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hotel hot tub

After an afternoon of sightseeing in San Diego, I returned to my hotel in Oceanside, California. A block off the beach, my room on the fifth floor had a great view of the ocean and one of the longest piers on the California coast. With all my walking, I favored enjoying the hot turbulent waters of the hot tub. So, I slipped on my bathing suit and headed up to the rooftop where the swimming pool and hot tub were located. When I stepped out onto the patio, the view was impressive with a glass wall around the top floor so the vistas would not be spoiled. I was also glad to find no one using the facilities so I had it all to myself. Since it was late afternoon and, on a Friday, most people would only be checking in or busy with other activities.

Since towels were provided, I grabbed one and placed it on a chaise lounge near the hot tub. I took off my t-shirt folding and placed it on the towel, with my cell phone and key card under the towel. I had a second key card that I always had just in case, in the pocket of my bathing suit. Making my way to the inviting water, I took in the ocean surf as it rolled on the sand on the beach. The sun was starting its downward drop to the horizon.

Pressing the button to start the jets, the water in the long narrow hot tub came to life. In I went on my first foot, followed by the other to feel the hot water that was going to soothe my muscles from all the walking that allowed me to see the city as the tourist I was. Down the steps I was up to my waist with the ocean still in my view. This was going to be such a relaxing time. Making my way to the far section of the tub allowed me to be away from the steps if others were to partake of this spa. I sat on the small seat that allowed the water to cover my body up to my shoulders, I shivered a bit as the hot water warmed my skin and my body. I leaned back, closed my eyes, and let the jets do their magic with my body.

Waking from a slight slumber, the warmth and relaxation must have allowed me to go into a light sleep. Not much time had passed but I laughed quietly to myself for sleeping. But feeling so relaxed was something I was enjoying. Being on vacation, there were no thoughts of work, or daily life back home, just ideas of how to spend the next week in the tropical climate of San Diego while those back home were dealing with a foot of snow!

My empty thoughts were interrupted when I heard the door to access this rooftop oasis slam shut. Looking over, there was a well-built guy, near my age, with close-cropped hair on his head and several tattoos on his arms. Wearing a pair of board shorts, he was barefoot, carrying nothing. At first, he either didn't notice me or ignored me, checking out the facilities and the view from this hotel area. He wasn't wearing a shirt that exposed a body that had spent some time in a gym, but was not overdone. There was some ink on his chest including the logo of Ducati motorcycles.

After viewing the ocean, he turned and walked past the swimming pool toward the steps that led into the hot tub. As he did, he nodded to me, and our eyes met.

"Great view from up here!" he said to me as he took his first step into the swirling water.

I agreed as I watched him make his way to his waist and he just stood there, looking out at the ocean. Turning away from him, I didn't want to make him feel too self-aware by staring at him. But I felt a presence, turning he was close to me, standing, looking down at my face. "I'm Chris.", he stated as he allowed his hands to gently float in the currents.

Clearing my throat, "Scott."

"Scott, we're lucky to have such a wonderful view of ourselves, don't you think?"

I turn to look out towards the ocean, "It is one of the best I've seen, and to enjoy this spa simultaneously."

He agrees with me as he sits on the step on the opposite side of the hot tub.

"Sorry if I'm disturbing you. I just wanted to get away before a business dinner this evening."

"You're here for work?" I ask.

"Yea, I live up in LA, but work is having a conference here at this hotel this weekend. Sucks to be inside, but there are a few hours to enjoy the view and ocean."

I nod in agreement. Then he asks me, "You from around here, Scott?"

There is a tone to how he states my name that is a bit authoritative. But I respond, "No, I'm from the Chicago area, here on vacation for a week. Had to get away from winter!"

"Fuck man, I don't know how you people live with that shit. Fucking snow and cold, no way!"

"You just get used to it.", I respond.

I then feel his foot rubbing against my leg which surprises me. Also, surprising, is that I don't pull back, I let myself do it, feeling like I need to. I'm a gay man, so having an encounter like this isn't that uncommon in my life. Looking at him again, he smiles as he knows what he is doing.

"You're a fucking hot guy, Scott. I bet you have a man at home who will do anything you want him to do."

I laugh, "Oh you don't know me at all. Nope, no one at home."

He leans forward, "Really? Fucking faggots don't know when a hot guy is available for the taking."

"I'm not sure about the taking, but I'm available. I just haven't found the right guy.". Damn, I can't believe I just shared that with this total stranger.

He slides over to my side of the hot tub allowing a bit of distance to not crowd me. "You never know who you might be out there in this big world. Take me, I think you're a fucking hot dude and when I saw you in this hot water, I knew I wanted to get to know you."
Now I have to be blushing, here is a guy commenting on how hot a guy I am, "Well, thanks man. I admit I was checking you out also."
"You were? Damn, man, we are making a connection here.", Chris says, sliding a bit closer, with his hands remaining underwater.

I look over at him, catching his eyes are deep brown. He nods a bit then I look away, a bit nervous now. His hand reaches over and gently rubs my leg in hot water. "I’ll let you in on a secret about me, I like to be aggressive when I see a hot guy like you. You think you’d let me be in charge?” Chris states firmly in his voice that in a bit powerful and seductive.

I swallow not expecting such a forward man to be in the same hot tub with me. What does he mean by aggressive? He’s doing it right now, how much further is he thinking of going. Then I realize I’m actually thinking of wanting to see where he takes things. Hell, I’m on vacation and we’re in this public spot, what could he do to me that would be so bad? “What do you have in mind, Chris?”

My response is met by a big smile from Chris, “Oh fucker, you’re going to like what I have in mind. I can’t believe I ran into a tease like you!”. Chris laughs.

His hand slowly moves up my leg to my cock which has grown slightly inside my bathing suit. With the touch of this man, the hot water, and those brown eyes I’ve started to get a bit of a turn-on.

“Now that feels good doesn’t it?” Chris asks as he lightly strokes my cock.

I lean back further, allowing him clear access to my tool as I feel his breath on my neck. He leans in, “I got something I want to do with you, you trust me?”.

“Sure, what do you want to do?” I ask, very relaxed.

Without saying a word, he stops stroking my cock and works for his hands behind my body as he leans me forward. I feel him taking my wrists behind my back. I went along, his voice was so comforting yet commanding, and my body was so relaxed because of the way he was stroking my cock. My eyes were closed, just enjoying the sound of the bubbles in the water.

Then I felt tightness around my wrists, I struggled a bit and felt Chris’s hands grab my shoulder as he whispered in my ear, “Relax, you’re going to enjoy this.”

I struggled a bit more and then he explained that he had placed some zip-tie restraints on my wrists. He didn’t make them too tight but if I struggled enough, he would enjoy making them tighter. Now I was angry with myself, how could I let him do this to me. Then I felt his warm touch as his hands moved off my shoulders and down to my chest, lightly caressing my tits. I tried to turn my head to look at him, but he had placed his head beside my mind and I couldn’t. The touch as he grazed my tits was causing my cock to grow, hell the struggle in the light bondage I was in was also making my cock grow.

He whispered in my ear again, “Just relax, we’re just getting started.”. He continued with his touch on my chest, as I leaned against him. As I lowered myself, he adjusted himself so I was now laying on my back on his legs, keeping my face above the water level. He removed himself from my tits and then started to stroke my cock through the wet fabric of my bathing suit. This caused me to shutter a bit and he could see it. I heard a little chuckle as he was reeling me into his web. Then he was reaching inside my suit and I felt his warm, soft touch on the shaft of my cock. With the water creating a natural lube, he lightly stroked it, unhurriedly, up, and down. I could feel the restraints on my wrists, which only made his control of me fill my mind.

After a while of stroking, he stopped as he was adjusting himself. I didn’t move much as he suggested I don’t, adding to keep my eyes closed. I could feel him reaching over me and then I felt another set of those zip ties bringing my ankles together, tightly. I could feel my cock bounce a little as he tightened it, having my face cupped in his damp armpit. I could smell his man's scent and chlorine in the water. He worked his body back into a spot on the bench as he placed me in his lap. My body was laying in the water, with my face on the surface so I could breathe. My wrists were tightly bound behind my back, and my ankles were restrained and bobbed in the currents.

He lowered my swimsuit and took hold of my cock, lightly stroking it as it had grown in size with the attention, he had shown me. Leaning into me, “You comfortable, well as one can be while in bondage?” he asks.

I lightly moan with pleasure as he strokes and I nod my head.

“Good boy, now we can start with the good part.”

I barely registered him calling me boy, a submissive term I was aware of. I’d done some light bondage, but never at the hands of a stranger I met in a hotel hot tub. But I was so relaxed and now so fucking horny, I had to see where he would take me. Now he started stroking my cock would remain consistent through all that he would do to me. There wasn’t anything life-threatening that he was doing, I was feeling very safe in his lap and there was no way anyone would be able to see the zip ties that were keeping me in his possession.

I feel his tongue on the edge of my ear which drives me wild with such a sexual sensation. “Now, let’s talk about what will happen this evening.”

My blissful state in hot water, relaxing with my hard cock being slowly stroked by this man’s hand was broken when he said something was going to happen this evening! What in the hell is this guy up to? I thought we were having some fun in the hot tub. I hardly know him and certainly didn’t plan on spending the evening this him. Then his voice brought me back to the state of being controlled by his, my hands and ankles bound with my face floating just above the water level.

“I felt that, you kinky fuck. You just got a little harder thinking about me keeping you under my control into the night.”

I started to deny that I wanted to be controlled, but his other hand gripped my mouth, silencing me. “If we weren’t in hot water, I’d have gagged you with duct tape to keep you silent.”

Damn if my cock didn’t bounce again, he felt it and laughed.

“You just confirmed for me that you are my toy for the night.”

He continued the seductive stroking of my hard cock as he lowered down to my ear and described what would happen next.

“After I’m done here, you’re going to be so fucking horny, you’re going to do everything I tell you and even more. So, here’s how the rest of the night is going.” he never changed the pace of his stroking, it was gentle, just steady enough to keep me on edge.

“When I’m done with you here. I’m going back to my room. When you have had your time here in the spa, you will return to your room, but you’ll find that I have taken your key card. So, you will have to go to the lobby in your bathing suit to get another card. I’m going to laugh though, as I will have worked you in a tizzy that when you leave here your cock will be standing at attention for the rest of the day. Imagine riding down the elevator and walking into the lobby with your suit tenting before you, no way to hide it.”

He releases his hand over my mouth as I moan slightly feeling his touch on my cock and the thought of being that horny in public.

“Once you get back into your room, you will leave your door unlocked so that it can be entered without you needing to open it. You will be naked, kneeling at the foot of your bed, facing towards the ocean and away from your door. When I enter, which you don’t know when that will be, I better find you with your hands behind your head and your eyes closed. You will know I’m there when the door slams shut and you’ll feel my presence in your room.”

I don’t know if he is getting turned on but I sure am as he describes his plans for the evening.

“When I approach you, you’ll want to turn and look at me, but you will not. As I get closer, you will begin to smell leather and soon feel the coolness on your back as I lean against your naked body. At that point my gloved hands will start to stroke your bare skin which will be a bit sensitive from our time here in hot water. The gloves are heavy leather and will be rough on your skin, but you will remain kneeling, allowing me to explore your body.”

A cool breeze picks up and moves across my chest above the water, creating a chill to the rest of my body submerged in hot water. Still, he strokes my cock, keeping me hard.

“I will enjoy that hard cock of yours exposed for me to watch it react to my touch and you want to see what I’m wearing, but I will keep you guessing for a little while longer. You hear a heavy bag drop and then you wonder what will happen. I step back, ordering you to keep your eyes closed but to rise and sit on the edge of the bed. You do so but get a swat from my gloved hand as you move too slowly. As you clumsily get seated on the bed, I pull what I want you to wear out of the bag. Yes, I’m going to dress you now, boy.”

When he puts that thought in my head and refers to me as a boy, I get harder and he notices as I hear him chuckle again, and squeeze my cock as he strokes for a moment or two.

“Then I start making you into the man I want to serve me. First, I put your cock into a steel cage you struggle with. I enjoy seeing you in pain as you try to make your cock soft to fit in the small tube it will remain in for as long as I desire. The cage is steel, tight, and once I get you in it, a small lock will ensure it stays on.”

Moaning, I imagine the pain that must come from wearing such a device. I’ve never been in one but have seen them at gay events.
“Then I hand you a pair of leather pants, since your eyes are closed you don’t realize that they are a pair of padded well designed race pants that motorcycle racers wear. I suggest you stand to pull them up and slide up your legs, snuggly, settling on your hips as you zip them over the steel that holds your cock and the leather encases your balls nicely. You drop your arms to your side, still with your eyes closed and my gloved hands touch your shoulders to turn you around. Then I will unzip the ass of those leathers.” he chuckles. “Yes, they are specially designed for a boy like you. Once unzipped, you’ll get a bit of a shock as I quickly and without mercy shove a nice metal plug up your ass.”

Now I find myself raising my crotch as he strokes a bit fast for a brief second, then slows as I think of the pain of a plug inserted into my ass. Sure a few guys have fucked me, but I’m not that open and I’ll feel anything he decides to put into me.

“At that point, I’m sure your cock will be straining in the cage as I zip up your ass and you feel the weight of that plugin you. I push you back to the edge of the bed and help you put on a pair of riding boots, that fit you nicely and I have helped to cool you by pissing in them for your enjoyment. Zipping them up, I have you stand and feel that plug in your ass and the cage on your cock as you do. Next, you are going to scream and I instruct that you better keep your faggot mouth shut. For you feel the severe pinch of the sharp clamps that I install on your sensitive tits.”

As he says that, his free hand takes a moment to pinch and squeeze my tit, making me moan. A wet swimsuit flopped on my face as I moaned, making breathing through the wet cloth difficult. It also makes me forget to moan as he continues to work my tit in his fingernails.

“That’s my suit on your face, you can lick it if you want, but I think it will keep your attention on me as I continue. Where were we?”
He moves his hand to my other tit, pinching hard as I make noise from under the wet suit.

“Oh yea, once your tits are prepared, I put you into a padded leather race jacket, zipped up with some Velcro in the jacket's interior that you’ll feel on your now sensitive tits. The nice heavy riding gloves will complete this step of your preparation. One more step then I will let you open your eyes. That is when you feel the thick leather slide over your head, the heavy hood laces up tightly in the back with a plug gag that slips into your mouth effectively silencing you for the rest of the night. A collar wraps around your neck that I snuggly lock, then lower a full-face helmet over the hood.”

Now I imagine being fully geared up as a biker, wondering where this gear he is putting me comes from.

“Now it is time for you to see your situation as I order you to open your eyes.” as he says this, he starts to increase the pace of the strokes of my cock, with his other hand slightly tightening the suit that covers my face making it more difficult to breathe.

“Opening your eyes, you see a fully leather biker in the back and red standing before you, his face hidden by the metallic shield that covers it. You gaze up and down at the snug leathers, gloves, boots, and the man you allowed in your room. He has only said a few muffled words from inside the helmet. But as hot as that is, you wonder what you are wearing, so you move to the bathroom mirror to see that you are in full black riding leathers, your face hiding in a full-face helmet with a dark shield. No one will ever know you are hooded and can’t speak.”

Now my cock is growing as I fantasize about the feeling of the leather and seeing this guy that has me bound in the hot tub in his leathers.

“After giving you enough time to admire yourself, I grab you by your leathers and move you out of your room. Since I’m behind you, you don’t notice that I toss your key card to your room on your bed so we no longer have a way to get into your room.”

He slows his pistoning of my cock as he allows that last statement to impact my fantasy visions.

“We make our way down to the lobby and the entry where we find my Ducati awaiting us. I climb on then you get on behind me. I take a moment and zip-tie your wrists as you wrap your arms around me. I like to feel you against me as you lean into me and wrap me in a leather hug.”

This fantasy is far deeper than I could have imagined as my body has become so blissful in the warmth of the water, not even feeling the bondage I’m in until I struggle a little and feel it. He has been controlling my breathing with his suit on my face as I think about how his cock and balls were once in these board shorts and now, I’m breathing through it.

“I love the feeling of starting fast and feeling you pull away briefly with speed and then grip me for security. We spend a short time cruising along the beach before I take us to Interstate 5 and head north into Orange County. I wonder what is going through your mind as you realize you have no choice but to go where I am taking you, which you realize could be anywhere. The night will have fallen by then so you won’t be able to track our progress so easily with your vision partly distorted through the dark shield and it is limited by the hood you’re locked into.”

Another breeze sweeps over my body, as he tightens the shorts that restrict my breathing.

“After a long ride, you see that we pull into a garage of a single-family house somewhere far away from the hotel in Oceanside. I cut the zip ties and we dismount the bike. I grab a cloth bag off the workbench, pulling it over your helmet effectively cutting off your sight. Then you are led out of the garage, through the house until you are brought to a stop. There you stand, sightless, in full leather with a hood locked on your head and no way to speak. You stand for a while, wondering where you are and what will happen next.”

Slowly, he has started to increase the tempo of his jacking me off, keeping me on edge for so long that I am starting to struggle in bondage and nearing the point where I might be begging for release. He must have sensed that, as he pushes some of the shorts that cover my face into my mouth, filling it to stop me from speaking.

“After standing alone for a while, you feel a tap on your arms and raise them. Soon, you are slipped into a padded leather straitjacket that huddles you tightly into a ball. There is a moan from that gag that fills your mouth, as that cock of yours feels the steel that it is locked in. Once locked in the straitjacket, yes I said locked.”

Fuck, my cock jumps as he emphasizes being locked into the straitjacket and I heard him approve of my hardness.

“Locked in that jacket, I gently push you back and you step hesitantly backward, unable to see where you are going. You might be able to hear all the leather you are in as you move but it doesn’t last long as your back is against a wall. You feel no pressure on your body anymore as you hear the steel cage door slam shut. This startles you.”

I moan into the wet cloth that he has shoved into my mouth as I push up with my cock trying to get him to stroke faster, which he does not.

“You move around but find you can’t as you are in a very tight cage, that will keep you standing and upright for as long as you’re in it.”
Now he starts to increase his stroke on my cock, which increases my breathing as I start to feel that I am going to shoot my load!

“As you stand there in your darkness, encased in layers of leather, gagged, sightless and now sweating, think about the situation you put yourself in. You allowed a biker in leather to put you in leather, put you on the back of his motorcycle, take you to who knows where, and you’re locked in a cage in a house somewhere in California.”

Now why is this making me horny as fuck I move my hips to get him to increase his pistoning of my cock. I’m so near the climax.

“You realize while you are locked up and helpless, that all your identification is back at the hotel. We walked through the lobby in full gear, and no one saw you leave. You don’t know where you are, or when you’re going to get free, but you shared with me a while ago that you have a week off. No one will miss you, so what fun can be had with you faggot.”

Oh shit, this story is so fucking hot, I gotta shoot my load. I know he can hear me moaning through the wet suit that envelopes my head. I struggle with my wrists wanting to reach my cock to finish it off as he is not getting me to the point.

“One last thing fucker, when you’re locked up like that, how will you even know if it was me that did all that to you, as you only saw a guy in a motorcycle helmet.”

Fuck, that did it, another stroke and I’m going to cream in the water. But that is when he releases his grip and leaves me struggling with wanting to finish the job. I work hard and moan loudly with the incomplete jack-off session. I continue to work as he remains silent, enjoying the struggle that I’m in.

As I realize he isn’t going to allow me to come I start to catch my breath, as he removes his shorts from my head. I breathe the fresh air as he stands and my body floats away from him. As I struggle to maintain my place on the surface and not drown, he puts on his shorts, then grabs me, placing me on the seat in the hot tub.

He removes the zip ties without saying a word, placing them in his pocket. He grabs me by my neck, looks at me, then kisses me deeply, his tongue working its way through my lips.

He releases me and makes his way to the stairs, climbing out of the hot tub. He works his way to the towels as he takes one and dries himself off, then turns to me. “Tonight?” he smiles and goes into the building and the elevator lobby.

I sit in the bubbling water, stunned for a moment, not believing what I had just experienced. I move my hands around my body, when I realize that my keycard is missing from my bathing suit pocket. That means that he could be planning to meet me in my room.

I stand and make my way out of the hot tub, going to the lounge chair where I had left my towel and shirt. There was the second key card that I had left, so I didn’t have to go to the lobby as he described. But looking down, my swimsuit was severely tenting and I hoped I didn’t run into anyone in the elevator down to my room.

As I made my way off the rooftop area, I just had to decide when I got to my room, do I get naked and kneel and wait?

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