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santa's gift

this story originally appeared in ropedweb ezine

The holiday season was approaching quickly.  Jack was feeling the pressure of the holiday gift buying dilemma.  He knew that time was running out, but just what do you get your family that has everything in life already?  The city was filled with shoppers, occasionally Jack would notice one of the cute guys.  He loved this time of the year, for guys were boots and jeans.  Of course, Jack didn’t look half bad in his full motorcycle leathers.  The day had been dry and almost a bit balmy for December.  So Jack slid in to his leathers, put on his helmet and headed to the city on his Harley.  Christmas was tomorrow, and Jack hadn’t gotten anything purchased yet.  He was seriously thinking that a check for each person his list might not be such a bad thing.  

After downing a warm cup of espresso, Jack admitted defeat and headed back to the parking garage that held his bike.  He almost was feeling relief that this shopping thing was over.  But there was something he was missing.  Something that he wanted for Christmas.  As he walked he though about how he would love to be with a Man, a Man that loved leather like him.  A Man that loved to tie Jack up and use him.  A Man that would love Jack as Jack would love him back.  That is what he’d like to find tomorrow morning, Christmas Day.  

As Jack stepped into the crosswalk, the bell ringing Santa noticed this man in black leather.  As he continued to ring his bell, he smiled.

Signing the last of the 8 checks, Jack yawn.  It was nearly Christmas, and he sighed at that prospect of waking in the morning alone on Christmas.  He turned out the tree lights, taking in the pine scent of the fresh tree.  Heading to his room, he pulled down the covers, taking off all this clothing.  His leathers from earlier where on the foot of the bed, his helmet laid night stand.  He climbed into bed in his white briefs.  Jack was tired as the light went out, for his long nights sleep to Christmas.

The electric clock read two something in the morning.  Jack’s house was dark, but very quiet.  There was a sound of small steps on the roof, followed by some light giggling.  Jack stirred a bit, but didn’t wake.  The door to his bedroom began to open.  Around it peaked a head of a small man, almost elf like.  Above him, peeked another.  The one on top pointed to Jack laying in the bed.  They looked at each other and nodded.  They snuck around the bed and climbed up on it.  They both carried pouches with them.  One began to pull Jack’s arm up towards his head.  He reached into his pouch and pulled out gold rope.  The elf worked it around Jack’s wrists snuggly, after he move the had to the headboard and secured it tightly.  The other elf did the same with Jack’s other hand.  One stopped and checked out Jack’s face, giving a thumbs up to his partner elf.  


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They climbed under the sheets and blanket, moving down off Jack’s body.  Eventually, they worked it off him and used more of the gold rope to secure his legs to the footboard of the bed.  One of the elves returned to Jack’s head, taking a large piece of red tape our of his bag, then a green sock.  He quickly shoved it in the mouth and taped it shut.  This stirred Jack and he struggled in his bondage.  He woke slowly, opening his eyes to see a figure standing over him.  He closed his eyes, the woke again realizing his captive state.  He screamed into the gag, only to have a leather gloved hand stoke his face.  

It was then that Jack could make out the person standing over him.  It was Santa, or at least someone that looked pretty much like him.  There was the beard, but he was wearing a leather cap.  His hands were covered in leather, and it looked like he had on a black leather biker jacket.  Santa stroked his captive’s face, up and down.  At times holding his nose to stop his breathing.  Jack would struggle in the bondage.  The leathered hand worked it’s way down Jack’s body.  At time tickling, Jack wanted to get release, but his cock was growing. Giving away his secret to Santa.  Toying with Jack’s cock, Santa squeezed it tightly.  Jack arched his back, then Santa dropped and grabbed Jack’s ball’s squeezing again.  This time causing Jack to moan in the gag.  

Jack couldn’t believe this, how did he get this way and who the fuck was this guy?  Santa left for a moment.  The one elf came and dug is booted feet into Jack’s tits., the elf grinned so Jack could see him.  Jack swore into the gag. The other elf came and took both his hands clothing Jack’s nose.  Jack struggled, as the other elf started kicking Jack’s exposed balls.  Squirming for breath and to stay away from the pain of the kicks, Jack yelled into the gag.  The elf let go as Santa returned.

Santa reached into the bag he brought, pulling out a pair of nasty tit clamps.  He dangled them in front of Jack, who shook his head “no”.  Jack was into the bondage, not the pain.  Santa patted his chest and installed the clamps.  Jack yelled into the gag, as Santa pulled on the chain that held the clamps.  He smiled at the helpless body on the bed.  He brought out more gold rope and tightly tied Jack’s balls and cock until his cock turned blue.  He stretched his balls to the footboard.  Then Santa reached into his bag pulling out a red candle.  He lit it, as if by magic, and let it melt a bit.  Slowly he turned it and dropped it on Jack’s chest.  Jack leaped as the hot wax touched him over and over.  

Santa set the candle down, picking up the helmet that Jack left on the nightstand.  He took it putting it on Jack’s head.  Then Santa pulled out some tape and began wrapping the helmet, over and over, sealing the helmet and Jack’s sight.  Picking up the candle again, he began dripping wax more and more, covering the tit clamps making them part of jack’s body.  He covered his chest.  

He sat the candle down again.  Pulling out his shaving kit, he lathered up Jack’s crotch and shaved his cock and ball clean.  Jack was now naked in his crotch.  The candle was returned along with another.  Santa now didn’t just drip, but poured the hot wax over Jack’s hard cock and balls.  He was coating it with layer after layer of wax.  it wasn’t easy thought, cause Jack was struggling in pain as the heated wax cased his tender skin.  The gold ropes were holding extremely well and Jack’s cries were now muffled by the helmet.

Santa was enjoying his work.  He climbed upon the bed, straddling his captive.  Taking the helmet, he removed it from Jack’s head.  Santa pulled own his pants revealing his cock and ass.  He moved up on Jack’s chest, taking the tape that held the gag in in his hand.  He ripped it off and pulled out the sock, quickly replacing it with his dick.  Jack didn’t get a chance to even moan as Santa’s dick filled his mouth.  

Jack looked up to see this old bearded man face fucking him on Christmas Eve.  If his dick could, it would’ve gotten harder.  Santa was a rough fucker, slamming his dick in and out of Jack’s mouth.  At times, Jack’s wax covered dick would hit Santa’s leather jacket.  Jack was squirming as he was reminded of the tit clamps digging into this chest as Santa sat on them.  Over and over, Santa fucked Jack’s face.  Jack choked at times, other times got a taste of the pre-cum.  Then Santa was getting close to the edge, he started reaching behind him and hitting Jacks waxed balls and dick.  Jack was struggling, he wanted escape, this was pain now.  But Santa was in control, he fucked deep down Jack’s throat.  Jack struggled, arching his back as best as he could, his hands struggling to reach his dick to give release.  He wanted to cum but couldn’t make it happen.  But Santa made sure Santa came.  His other hand closed around Jack’s nose, cutting off his breathing.  His dick and balls being swatted, he couldn’t breather, a dick filling his mouth, moan begging for mercy, Jack couldn’t handle all this, and Santa loved it.  He slammed three more times and then laughed deeply as his load shot right into Jack’s throat.  Over and over it shot, as Jack struggled to catch his breath as Santa released his nose.

Slowly, Santa pulled out, as Jack cleaned his dick.  Santa bent down and kissed Jack, deeply with love and appreciation for what he just gave Santa.  Santa looked Jack deep into the eyes, “Son, you have given me my gift this evening.  Now i am going to give you yours.”

With that Santa stands, pulling up his pants.  He re-gags Jack with more tape.  He takes a leather hood from his bag and slides it over Jacks’ head.  Then the helmet is returned and strapped on.  Santa reaches down and unties Jack’s feet, then binds them together at the ankle and above the knees.  He unties Jack’s hands, slipping them into red stocking like those that hang by the chimney.  Santa takes tape and wraps Jack’s hands securely.  

He stands the sightless Jack up and takes more tape and wraps the hands to Jack’s waste.  Then Santa takes red plastic wrap and begins wrapping this boy up.  From head to toe he covers him over and over in plastic wrap.  He takes the wrap and secures it to the helmet, poking a few holes for air in the neck.  Then Santa takes some white tape and criss-crosses crosses the package over and over.  He rips over the wax covered cock and balls, pulling them out.  He takes red ribbon and ties a big bow around them.  Totally helpless, Santa pushes Jack onto the bed.  Taking his leave, several other elves come into the room, and help carry Jack out.

Secured in the sleight, Jack imagine the site of the city below him.  Only his mind wonders when he will be set free.  The tits have long since gone numb and his cock and balls feel weighted, but his cock has never gotten soft.  Or could it secured the way it is.  The helmet feels heavy on his head and he sweats into the leather.  His entire body is sweating into the plastic.  

Jack site is returned as Santa cuts away two small areas above his eyes on the helmet shield.  Behind Santa, above him is the lights of a tree.  Jack is on the floor below a tree.  

“Son, i heard your wish as you walked by today in the city.  I always strive to make everyone happy on Christmas.  You are a give to someone that has searched to own something like you.  My gift to you is for you to be owned by him.”

With that, Santa walked away.  Totally helpless, Jack tries to look around and scream for release.  But nothing comes. He struggles, but there is no way out.  He now has to piss something awful.  But his thoughts return to what Santa said.  “..someone that has searched to own something like you”.  What does Christmas morning have waiting for me, Jack wonders.  He struggles more, but knows, he is getting his gift.  A gift he’s wished for his entire life.


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