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the garage

After answering Sir’s ad on AOL, we started communicating through email. He was surprised by my interest in bondage and gear, thinking his friends were playing a joke on him. I enjoyed his honesty and was surprised by his offer to meet so quickly after just a couple days. Sir had just moved to Seattle from the East Coast, so he was meeting people in Seattle for the first time. I agreed to meet him on Friday afternoon after I was done with work. We were to meet at his new home; it would be empty since the movers weren’t arriving until Monday.  

Traffic to Sir’s new home was terrible that day; even so, I was a bit early. Pulling into the neighborhood, Sir informed me that his garage was across the street from his condo.

Parking on the curb, I exited my car and went to the front door. I knocked on the door. A woman answered the door and didn’t know who Sir was. Perhaps I was in the wrong place, but I was early, so I decided to wait in my car.  

Now I wondered if this was just a setup to toy with me. Sir did eventually show up in his green Saturn. Getting out of his car, he came to me as I exited my car, and Sir apologized for being late. I understood, considering the traffic I had encountered on my way over. I mentioned the woman at the front door, and he swore under his breath. He hoped the cleaning lady would have been done by the time I arrived. He went in to check on when they would complete their job.

Coming back to me, Sir suggested we run some errands he needed to complete, and then we’d return and have the house to ourselves. We spent an hour or more talking and getting to know one another better. I looked at him. He took care of himself, for he was very much in shape. I hoped that he could train me to look even half that good. He had a great crew cut; he was pleasant to talk to and had a wicked sense of humor.  

We returned to his place to find the cleaners had not left as promised. Sir was upset. He went into the house, then returned shortly with the remote to open the garage. I had waited in his car, so he pulled his Saturn into the open garage and parked. As I was getting out, the garage door shut. I wondered what was going to happen.  

He had me come around to the front of the car and pushed me onto the hood. He fondled my crotch, asking if I wanted to be his boy. I replied, “Yes, Sir!”  He took my left arm and turned it up in my back in a strong grip. He pushed me to the back corner of the garage. He started to twist and pinch my tits. He was not gentle in the least. It hurt, and I moaned, which he enjoyed. Right now, writing this, my tits are still sensitive.

Sir then had me grab his hands with mine. I was to push on them with all my might. I did, but it was not much use. I am out of shape right now, with little strength. I struggled with him quite a bit; he had me on my knees in the end. Sir asked if I knew why he had me try to push him.  

I didn’t.  

He told me that even though I would end up tied up, he didn’t need the rope to control me. My spine rippled with chills. This is the type of man that I want to dominate me. One that can make me struggle, one that gives me a challenge and that I challenge him.

He ordered me to work his crotch through his Dockers with my mouth. I could feel his hard dick inside the pants, just wanting to get loose. He took off his belt and strapped it around my neck. He asked me a few questions, with me looking up into his eyes. What was I thinking; how lucky I was.  
“How did you know to wear a jock?”

“By reading.”

“Reading what?”

“Reading Bound and Gagged.”

He lowered his pants, and my tongue was ordered to work his cock and balls through his underwear. By now, the light on the garage door opener had gone out, and all was dark, with light from the cracks around the door.  

Shortly, Sir lowered his underwear and let me lick on his balls. This was wonderful; it had been a while since I had had this privilege. Then he wanted to see what I could do with my mouth, and in went his dick. I worked his cock with my skills, focusing on his pleasure. I wanted him to know I was glad to serve him. He slammed his cock deep into my throat, and I worked it with my tongue and lips.

Sir pulled out. He pulled my face next to his stomach and asked if I remembered what he said in the car when we ran errands. I didn’t know what he meant.  

“I said I had to piss like a horse. “

Sir asked me what I enjoyed reading in Bound & Gagged. As I tried to remember my favorite stories (which was difficult cause I was in one myself right then), he took his dick, placing it inside my t-shirt, just below my neck.

I felt something, but just a hint of dampness. Sir asked if I enjoyed what he was doing, and I replied that I couldn’t feel anything.

Then Sir let loose; he was pissing on me, down my chest. Now I could smell his piss as it was running down my body and into my jock, puddling on the floor. It was a warm and submissive feeling. This was new, and I would end up wearing Sir home with me.

I felt like I never had, totally submissive, he was in control, and I was his. I wondered how to leave the garage with my now soaking-wet shirt. But he wasn’t done with me. After finishing his piss, he inserted his hardening dick back in my mouth. I worked it again, only better. He was getting hard, and I could tell he was pleased with my skill.

Sir then stopped and ordered me on the hood of the car. He was sorry he didn’t have more time, for he would love to fuck me for two hours. Sir said that that time would come, but not today.  

As I lay on the hood, Sir pulled a rubber on his cock and tried working his dick into my ass. The car was too high. He ordered me to the cement floor. On my knees, hands out above me, his grip pushed on the back of my head to lower it to the piss puddle on the garage floor, putting my ass high.

Sir ordered me not to scream or make a noise for someone may hear outside. I was to take his fucking me like a man. I wanted to do so, for I am his man.   

Entering me, I had never felt this much power in my ass. Sir was dominant, and I was in his control. As he was getting into fucking me, Sir leaned onto my back as I was supporting his weight. My knees were grinding into the dirt and cement. I wasn’t in any real pain; I enjoyed the feeling of him in me.  

Sir was fucking me and must have enjoyed his silent boy on the cement floor.   After a bit, I could tell he had reached his climax as his breathing increased, and he gave a muted moan of pleasure as his seed filled the condom.  

Sir rested on my back for a moment, then slowly removed his manhood, rubbing his hand on my shirt.

As I stood and he dressed, he joked that perhaps the neighbors had heard, or what if one had an opener to his garage. What a way to startle his new neighbors!

Sir told me to get dressed.

As the garage door opened, Sir pulled me close to him and ordered me to come up with a safe word before our next visit.  

That next visit would be at his place Monday morning at 7:30. I will be there early and await his next order.



signed ty dehner books


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