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the ride

I woke with the familiar smell of the barn that I slept in.  In the corner is a corral that Boss Kevin has customized for his property, me. I roll off my back onto my elbows and knees. Many months ago, Boss decided I would be his horse.  It has been a challenge during the week. I have a full-time job, but it is a work-from-home position, so Boss can control me completely. 

This Saturday morning, I can see the small window on the side of the barn that allows the morning sun to shine in.  The layers of suits I am locked in start with a layer of Under Armor that is followed by a heavy rubber wetsuit with openings for my cock, ball and ass.  Next, a rubber hood that has a gag that fills my mouth with a tube leading into the gag. My cock is trapped in a heavy Carrera bondage chastity device with a piss hose that leads to the gag.  A plug with a stopper fills my ass and is locked under the rubber.  The final layer is a heavy brown leather horse suit that keeps my arms and legs bent and is pretty much one piece. There is lacing on it for Boss to tighten it, and the heavy hood is attached.  There is a horse-shaped hood that goes over the leather hood.  The laces and zipper lock as the Boss uses heavy Master locks.

The morning piss begins its trip down the hose into my mouth, and I swallow quickly as it is rapid.  I need to shit also, but I must hold that until Boss arrives and takes me for my morning walk. 

It took weeks to get used to this suit, but Boss had started working on me in his gym to get me ready. My workouts were always in several layers of heavy rubber, so I sweat like a pig.  I know Boss seems to like his property as an animal.  I spent the first-year learning to be his K9, even following him on a leash at Dore in San Francisco. 

Two years ago, Boss decided we would purchase some property, and he ended up with this place on 10 acres north of the city.  Only recently did I spend time in the barn as he is converting me into his horse.  He enjoys gearing up in his motorcycle cop uniform and riding his horse around the barn. 

I hear the barn door open and the sound of Boss' boots on the wood floor. 

"Good morning Equine. Did you sleep well?" he asks as he opens the stall door.  He knows I have a very difficult time sleeping in the horse gear, and he likes that. I look up to see him in his leather CHP uniform and Dehners.  He grabs the bridle from the post and secures it to my head.  He gently tugs on the lead and brings me into the barn's main floor.  He lashes the lead to a post and heads to the feed area.  I watch him walk away in his boots as my view is low to the ground. The feed area is another room off the main barn, and I can see him working in the makeshift kitchen.  There is the sound of the blender, and soon he returns to his horse with a large glass of my breakfast.  Removing the tube connected to my gag, he inserts another that leads to the glass and instructs me to start drinking. 

"I’ll tell you later what your breakfast is.” He smiles and starts preparing for the day.  I am grateful that he doesn’t rush me as his horse.  I think it is because he wants me in the headspace as much, and it is the weekend; what else is there to do.

He checks on me, finds the breakfast empty, and pats his gloved hands on the head.  He returns the glass to the feed room and then grabs the horse head hood.  Changing out the bridle, he puts the horse head hood on and then returns the bridle.  He takes his custom-made saddle and places it on his horse’s back. Securing up the straps, then locking them with locks.  The boss likes locks. 

After the rain yesterday, I am led out of the barn and taken to the outdoor corral that is a bit muddy. He straps the lead to the fence, then unlocks the zipper on my ass.  That is followed by the zipper on the rubber suit, and he pulls out the stopper in the plug locked in my ass.  He closes the gate and returns to the barn for his riding gear.  Learning how to take care of business as a horse took a while, but I am getting better at it.  When I am done, I take my position beside the fence to await Boss.

As he returns, he straps his helmet after wearing his leather jacket.  He looks awesome in his full cop uniform.  His breeches with the strip down the side tucked into his Dehners that have his spurs on them.  The duty belt lays just below his leather jacket and always looks heavy to me with all the pieces he wears, including his stun gun and Glock. 

Boss inserts the stopper back into the ass plug, zipping up the leather and rubber and securing things with the locks.  Opening the gate, he takes the lead, walks me out, and closes the gate. 

“It is an awesome day, so we’re going for a long ride today.” He pulls his leg over the saddle and sits. Putting his boots into the stirrups, he pokes his spurs into his leather encase horse, tugging on the reign, and slowly we take off into the woods of his estate.

Walking through the woods is an effort and challenge with the soft and rocky trail.  The weight of Boss on my back also keeps me focused. At times, he digs his spurs into me to increase the speed.  I am sweating in the encasement of leather and rubber, and it will stay with me until I am released.  Boss is quiet as he is enjoying his ride.  He takes his crop out and sometimes strikes his horse's ass to get its attention.

After a while, we come upon the creek that runs through the property. He pulls on the reigns and has me stop at the creek's edge.  He dismounts and takes the keys from his belt.  Coming to his horse, he unlocks the back zipper and opens it some.  He returns his keys, takes his cock out of his pants and pisses into his horse’s suit.  I feel the warmth of it as it runs over and down the rubber.  When he is done, he locks things back up again.

He mounts his horse again, hits the spurs hard, and walks me into the creek.  It is rocky and difficult to walk on my elbows and knees.  The water gets closer to my chin, and I feel it slowly soaking into the leather.  He turns me to head down the creek.  At times, it gets deep, and my head goes under the water as Boss’ boots and breeches get wet. 

“You know you will have to take care of these boots after the ride Equine.” He spurs me very hard, and I jump some. 

After a while, he leads me out of the creek and back onto land.  The leather is soaked, and things are cooler.  He turns us back to the homestead as the suit gets muddy.  I am getting weak from this ride, as it must have been a few hours already.

After another hour, we return to the barn, and he rides me in.  After dismounting, he looks at his boots and uniform.

“Fuck, you got me wet!” He strikes me with the riding crop a few times.  Attaching it to his belt, he removes the saddle.  He goes to one of the cabinets taking out some bondage gear.  He returns, kicking me so I fall, rolling over with my limbs in the air.

He stands over me, looking down at his horse.  Boss is so powerful in his uniform; he smiles and places his booted foot on my chest. He takes the gear and starts to work. Boss has customized the suit where he can add elements to it.  Straps are securely put on my limbs with metal rings that stand out at the end of my elbows and knees.  Of course, after strapping them very tightly, he locks them. 

He slides me across the barn floor below the winch.  Lowering it some, he takes four chains that fall from the winch. The chains have locks that connect them to the four rings. He then removes the horse hood replacing it with a full leather face muzzle with a ring on the top of the head. Taking another chain and locks, he attaches it to the top of the muzzle and tightly pulls it to the ring in the winch base.

He starts up the winch with his horse in a helpless bondage position, and I am slowly lifted from the floor.  I feel some of the water and piss move around in the suits that I am locked in.  Higher and higher, I go until I am suspended about 5 feet off the floor.

The winch stops, and Boss walks away, leaving me hanging. Occasionally, I can hear the boots of Boss on the floor, but I can’t really see him as my view is focused on the barn's ceiling.

I hear the whoosh before the bullwhip strikes my chest, knocking the wind out of me.  At first, he strikes his horse with the whip, pausing in between.  Even with the layers of rubber and leather, there is a sting and the whip bites. Then he increases the speed of the whipping of his helpless horse.  All over the body and ass, he whips.  Sometimes, I hear him grunt and chuckle as he whips me.


I am already tired from the ride, and now I am getting weak from the whip strikes that will leave me bruised and sore.  The hanging position is also getting painful, and I am totally at his mercy.  I wanted to serve and be owned by Boss, and today he is enjoying being the owner of his horse.

It seemed like forever, but the whipping stopped, and I could catch my breath.  I hear the barn door open, followed by it closing.

I can imagine the site of this leather-encased horse-like object hanging from the ceiling of a barn alone, suspended by its limbs, gagged and alone in pain.  No doubt Boss had a huge smile as he looked one last time before returning to the house.


signed ty dehner books


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