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beyond solo

A blue glow shined upon Jamal's face as he was sitting in front of his thirty-six-inch computer monitor, watching bondage videos off the web. Slumped back in his black leather office chair, Jamal had his hand under his Nike basketball shorts of shiny red, gently fondling his manhood as the videos filled his imagination with more and more kinky thoughts. 

It was a Saturday night, just like any Saturday night for Jamal, as he was not ready to expose himself to actually living his kinky interests. No, it was safer to be in his room and experience things with his own hands. 

Jamal was watching a video of a man encased in rubber, heavily bound, hooded with tubes for breathing, with wires producing electrical sensations to the man’s genitals. It was an intense experience that Jamal often dreamed of. Seeing this action made Jamal produce more pre-cum that was lubing his cock as he stroked under his Nike shorts. 

At first unnoticed, a direct message window appeared in the upper right of Jamal's screen. Moving his mouse, Jamal opened the DM from his chat program. The message was from a Master that Jamal has spoken to on occasion. This message read, "How is the boy doing this evening?"

With the video playing in the background, Jamal sits up in his chair to respond to the online Master. "Boy is well, taking it easy right now, watching some video, Sir."

"What is in the video?"

Jamal pauses for a moment, not sure he is comfortable telling the Master what porn he is watching. Jamal decides to make something up to keep his privacy. "Watching a video where a guy is mummifying his boy’s head with tape."

The Master sends a devil emoji. "A hood of duct tape, boy?"

"Yes, Sir." Responds Jamal,  now worried that the Master might want more details from his fictional video.

Actually, on the screen, the guy encased in rubber has a pump on his cock, bringing him to climax and ecstasy. This brings Jamal's cock to attention, tenting his Nike shorts. As he is getting excited, the Master asks another question, "You up to having some fun with me, boy?"

Surprised by the question on the screen, Jamal loses interest in the video he was watching, releases his grip on his cock and responds. "What do you have in mind, Sir?"

"Do you have a roll of duct tape handy?"

Now, that is an interesting question for Jamal to answer. With some hesitation, he typed his response, "Yes, I have a few."

The Master doesn't realize that Jamal likes to be prepared if any of his kinky mates want to have some fun while playing video games at his place.

"Go get them, boy."

Closing the window with the video playing, Jamal sits on the edge of his chair, debating if he is doing the right thing as he retrieves the tape. As his mind starts to change to not getting the tape, there is a message on the computer screen from the Master, "Waiting, boy."

Feeling a little spooky, Jamal knows the message is a coincidence as his camera is disconnected from his computer. There is a tinge of excitement in his gut as Jamal wants to see where the online chat will lead; having a man instruct him to do something appeals to Jamal. 

Standing and moving to the file cabinets on the opposite wall, Jamal opened the bottom drawer, lifting out one roll of silver duct tape and another of red tape. Putting the rolls on the desk, Jamal sits in his chair with his posture more erect. He types back to the Master.

"Ready, Sir."

"Are you wearing a shirt, boy?"

Jamal replies that he is, and the Master instructs the boy to remove the shirt, which Jamal does, tossing it aside and landing on the floor. 

Feeling more exposed, Jamal asks, "Did you want my camera on, Sir?"

"If you are comfortable with that, boy. I would enjoy watching."

His confidence increased; Jamal figured that taping his head would not be anything that would cause any problems on the internet if it was shared, so Jamal removed the small paper over his camera lens, connected the USB cable, and in a few seconds his face appeared in the small box in the corner of his screen.

"Smile for me, boy!" the Master requests, and Jamal does. The DMs have stopped as Jamal can now hear the Master’s voice through his speakers. "Excellent, a handsome face. But now we need to make it disappear. Do you have a hanky or sock, boy?"
"What for, Sir?"

"When taping up one's head, it is proper to start with gagging the boy to silence as he disappears behind the tape."

Without much thought, Jamal reaches over, taking a black hanky, wading it and stuffing it into his mouth. 

"Move closer." Orders the Master. As Jamal scoots closer to the camera the Master can see that the hanky fills the boy's mouth, nicely tucked in behind his lips. Jamal tries to speak but it is just mumbling.

"You did a good job, boy. Do you have a pair of latex gloves?"

There is a swallow from Jamal as the Master hits another thing that turns the boy on, latex and rubber. Reaching into a drawer on his desk, Jamal pulls out two black medical-style latex gloves. As he works them onto his hands, the Master is happy with the progress.  
"Excellent, boy. Now start taping your mouth and chin." 

Jamal nods his head that he understands. With the distinctive sound, Jamal pulls out the first strip of silver duct tape, smelling the unique scent of the polythene, cloth and glue that come together to create the tape the boy is now laying across his lips. Laying it cheek to cheek, the boy makes sure there are no wrinkles, then he takes his hand, pressing upon the tape firmly to create the first seal to keep his lips closed. As Jamal presses the tape, the curves of his lips begin to appear as the tape settles upon his skin.

Lifting the roll of tape, the boy pulls out another strip, ripping it from the roll and places the tape to lay lower than the first piece, slightly overlaying. Doing the same as he did with the first, the second piece of tape is positioned, then pressed on Jamal's face, starting to curve down his chin. Pressing it into place, the bond of the layering will make it tightly sealed. 

The next strip of tape was placed above the lips and at the edge below Jamal's nose. After laying each piece of tape, the boy presses the tape firmly against his face with his latex-gloved hands. After reaching the bottom of his nose, Jamal takes several pieces of duct tape to wrap around his chin, making it difficult to open his mouth and further limit his ability to speak as the ends of the tape are pulled tightly to the side of Jamal's head to keep the boy's mouth shut. Layer after layer covers the boy's lower face and under his chin. His face is becoming flat with no distinctive marks like his lips being seen. The lower face is encased in silver duct tape with each layer that Jamal adds.

Pausing, the boy enjoys feeling the thickness of the tape wrapped around the lower part of his face. At one point, his latex-covered hand reaches down to touch his pecker, but a voice from his speaker stops him.

"Stop, boy, do you think you can hold off pleasuring yourself until we are done?" the Master inquires. Sighing into the gag, Jamal slowly nods. 

Even though the man is not with him, there is an urge to please running through all the emotions that Jamal is experiencing. Feeling the tightness and hardness of the tape that has created a shell on his face, Jamal can smell the strong scent of the duct tape and the girth of the hanky that fills his mouth. 

"You will be rewarded, boy. Now, why don't you start taping the rest of your head? I think you should leave only your eyes and nose exposed. You will disappear with just a head of tape."

As the Master speaks, the thought of being encased in tape causes Jamal to get turned on even more. One of his fantasies has been to be fully mummified. He has never done his head completely, never the less his entire body. 

Taking a big breath through his nose, Jamal picks up the tape again and rips pieces to cover his cheeks and the top of his head. As he did with his cheeks and mouth, Jamal adds many layers as his head, with a buzz cut, disappears under the heavy silver tape. Moving deliberately, Jamal makes sure each strip of tape is smooth with no wrinkles. 

The Master watches on his screen as he is impressed by how detailed the boy is with his taping skills. The boy is not the quickest, but that could be changed with some training of the submissive. Seeing how easy it was to get the boy started encasing his head, the Master debates how far he will take things. 

Scoffing, the Master knows exactly how far he will take the boy, and it is beyond what the boy ever thought he'd go for on a solo trip.
In the meantime, Jamal is now placing strips of tape vertically on the side of his head, at the outer edges of his eyes, with one full strip covering the bridge of his nose. Being detailed, the boy tears a small piece of tape that he places on his columella, pressing it snuggly. Then, another layer of tape comes to the edge of his nostrils, leaving just the holes all his skin covered. A few more layers and Jamal has left a small slit for his eyesight, looking at the monitor. 

"You are looking perfect, boy." The voice of the Master startles Jamal as the boy has become so focused on the mummification of his head.

Touching and feeling the thickness of all the layers he has placed on his head, the boy can't believe that everything except his eyes is covered with duct tape. 

"You trust me, boy?" this question makes Jamal pause. A little chill runs down his spine as he senses an order coming from the Master.

The boy mumbles something into his gag.

"Nod your head, yes or no, boy." The boy responds, nodding his encased taped head up and down. 

"Let's take this all the way, tape your eyes, fucker."

While Jamal takes a large breath, the excitement of fulling wrapping his head makes his cock jump as the level of fear also climbs as he feels his gut become unsettled.

Jamal moans in the gag, unsure he is ready to go that far. 

"Oh, come on, boy, you know you want to go all the way; let me watch you as you sit there in the dark, unable to speak or see."
The Master watches in anticipation, confident that the boy will follow through. Both men anticipate what the other will do.
After a few moments, the silence is broken with the sound of tape being pulled from the roll. 

With his hand slightly shaking, Jamal tears off a few inches of tape, pinches the ends with his fingers, and brings it to his eyes. Taking a deep breath, the boy looks at the monitor, wondering if the faceless man on the internet appreciates what he is doing.

Stretching his fingers, making the tape taunt, Jamal lays the tape across his vision, closing his eyes as the tape seals to the edges of the other layers of tape. Pressing on the tape, the boy's head is fully encased in duct tape.

"Another layer, boy."

Jamal rips off another layer, his hands moving about since he can no longer see; he has work by the touch of his latex-gloved hands. The boy places the next layer of tape, now totally in darkness, the tape is thicker. 

Hearing only the voice, the boy wants to touch his stone-hard cock but holds off until he is sure the guy is pleased with his full mummification. 

"This might be difficult, but if you do this, boy, I will let you have all the pleasure you want."


Not knowing what is going to be requested but horny as fuck, Jamal nods his head. 

"I’m proud of you fucker, really proud of you. I want you to tape your wrists together. Take the time you need, but get it done!”

Now, the flutters of nerves fill Jamal’s stomach as the request is beyond anything he expected. Feeling around for the roll of tape, the boy plans how to bind his wrists. Pausing, Jamal develops plans to accomplish the task while in his dark world. The boy pulls out a long strip of tape that is a yard long; slowly he works the tape to lay across his desk with the sticky side up. It isn’t easy as the tape keeps sticking to the latex gloves and being lifted. But Jamal gets to the strip's end, lifting it and placing the tape on his wrist. The boy starts to wrap the tape around his wrist by lifting it, turning his wrists and pressing it against the desk. Over and over, he does this process as the tape gets thicker, securing the ends of the gloves, which now can’t be removed.

As the tape runs out, Jamal finds that his wrists are now bound snuggly, and he is unable to separate them. He tries breaking them apart, but it isn’t going to happen, and he really doesn’t want to get free at this point. 

The boy tires as he works to secure his wrists, so he pauses momentarily to catch his breath. Taking a large breath, all the boy smells is the tape that lines the edges of his nostrils. Maneuvering his gloved hands down and into his pants, Jamal starts to slowly fondle his cock, feeling the pre-cum lubing his gloves. 

Feeling the tape pressing upon his face and head, Jamal moves his head around to get the sensation of being trapped in the tape helmet. Oblivious to anything outside of his mummified head, the boy takes in the helpless feeling as he strokes his cock. 
That bliss is interrupted when Jamal feels a hand on his shoulder, shocking the boy. There is a voice behind him, “Take your hand off your fucking cock!”

Part Two

As his heart skips a beat from the sudden touch on his shoulder, Jamal screams into the gag, which echoes through the room as a muffled sound. Trying to turn around the layers of tape wrapped around his head makes it difficult for Jamal to turn his head. In total darkness, Jamal is fearful as he doesn’t know how someone has gotten into his room and is standing behind him.

Quickly, Jamal’s secured wrists are grabbed by the unknown individual. The wrists are lifted over Jamal’s head and lowered to the extent of his arm’s ability to bend, settling on the back of his neck. Faintly, there is the sound of duct tape being pulled from the roll and swiftly slapped on the wrists, wrapped around Jamal’s throat. Being wrapped several times around the neck and hands of Jamal, the tape forms a layer that thickens around the boy’s neck, with it slightly tightening on his throat. It hinders his breathing but not enough to make it difficult. The stranger wraps the tape, moving to the end of Jamal’s neck.

Next, the stranger wraps the tape around Jamal’s hands, which the stranger has positioned into fists. Winding the tape over and over, Jamal’s fists are now balls of tape. 

The sound of tape being pulled from the roll stops, and the room goes silent except for Jamal’s struggling, the crinkling noise the tape makes, and his occasional moaning in the gag that fills his mouth. 

As the boy catches his breath, he feels the gentle touch of hands wrapping around his shoulder and lightly touching his nipples on his naked chest. The erotic sensation starts to take over the fear that Jamal has been experiencing as the timber of his moans signals to the stranger that this helpless boy is going to be as easy to use.

As the light touch and pinching of his tits grow, Jamal feels the solidness of the tape mummification that encases his head, the scent of the tape coming into his nostrils and the start of sweat that is beading on his skin coming from the struggle at the hands of the stranger. With his arms awkwardly over his head, Jamal’s chest is exposed and pushed slightly forward so that the unknown man can have free rein in the boy’s chest. 

Sensing the chair that he sits in moving, Jamal is startled when the person in his room is moving around the boy. There is the sound of boots on the wood flooring as the chair squeaks as it is rolled away from the desk. There is weight on Jamal’s legs as the person is sitting in his lap. There was some pressing against Jamal’s hard cock that was tenting his basketball shorts.  

As the person sat and his weight settled, Jamal could feel that the guy was not wearing jeans; the material had a cool, smooth, yet rugged feel, as the boy could feel on his legs that weren’t covered by his shorts. That is when the boy figured out that the person who had surprised him and bound his arms was wearing leather. In his blindfolded state, Jamal had no idea what color or style the leather was. Still, he did feel his cock grow with the additional knowledge of being controlled by a guy in leather.

As the stranger in leather settled, the sensation on his tits returned for Jamal. H could feel that the stranger was wearing gloves to squeeze and pinch his tits. The gloves didn’t feel like the thin leather a cop would wear. The leather was thicker, as it was sturdy, as his tits were tightly pinched and twisted, causing Jamal to move under the weight of the leathered stranger. With the pain of his tits being abused, moaning was constant from behind the duct tape that covered the boy’s lips and kept them tightly sealed.

Gently, the gloved hands left the torture of Jamal’s tits, sliding up the neck and gliding on the surface of the thick tape that encased the boy’s head like a helmet. After the many layers of tape Jamal wrapped around his head, the gloved hands were light on the boy's skin as he enjoyed the touch. The touch reminds the boy of being helpless, sightless and speechless in his own home with a stranger sitting in his lap. 

As Jamal was folding his mind to his helpless state, the unknown man in leather started pressing where the tape secured the boy’s lips, covering the holes that were left open so that Jamal survived his ordeal. The leather scent of the used glove is stronger than that of the silver duct tape as Jamal struggles to fill his lungs. With his arm secured over his head, the boy skirmishes in the chair under the stranger's weight. With his moaning muffled in the hanky in his mouth, covered by layers of tape, and now cupped in the hand of the stranger, Jamal is unable to retrieve his breathing as the stranger doesn’t release his hand.

The stranger quickly lowers his hand from Jamal’s nostrils, allowing the fresh air to fill his lungs in one long gasp. Getting a couple quick cycles of breath, that glove is clamped over the boy’s nose again, and he struggles even more, having not gotten enough life-giving air in the short few seconds he was allowed. 

The stranger enjoys the bucking he receives as Jamal lifts his body from the chair. But the man in leather has a grin on his face as he watches the boy’s rock-hard dick sway under the red shorts, pre-cum spot growing on the shorts.  

As Jamal struggles this time, the stranger’s other gloved hand starts to stroke the boy's hard cock. Feeling the friction of his smooth nylon shorts and the tight grip of the leatherman’s gloved hand, Jamal is overwhelmed by all his senses. The boy can’t breathe, but all the blood in his body is flowing to his dick because of the erotic pleasure the stranger is providing the helpless boy. There is a pleading tone in the moans and squeals coming from inside the heavy duct tape helmet that encases Jamal’s head. Feeling the man's weight in his lap, Jamal takes a huge breath as the stranger releases the boy’s nose again. But that wonderful air is fleeting as the gloved hand swiftly returns to block the boy’s breathing. 

As all these sensations are coming to a climax, the leatherman stops his stroking of Jamal’s cock and, a few seconds later, removes the glove from his nose. The boy screams into his gag in frustration at nearly reaching his ecstasy, his seed ready to shoot into his red Nike shorts. 

Calming his breathing and regaining his senses, Jamal realizes the stranger is no longer sitting in his lap; the weight is gone. As his head moves back and forth, instinctively, the boy cannot see anything in his darkness. Jamal takes a moment to stop his breathing, intentionally this time, so he can hear what is happening in the room. 

Keeping his breathing light, Jamal is so focused on listening that he is startled by a hand touching his right wrist, still taped behind his neck. Knowing that something is cutting the tape on his hand, some pressure from the tight tape is released. The cuts don’t fully release his bondage, but it is a start. 

The stranger then takes a thin piece of string, wrapping it around the left wrist of the helpless boy. Jamal can feel the extra weight of scissors dangling from the wrist. 

Sensing movement, Jamal hears the stranger's voice coming from before him, once again sitting in his lap. As the stranger speaks, the leatherman rubs his hands on the boy’s encased head.

“I’m leaving now. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful show on the internet and here in person, boy.”

The leather glove gently pats Jamal’s cheek then the stranger continues. “I’ve cut some of the tape on your hand so you can get yourself out of the brilliant tape job you’ve done to yourself.”

The stranger continues as the leather man tears more of the tape on the boy’s right hand. “It will take a while to cut yourself out of your mummification. So, here’s your challenge. If you want me to continue my play with you, don’t remove the tape you’ve encased your head in. You can cut your hands free so that you can reach the computer.”

Hearing the instruction to keep the tape wrapped around his head, Jamal finds his cock getting harder with the control that the stranger is taking.

“Once your hands are free, find your way to your computer. But beware, don’t move the mouse as it is positioned for you to click, and an email will be sent to me stating you want me to control you even more.”

Jamal thinks he must be very cautious but also fears how much control the stranger will take. 

“Think about this boy; if you move the mouse and can’t see, you won’t be able to send me the email, and you’ll never know who I am. Of course, I might return when you don’t expect it.”

The boy’s cock jumps at that thought.

“And if you think you can remove enough tape to see and replace it after you email me, you will be sorry. I’ve used a marker on the tape that covers your face, and if the tape has been altered when I return, I will walk out, and you’ll wait all night for me.”

Feeling the weight lift from his lap, the stranger knocks the boy’s cock with his leathered knee and moves to stand behind the duct-taped boy.

“You can decide to just remove the tape and remember the fun we had here. I hope you make the right decision, boy.”

There is the sound of the boots on the hard floor again, with the door closing, and Jamal is left in silence.

Knowing what he wants, the boy struggles to grasp the scissors, realizing it will be a long night!


signed ty dehner books


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