rubber meets the road

an excerpt  |  full story available on metalbondnyc

i woke to find Tony getting into his jeans and boots. i was still in the rubber suit. He smiled at me as he saw i was awake. "Howdy boy", he said, as he slapped my ass. i sat up, needing to piss something wicked. He asks me if i need to, and i shake my hood covered head quickly, up and down. "Good.", is all that he says.

"Sir, may i please piss?" i start to plead.

He tells me that i can piss in a little while, we are going out to get something to eat. i don’t believe i can hold it, but have no choice. i’m afraid that since he told me to hold it, i better not let it go in my rubber.

He digs in a small closet and hands me a pair of black jeans. As i take them, i reach to undo the rubber i am wearing. Tony hits me, tell me that i am keeping the rubber on. Fuck, i have been in this rubber for over 24 hours now. i put on the jeans, followed by a long sleeve heavy flannel shirt that i tuck in. He hands me a heavy pair of work boots that I lace up. Finally he lets me remove the hood, and my sweat covered head enjoys the air drying it. He heads to the door and i follow. As i get out of the truck, i realize that my hands are still covered in rubber, since it is connected to the suit. i ask Tony if i can have some gloves, he just smiles and starts walking.

We walk about a mile, and i wonder what people think of me with rubber hands. Tony is devilish because it must be around 100 out in Redding this day. i am sweating again, as i have done over and over. But i am looking forward to eating. And just to remind me that Tony still has control, he shocks me with the plug still in my ass.

We sit and order, as the waiter and hostess both look at me funny. After the order is given, Sir gives me a huge shock and tells me i can go to the bathroom. But i am not to remove the butt plug. Thankfully, i don’t have to shit. In the stall, i take down my pants and work the rubber sheath off my dick and balls. i’ve been holding my piss for a while, so it is slow in coming. Just as i am close to finally releasing, Tony shocks my ass big time. i clench and stop the piss. Fuck! i really need to go! He shocks me over and over, holding it long and longer. Finally after a struggle with muscles, i started to evacuate piss, even with the shocking. It felt wonderful and my dick was getting hard, making it hard to piss.

After a good twenty minutes, i finally was dry and suited back up and returned to Tony. He had a huge grin on his face. "Everything go ok?" he said and i just smiled back at him. The food, water and juice tasted better than ever! And being in the air conditioned diner was welcomed also! At times it was difficult eating with the gloves on my hands, but i did pretty well. i wondered if others could smell the rubber i was wearing, after it had been so warmed by my body for so long.

Tony picked up the tab, and we headed back for the long hot walk to the rig. After climbing in, He ordered me to remove everything, clothing, rubber and butt plug. I was to put on the hood that he handed me. i went in the camper and did so. When i took that plug out, my ass felt vacant. Tony then had me lick the inside of the rubber i was wearing and hang it up to dry out. While i was undressing, he had started up and headed out. When i was done and hooded, i returned to Tony, naked. He pointed at his boots and i went down on them, cleaning them as he drove on the highway. i don’t know how many miles passed, but i licked them until they reflected the gas pedal.

He grabbed the collar on the hood and pulled me to his crotch. i fished his dick out and thinking i was going to suck him off. Wrong was i, as i took his dick in my mouth and he started to piss. After drinking his piss, he had me lay down on the passenger side floor, as small as it was. He told me to take my dick and start stroking it, over and over. Slowly, but i wasn’t allowed to cum. He i was naked, hooded in rubber on the floor bed of a semi, with my Trucker Master driving down the highway at 75. He’d take drinks of water, but never allow me to have any. All the time, i was stroking. How i wanted to shoot, but feared what might happen if i did. He would order me back to take another of his pisses, then times i would get to suck for a while longer. i would remember back to us laying together in our rubber, hugging, holding each other. Then it was back to stroking myself, he kept me on the edge for hundreds of miles. i hadn’t shot since i left home and heaven knows where i was.

The road got rough, but i didn’t know why, for i never left the floor of the cab. Eventually, he parked, turned off the engine and went to the back. He returned with leather wrist restrains, putting them on me, then hooking them together in front of my torso. He climbed out his door, dragging me behind him. Pushing me to the desert floor, he took a chain and connected it to the restraints. That chain was secured to the mirror post, pulling my hands above me. As the warm sun baked my naked skin, Tony let loose with more piss. As he covered me, i thought that i had never known someone to piss as much as he. Then he grabs his water and poured it over me. Turning me over, i rolled in the new mud as he watered my back side. He let me lay there a while as he climbed up into the cab. He returned with the rubber suit, the one i’ve worn most of my time.

Tony released me and i immediately suited back up. He put a waist belt on me that secured my hands to my side. Then a huge gag went into my mouth, followed by a blindfold. He helped me back into the cab and sat me in the passenger seat. He started the truck again and we went down the desert road. After a little distance, we stopped. The engine was turned off, and i was drug out of the cab. i would feel the pavement through the rubber on my feet so i knew we were on a road. But where and was anyone watching us?

Tony instructed me to lift a leg and proceeded to put me into a harness. Then he unzipped the ass area of the rubber suit and inserted a new butt plug, just a little bit larger. He led me a short distance and had me stand on a stool. He fiddled with something that was connected to the butt plug, which i knew had to be electrified. i couldn’t figure what was happening for when i lost my sight we were in the desert. He pushed me against a firm surface. Working with the harness, i would feel it tug against my chest and body. My hands were secured at my waist, as i heard chains rattling. The stool was removed and i found myself suspended off the ground. My legs were pulled back behind me and secured to something that was under me, or behind me. This entire time Tony had been silent. Then he reached up and removed my blindfold. As my eyes adjusted to the bright sunlight, i couldn’t believe what i saw. It was an open desert highway, flat, nothing on it for miles. We were alone. Out of the corner of my eye i watched as Tony left. i turned my head to see the grill of the semi behind me.

Then i realized it, i was secured to the front of Tony’s truck. i looked down, i was off the pavement, my feet secured under the bumper. Then the engine started up. Fuck! He was going to drive with me on his front end! i screamed into the gag, struggling to get free, but there was no way. With a jerk, the truck lurked forward. i was hoping that he would go slow.

As we moved, i started to get hard. Here i was, a rubber hood ornament for this trucker. The breeze started to fill the eye holes on my hood. Then there was a shock. Not totally unexpected. Then another, in a pattern. But i realized that as Tony sped up, the shocks were occurring at shorter intervals. And speed up he did, there was no slow, soon is was going pretty fast, then faster, and then i swear he had to be doing 60 or more. i didn’t dare look down at the pavement rushing under me. Over and over my ass was getting shocked and my back arching my dick into the wind. i was getting hard and wanting to shoot my load. As i was getting close, i caught something in the distance. As we raced for it and i got closer to cumming, i made out another truck heading toward us!

What will he think of me tied to the front? Unbelievably this thought made me harder than before. The heat waves dissipated as we drew closer, i began to fear that we were on a head on course to collide! Tony wasn’t slowing down and that other truck was on the center line, just like Tony. They had to see each other. The shocking increased fast and faster, i was so fucking close. My hands struggled to break free and stroke my rubber covered dick. The truck was very much in site now, i could see the driver in the windshield. Fuck Tony slow down. Fast with the pace of the electro, that it almost seemed not to stop. But the power was increasing. i was thrusting my secured hips as forward as i could, this was it i was going to be crushed by a truck grill! We were so close, the power so strong, that i could stop my muscles from expanding. Then Tony slammed on the brakes, i was thrown forward in the restrains and i felt my dick bursting with cum filling that damn rubber sheath. We were sliding towards the other truck, who had put on his brakes at the same time. Over and over my dick pulsed, as the plug in my ass followed. Then with a jerk, the shocking stopped and the truck came to a halt, inches from the front of the other grill.

i was spent, as the trucks idled. i could feel the heat from the metal of the chrome facing me. Tony appeared at my side, as did the other trucker. The other guy was amazed to see me, telling Tony he would’ve never believed it if he hadn’t seen it. They returned to their trucks and drove them off the road into the desert. Well off the highway, they stopped. Tony came and released me, blindfolding me again. He was silent, as he laid me down. Restraints were added to my wrists and ankles and i was spread out and they were attached to stakes. Tony removed the gag and blindfold, putting on a gas mask with painted eye covered over. He walked away leaving me to bake in the sun. And i could feel the heat burning the black rubber. The cum over my dick slid down into my crotch and down my ass crack.

i’m not sure how long i laid out in the sun, but it was a long time. Eventually, Tony came and whispered in my ear. "boy, you’re going home now, but not with me. My buddy here is heading back up to Seattle. But he can’t take you in his cab, he has another way for you to travel."

With that, i am released and helped up. Through the mask i beg for liquid. Tony lifts the mask and gives me lots of cold ice water. It tastes so good going down. i get to see his face for the last time. We smile and he gives me a huge kiss and hug. i don’t want to leave him, but feel i have no choice.