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excerpt: leather affection


novel available worldwide from amazon
signed edition available directly from ty dehner


The day has turned into late afternoon. Cop Boss arrives home, walking into his kitchen. He is glad to be home. The Boss heads down to his dungeon to find the boy where the Cop left him. The dungeon is still warm and he starts to sweat in his black duty gear. The Cop makes his way to the thermostat to turn down the air conditioning, setting it to 72 degrees. Then, he goes to the leather-encased boy on the bed. Sitting next to his leather object, the Cop leans down near his boy's head, placing his hand on the chest to let the boy know that his Boss has returned. 

Kieran speaks to his boy through the hood, "I'm back, boy. Sorry you were there so long, but I needed to take care of business. Sadly, if you are serving a Cop, you will need to be flexible in serving. Some of my duties are high priority, I have to respond quickly."

The Cop rubs his gloved hand on his boy's chest in the leather encasement, providing him comfort. Mateo listens closely through the heavy leather that challenges his hearing, but he is glad to feel the touch of his Cop on his chest.

"I knew you were in no danger, so I did what I thought was best for you. But I will admit that at times, I was so fucking horny knowing that you were he, locked up, just helplessly awaiting my return." the Leather Cop leans forward kissing the grommet hold of the padded leather hood.

"As I came into the dungeon to find you just where I left you so many hours ago, I was so proud of you boy as you don't seem to have struggled too much as I was able to check up on you via internal video.", Kieran pats the boy on his chest.

 "I'm going to take you out of the leather now. But before I do, I want you to do everything I tell you as I release you. Don't say a word. Nod your head if you understand my boy."

The boy nods his leathered head that he understands. 

The Cop Boss kisses the boy on the grommet hole, once again. He begins removing the heavy bondage the boy is secured in.


Cop Boss steps out of the shower and starts drying himself with the plush white towel. While the training he had planned for the weekend didn't occur, he is impressed that the boy spent all the time in the leather and didn't complain. Cop Boss' cock grows as he thinks about his boy chained in the dungeon waiting to be released and sent home. He isn't sure how far he wants to take the boy in the last moments with him. 

Kieran has truly enjoyed the unplanned events of this weekend, the boy controlled by him while he was out doing his duty. A part of Cop doesn't want the boy to leave. But keeping him at this time isn't right, so he will let Mateo go but put more restrictions on him while making the boy realize that his destiny has been decided. After finishing his shaving, Boss wipes his face and heads to his closet, reaching for his patrol uniform. 

As the lights come on in the dungeon, the Cop Boss, dressed in his olive and tan motorcycle patrol uniform, finds the boy chained in the middle of the room with leather wrist and ankle cuffs locked on. 

The chains stretch his arms and his legs, which are spread wide. The boy is naked but in a leather hood that provides sight and speech with a tall, stiff leather neck collar that prevents the boy from moving his head too much. The boy's cock is free, dripping as thoughts of the weekend have been running through the boy's head. The redness from the earlier session with the flogger and whips are still visible on the boy's hairless body.  

The boy looks up to Cop Boss stepping towards him in his full patrol uniform, admiring this handsome, strong man that has taken him in. The boy cannot keep his gaze on the Cop boots since the neck collar keeps his head lifted. 

Because of Kieran's tactical vest under his long-sleeved uniform shirt, the Cop Boss' chest is bigger, showing off his badge. The black leather basketweave duty belt contains all the items he uses to enforce the laws, including his weapon and stun gun. Cop Boss smiles at the boy hanging as the boy took the whipping much better after spending most of the day locked in leather. The boy's cock was growing again as he witnessed the man in uniform that he had served for the weekend. 

Cop Boss walks around his boy slowly as his boots are heard on the concrete floor. The boy could smell traces of the leather of the duty belt and feel the heat of the Cop as he passed very close. The Cop never touches his boy, but the boy can feel his stare examining him as the boy never looks directly at this powerful man.  

Kieran stops behind the boy, gently touching the boy's abused back with his leather-gloved hands. It is an erotic touch, as the boy's cock gets harder feeling that touch and knowing how much he has been used over the weekend. The boy feels the restraints on his limbs as Cop Boss touches him. Forgetting his commands to never look at the Cop, Mateo has to view this man standing behind him. Straining to look at Cop Boss, the boy struggles to turn his head because of the stiff collar. 

The touching stops and slowly Cop Boss returns to stand before his boy, allowing the boy to take him in entirely. The Boss stares at the naked, hairless boy suspended in chains in his dungeon, reviewing his body with his eyes. The boy works hard to maintain his focus on his Cop.  

The boy watches the Cop Boss reach down with his hand and slowly stroke his holstered Glock. That has the boy becoming a bit uncomfortable, that would be an intense level if the Cop were to pull his weapon on the restrained boy. For the first time since the start of the weekend, the boy looks into the eyes of the Cop Boss. The Cop maintains his firm stance, looking into Mateo's brown eyes, suggesting that the Cop wants, fear. Just a little bit is good for the boy to experience and understand his new position in life with the Jackal member. Mateo knows the Cop could draw his weapon with him being helpless in bondage to do anything about it. 

Damn if the boy's cock jumped. Mateo is amazed at his sexual arousal at the suggestion of a weapon involved in the relationship between him and the Cop.

Kieran ceases the touch of his weapon, crossing his arms as he continues his gaze into the brown eyes of his boy. "We are going to have a conversation about your destiny. One that you will be thanking me for in the future. You ready?"

With a dry throat from behind the leather covering his face, the boy manages an affirmative response.

With a firm, powerful voice Cop Boss makes a statement, "You are now my property."

The boy's cock jumps again as he hears the powerful statement that the Cop Boss has just stated. The slight movement doesn't go unnoticed by the Cop. 

The Cop continues, "You are an object for me to use, abuse and entertain myself with."

Once again, the boy's cock bounces as a long string of pre-cum drips. Cop Boss steps away, goes to a cupboard and returns to his boy in chains. He locking a large leather gag into the boy's mouth.  

"Fuck, I don't need you to speak, your cock will betray you and give me everything I want."

Struggling in the chains, the boy realizes he is being betrayed by his cock, not wanting that organ to decide his fate. Cop Boss knees the boy in his balls, knocking the air out of him, and causing him to scream into the locked gag. The boy struggles with the pain and suddenness of the Boss's actions but cannot move because of the chains that hold him in place. 

Stepping back, "Your life as you know it is over and your life will be what I want it to be. Look at me.", commands Kieran. Mateo moves his gaze to look at the Cop in full uniform before him. Cop Boss continues, "I'm showing you who I am. I am your Owner. A full-fledged Cop owns you. Without me you are nothing, fuck you are nothing anyway."

With each statement the Cop preaches the boy's cock jumps and continues to leak pre-cum. 

"Look around, this is your home, and even now you are lucky to have the freedom you currently have. You will be in storage a great deal—stressful, intense, and painful much of the time. And I will enjoy knowing you are suffering, not sleeping, unable to think of anything but the pain you are enduring and wondering when it will end. But doing it all because you want to please me with all you feel inside."

Cop Boss' hand slides to his weapon, but he keeps his gaze on his boy. The boy takes a moment to look down at the Cop's gloved hand sliding on the smooth steel of his Glock.

"Yes, I am trained in these tools of my trade, and I have used them on the shits of the world to show the power of the law. 

Yes, I will use them on you if I need to, as you are lower than any of them. You are an animal, sometimes an object."

Kieran's hand moves to his taser, continuing, "As tempting as it is to use this taser, it is a bitch to put back together, so not tonight. But cross me and you will know what it is like to scream and no one will hear you."

The boy finds himself moving his hips forward wanting cock release.

"You will see to all my needs when I want you to. And you'll see to the needs of all in my unit. You will respect and worship them as you do me. You will do as they command, without any hesitation. I trust them with my life, and I trust them with my property."

Stepping away again, Cop Boss goes to the cupboard, selecting a leather blindfold, then to the boy, sliding it over his hooded head, putting him into darkness.

"Are you ready to be owned by me, a Cop? Used like no animal has ever been used. Encased, helpless, nothing to the world?"

Now Mateo can only remember the vision of his Cop Boss before him. The boy can feel his balls boiling, hearing the description of what his life will be at the gloved hands of this Cop, the remembrance of what he has experienced so far, his pain and torture, his encasement, his hours in storage. All for the pleasure of this Cop.

"Are you ready to suffer at my leather-gloved hands? To scream into heavy gags that will silence you. Suffer in darkness as you never see who is abusing you, using you? To feel that you are alone and only I give you the reason to live and serve me for the rest of your life?"

That puts the boy over the top as his white milky sperm shoots from his stiff cock across the dungeon floor but misses the Cop Boss. The boy struggles with breathing as he experiences one of the most intense orgasms ever.

 As he has enjoyed the show, the Cop smiles, "Just what I thought. You've sealed your fate.", states Kieran, as he lightly strokes the leather-covered head of his new property."

Cop Boss turns and walks away as the cum leaks from the boy's throbbing cock. Kieran stops at the door, looks at the boy alone, hooded, and smiles at what is to come. The lights go out and the boy is alone again. 

The boy catches his breath, struggling in the chains and realizing again that he is alone. But the power of the orgasm that he just experienced was amazing. The boy realizes that the Cop didn't touch him, and the intense speech of the Boss penetrates the boy's brain and freely discharges his seed. Mateo realizes that the Cop has taken control and it can't be stopped now. 

As he gains his wits, Mateo realizes that no one knows where he is, certain that the Cop can make sure no one ever knows where he is if the Boss wants. With that, the boy's cock grows again as the Cop Boss' words repeat in his head. 

Cop Boss returns to his boy with some gear for his boy to wear, as he enters the dungeon. The boy watches as his Boss makes his way to the bed where he drops the gear he will be placing the boy in. Then the Cop returns to the chained boy. 

"Time for me to release you back into the world, boy. I wanted to keep you all weekend, but plans have changed. You will return next Friday night, just like you did this week. Right after work."

Cop Boss releases the boy from the chains, unlocking and removing the leather wrist and ankle restraints. The boy drops his arms as the blood flows back into them, warming his skin, his body feeling the air around him as he stands no longer restrained, naked.  

Cop Boss taps the boy's ass and the boy positions himself to stand at attention, bringing his feet together while placing his hands behind his back. 

Boss goes to the items he placed on the bed, picking up a different metal chastity device. The boy is hard as Boss works the device on his boy. Reaching up the Cop pinches and twists his boy's right tit, softening the boy's dick to fit the device. The boy moans a bit and tries not to struggle with the pain that his new owner is causing him. This device has a metal tube the boy's dick slides into, with a cage for the balls. The boy struggles to stay standing on his feet as Boss locks up his cock.  

After Kieran gets the device on the boy's cock and balls, he places a little metal padlock on it. Standing, Boss taps his leather-gloved hand on the caged balls, smiling at the boy. "Looks nice boy."

"Yes Sir, thank you Sir." Mateo is humbled, looking down at the new steel that holds his manhood. 

Boss returns to the bed, with a pair of leather jeans and Wesco 11" Boss boots in black. The boy admires the pants and boots, then looks up at his Sir wondering if these leathers are for him.

"Yes boy, I want you in leather. You want what I want, right?"

Mateo is quite surprised by this turn of events, excited at being ordered to wear the leather and boots that his Boss is presenting to him. "Oh yes Sir! Thank you, Sir."

The boy quickly takes the pants, sliding them up to his legs while feeling the leather against his shaved skin. He struggles a bit as the pants are snug; he pushes the steel cage into the crotch and zips them up creating a slight bulge. Taking the boots, the boy asks if he can sit on the floor to put the boots on, which the Cop Boss permits him.  

Sitting on the floor, the boy finds a pair of white athletic tube socks in the boots, pulling them on before he puts on the boots. He then slides the boots on his feet, they feel snug but look amazing with the lug soles. Standing, Mateo adjusts the pants with a grin on his face. 

As the boy was putting on the leather jeans and boots, Boss picked up a white Under Armor short sleeve shirt, that the boy slid over his body, tucking it into the leather pants at his waist. Then the boy is given a heavy leather boy harness. Quickly the boy puts the harness on, which stands out nicely on the white shirt. Boss follows that up with a heavy leather classic motorcycle jacket and gloves, which the boy also puts on. The last piece is a three-inch leather collar that Boss straps on the boy's neck.  

Cop Boss takes the boy by his shoulder, and moves him across the dungeon, turning him so he can see himself in the mirror. Mateo takes a moment to take it all in. He is dressed as his Cop requires, a true leather boy with his collar showing proudly. With his Cop standing behind him, the boy turns his head, slowly kissing the Cop Boss. 

Cop Boss takes hold of the boy by the neck, bringing him in tightly, with a stronger kiss to show the boy he is Boss but that he allows his boy to show him affection. The boy starts to release the kiss, but Cop Boss keeps a tight hold of his boy by his neck to ensure he understands his position and is loved.

After a few more moments, Boss releases the kiss allowing the boy to return his stare to the mirror. Putting his arms around his boy's chest, they look into the mirror at themselves.

"You are a handsome leather boy. I'm very proud of how you handled yourself this weekend. I hope you understand what you are to me. I've presented these leathers to you because I want my boy to look good and you will reflect upon me and my ownership."

"It is an honor Sir.", Mateo says in a reflective yet proud tone.


"You are to wear these leathers all the time. 

You only don't wear the leather when you are working. This is your uniform, cop boy."

That statement sends shivers down Mateo's spine, fuck he thinks, he is in the service of a cop. 

His Cop continues, "When you get home, you are to immediately change into this uniform." Kieran speaks firmly as he gives the boy the directions to being in leather even when he is not in his Boss's presence.

"What if I need to run an errand, Sir?" questions Mateo, looking at his Boss in the mirror.

"You're a leather boy, my leather boy. You will always wear your leathers, even in public, my boy."

This surprises the boy, but deep inside he likes the firmness Cop Boss is showing him. This causes his cock to grow and causes him pain in the cage.  

"I am going to give you your work clothes back to you in a lockbox. I control it via my phone. I will unlock it Monday morning before you need leave for work. When you return Friday, you should be in your leathers, so I will allow you time to return home from work and change. Leave your work clothes at home from now on. You understand me boy?"

"Yes Sir."

Kieran releases the boy, and they step away from the mirror, with the boy turning to his Boss for one last kiss. After their kiss, Kieran smiles, "You look fucking hot boy. You better get out of here, or I will end up putting you in bondage again and fucking your ass all night."

The boy stares at Cop Boss with a grin, "And that would be bad?"

Boss smiles and slaps the boy on the ass. 

Taking the boy by the ring in the collar, he leads him out of the dungeon



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