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excerpts from some of the stories ty has written

god from the gridiron

Jake reaches for Drew’s shoulders, helping him move to the edge of the bed. Moving the QB into the position he wants, Jake has Drew climb off the bed and stand at the foot of the bed, looking at the headboard with his feet flat on the tile floor. Jake lifts the top portions of the heavy wood pillory as Drew lowers himself into the three cupped spots for his wrists and neck. As the QB adjusts, Jake strokes the QB’s face and head with his gloved hand to comfort Drew.

Settling his wrist, Drew feels the cool, padded leather that lines the opening where his wrists and neck will be secured. Then the top is lowered as Drew feels the leather and pressure upon the back of his neck, making things snug and slightly choking the QB. There is the distinctive sound of the metal lock being secured as the pin is put through the hole, followed by a heavy black padlock that clicks as it is secured.

 The quarterback is now in a position allowing Jake to do whatever he wants to his captive, having Drew right where he wants him. Bent at the waist, Jake is enjoying the view of the snug lime green nylon pants wrapping the rounded curve of Drew’s ass. As Jake is salivating about where to start his assault on the QB, Drew tries to find a comfortable position in the pillory as he feels pressure on his wrists and neck. “How long are you going to keep me like this?”

Jake now wants to humiliate the QB, “What the fuck, you’re so fucking weak that you want out already? I expected you, as the great quarterback, would be able to handle more than a couple of minutes!”

Jake’s comments do not sit well with Drew’s ego, so the quarterback goes silent and tries to maintain one position as Jake smiles, finally getting into the QB’s head.

With his natural desire to get at those shiny pants, Jake approaches, sniffing, then slowly placing his tongue on the ass of the quarterback. Being that the pants are nylon, Jake’s tongue slides smoothly as he works his way around the curve from the bottom to the edge, where the jersey tucks into the green pants.

Feeling Jake’s tongue on his ass, Drew shivers slightly as the touch is very erotic, especially since he is helpless in the pillory. As Jake places his gloved hands on the QB’s ass, Jake continues the tongue assault, at times bringing out his teeth and lightly biting the soft flesh that is under the now slick green surface. Everything is so smooth as Jake is soaking the material with his saliva as Drew struggles in the secure bondage.

With Jake enjoying the taste of the football game pants, his teeth chewing, and his tongue sliding, Drew is getting very turned on. Unable to move his head to see his crotch, the QB can feel his dick reaching maximum strength as it presses against the stretchy fabric. With a slight moan of frustration at not being able to reach or pleasure his trapped manhood, Jake hears the moan, smiling as he continues his worship of the quarterback who is trapped. Moving his gloves hand slightly, Jake finds the boner in the green pants, lightly pulsing as Drew is helpless to stop himself from trying to bring himself to climax.

oasis road - "It's amazing! The end is unexpected for me."

Dick struggles as Chris and Zack drag him across the garage to where his bike is waiting. With his ankles still bound, the helpless biker leaves a trail across the dusty garage floor as his boots slide on the rough concrete. Having given up most of the struggle, Dick is glad to see that his treasured Harley hasn't been harmed. As the bound biker is being dragged, Dick’s arms are being pulled by Zack and Chris, moving the weight of Dick’s body across the garage while stretching his arms.

Reaching Dick's FXDR, the bikers lift him to his feet as their leathers creak with their movement. Turning Dick to stand on the right side of his Harley, they position his body so that his chest is facing his motorcycle, pushing him over his Harley, his waist laying on the leather of the motorcycle seat, Dick’s arms fall to the floor on the other side.

As Dick’s weight rests upon his motorcycle seat, the bike creaks as the suspension lowers on the wheels.
Quickly, Chris goes to Dick's bound wrists, grabbing a chain that is attached to the wall of the garage and pulling it to the duct-taped wrists of Dick. Chris wraps the end of the chain around and between Dicks wrists, making sure he is secured. The masked biker then takes the other end and pulls the chain through the metal loop on the wall so that Dick's arms are stretching towards the wall. This also forces Dick's body to balance on the seat of his hog as the hook is fastened several feet up the wall. Dick moans as his body is stretched, nearly lifting his booted feet off the floor on the other side of his bike.

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