open, Dan exits, leaving the cop soaked in piss to ponder how to get the fuck out of the situation.

The shower comes on, spraying cold water down the front of the sergeant, soaking his tan uniform. The cop lifts his head to see the biker standing before him with a big grin, "Gotta clean up a pig like you!"

Dan lifts a good-sized scrub brush that is on a twelve-inch plastic handle. Now the cop is unsure what this biker has planned, but it seems strange. Lowering the brush, the biker reaches into the shower and unzips the front of the cop's uniform shirt. Dan nods his head at the clever way cops put on their shirts with a zipper and decorative buttons on the front of the flap to make it look like a standard uniform shirt. Opening the shirt, Dan reaches over to the vanity counter, grabbing a can of Scrubbing Bubbles, aiming the nozzle at Garth's chest, pressing the button on top. A white foam sprays out as Dan covers all the areas on Garth's hairy chest. The shower water does spray away some foam, but most builds up. Firmly gripping the brush, the biker starts scrubbing the sensitive chest of the cop, who moans with some pain from the stiff bristles of the blue brush.

Squirming in his bondage, the cop takes the scrubbing as the blue foam turns white, causing the skin of the cop to tingle with the action of the scrubbing bubbles. After scrubbing the skin of the cop, the biker starts scrubbing under the uniform, working the brush to Garth's underarms that truly make him fight in his bondage. With the cold water and the scrubber scraping off the cop's skin, Garth is getting soaked and having his senses challenged with many sensations.

As the spent foam runs down Garth's torso, his uniform pants are soaking in the cold water and cleaner. Dan notices this and makes his way down the cop, aggressively scrubbing the cop's crotch. Garth can feel the coolness of the water in his groin, the soap proving a lubing sensation, making his manhood grow. Instinctively, the cop starts pushing against the brush head as he is getting turned on by the biker cleaning him like some prized hog.

Dan is surprised by Garth humping his scrubber, but the biker likes the response, working intensely on that area of the cop body.

Through all this, Dan's leathers are getting wet with the splashing, but not as soaked as the cop has become. The cop's uniform is now sticking to his skin, showing Garth's cock girth under the dark tan material of his uniform. The biker notices that through the struggle and moaning coming from the cop, this CHP officer is nearing climax, about to cream his uniform. Dan signals that it is time to stop and further show this fucking cop pig who is in charge.

Dan pulls away from the scrubber as Garth squeals in frustration, turning his anxious gaze to the biker in leather. But Dan just drops the brush to the floor, turns off the water, and slaps the cop's face a couple of times; turning, the biker leaves the soaked chipper hanging in the shower, alone.

A pair of well-polished Dehner boots step onto the concrete flooring, stopping. Surprisingly these motorcycle cop-style tall black boots are now being worn by the biker. Dan stands proudly in the boots that he found in the closet of the cop while searching through Garth's bedroom. Dan also put on a pair of black leather jeans that he found with a black t-shirt that states "boot slut” in bold white letters. The biker also added a pair of tight black leather police-style gloves to complete his change to being in charge in the stranger's home.

Dan rubs his thighs with his gloved hands, enjoying the feel of the cool leather along with the scent. Stepping forward, he comes to where he left the cop after stringing him up on the heavy wooden cross that leans against the dungeon wall. Garth has been stripped of his uniform shirt, boots, and socks, leaving him in his soaked uniform pants with thin blue and gold stripes down the legs.

With his arms stretched high above him, leather cuffs keep the cop's wrists secured to the top of the cross. Able to turn his head awkwardly, Garth hears the boot step near him, so he looks to see where the biker is at. Looking down, the cop sees how Dan has changed into his clothing and boots, moaning into the gag that keeps the cop mostly silent.

Noticing that Garth sees the boot he is wearing, Dan smiles a bit, lifting his right boot so Garth can see that the boots are from his closet. "I think in your mind that you are who you are by the tall boots you wear."

Dan lifts the left boot and strokes this shaft as Garth looks back, calming his struggle. "They do make a man.", Dan reflects. Lowering the boot so that the biker stands on his two feet, he looks at the half-naked cop, "Rest up, pig. You gotta have some food in this place."

Garth says "fuck you" in his gag.

Dan looks back at the cop, seeing that he struggles very hard to get released.

"Fucking perfect.", notes Dan.

Once again, the biker slaps Garth's face a couple of times and then leaves the cellar. Being alone pisses Garth as he doesn't like this asshole biker going through his home.


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