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this novella is available for Kindle and print at Amazon

signed edition available directly from ty dehner

excerpt: rodeo roping

novella available worldwide from amazon
signed edition available directly from ty dehner


We must have fallen asleep at some point as we woke in each other’s arms.  He slapped my face gently with his black leather gloves.  Without a word he pulled me out of bed and led me out of the house and back into the barn.  He had me kneel on the rustic barn floor and put my hand behind my back.  He was firmer with me than our time this morning.

He stepped away and then returned with a mound of black leather.  The smell of this leather was intense as he held it up and smiled at me.  I returned a puzzled look as I had no idea what it was.

He dropped it on the floor and grabbed me by the neck without a word and pulled me towards the leather.  He had me lay on my side on the leather and started working my legs into it.  I slid my feet into the heavy leather.  The suit was leather lined in black leather and smelled with sweat and leather mixed.  It wasn’t super tight, but I wasn’t going to get out of this.  I was beginning to figure out what I was going into and I got nervous.  Austin noticed the change in me.

“Trust me boy.”

He brought more leather over my ass and lower body after doing the second leg.  That was followed by the leather pulled over my shoulder and my arms going in sleeves that ended with a hoof like wood where my hands slid into gloves that grabbed small metal bars. I was going to add lots of my own sweat after a while I was sure of that.

He had me roll over on my back.  Slowly he worked a good-sized steel plug in my ass then worked the leather of the suit over it with something hanging out.  Next his gloved hands were toying with the steel on my cock and adding steel around my balls. He pulled my cock and balls out of the leather and when he had me roll over off my back they felt heavy.  He started zipping the suit shut with a utility-strength zipper.  It started at my crotch and went around my ass and up to the back of my neck.  Something was attached to the neck of the suit.  Austin came to me with a leather head muzzle that has a small hose sticking out of the mouth cover I wouldn’t be able to speak but I could see.  He locked the muzzle on then grabbed the hood that was attached.  This hood wasn’t snug on my head, but it covered it completely and was leather lined.  He fitted it with a couple of straps then I heard another zipper and more straps around my neck.  The eyes were aligned and then I heard a couple more locks. This leather and plastic head gear was heavy on the top of my head.

I felt Austin run his hands all over my body, smoothing things out.  Then he grabbed me by the top of the headgear and took me to a mirror.  I couldn’t believe my eyes; it was like nothing I’d ever seen.  I was a fucking leather bull.  It was heavy black leather, with a head shaped like a bull. There were horns on the top.. A small tail came out of my ass and the back of the suit. As I moved around I spotted a huge leather ball sack that held my balls and a red bull-sized cock that covered the steel cage that held my cock.

As I looked in the mirror Austin sat on me, rubbing the head of this leather bull and patting my back.  He was grinning ear to ear.

“Fuck, you are so fucking hot, bull.  It has been a while since someone has been in this, but it just seemed right for you.  You are the star of our little rodeo today.  I have feeling you’re going to love all this!”

Pulling out his phone, he snapped a few photos.  One time he was standing putting his booted foot on my back. After the photos he put a bull lead on the ring in the bull's nose and tugged on me to follow him.  He took me to a stall and locked me in. 

“You better rest as you’re going to hurt like hell in a few hours, bull.”

He patted me then left the barn.  I worked my way on my side to take the pressure off my limbs.  The suit was very hot, heavy and confining.  My neck was also getting a work out as I could not lay my head on the ground because of the horns.  After such of gentle tender morning this was going to be hell.

It wasn’t long until I heard boots in the barn and soon the stall was being opened and the posse approached me.  I struggled to get on my “feet” and backed away as one of them started swinging his lasso.

Jason’s lasso flies across the stall landing on my horns, tightening as he tugs on the rope with his gloved hands.  It was weird I was a bull and he was roping me!  While certainly like a human I was encased in heavy black leather with a bull head and horns on my head.  I couldn’t speak and grunted like a bull as I struggled with the rope around my horns.  I looked at them, and they didn’t seem concerned that I would eventually do as they wanted. The suit was warm, and parts were sticking to me as it was lined in leather. He started pulling me closer to him, and I could not move.  He led me out of the stall across the barn, my hooved hands clopping on the wood floor. As I walked I could feel the weight of my cock and balls swaying under me. I was taken outside where there was a animal trailer.  He pulled me up the ramp and into the dirty stall on the right side of the trailer. He took a chain attached to the trailer and locked it to the ring in my nose. 

Removing the lasso, he slapped my ass and left after slamming the door shut.  Soon I could hear a horse being loaded into the other side.  I couldn’t move much so decided to sit down.  The chain was short but allowed me to at least sit.  It was getting warm in the trailer and the leather suit was like a sauna, creating more sweat.  Soon the trailer started to jerk, and we were on our way to what I would think was the rodeo grounds.


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