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more with jonas - part one

"Your fucking life is over gimp. You'll never see the outside world again." Jonas had an evil grin on his face as he enjoyed telling me that I would be his captive forever.


I was trapped, speechless because of the inflated gag. My head was encased in heavy leather with a padded hood and muzzle.  The rubber drysuit he had put me in a few days ago was filled with sweat and piss.  My ass was sore with the plug he sat me on a day ago.  After he informed me of my new state as his gimp I struggled against the restraints and box he had locked me in.  I tried screaming into the gag but there was no use to the effort.  As I struggled it caused a sharp pain in my ass and I stopped my struggle.



I woke from my slumber realizing that I was still in the state Jonas had left me in after our time at the bar.  My neck was stiff from being held up and unable to move for the hours I'd been locked in the box.  I laughed at myself for the wild dream I had where I was going to be Jonas's gimp boy.  He had never even talked like that.  But no doubt some of the piss I drank earlier was laced with beer, so my mind was in a different state.


My body was stiff and unable to move, and I felt that plug in my ass.  I was getting thirsty as I could feel the drool dripping from the inflated gag. At times through the night I thought I heard things but could never be sure as I was blinded with my head encased in leather.  Heck, Jonas could be standing right in front of me laughing and I wouldn't know and probably never hear him. Alone, I'm truly alone.


Of course, I have no idea of the time, but I am made aware as I feel a hand stroking my leathered head.  I stop breathing to see if I can hear Jonas speak, but I hear nothing. Just the gentle stroking on my head that is trapped in the opening of the box.  I moan a bit as I enjoy the feeling of human touch and there is a little patting on my cheek.  It stopped as quickly as it started, and I moaned again, fearing I would be left alone.


Through the hood I could hear some sounds and it felt like the box was being opened.  I felt the board under my chin move away and dropped my head forward.  It felt so good to be able to use my neck muscles.  The portion on the back of my neck was removed and I was hopeful the hood was next.  But it was not to be, as they started to release the restraints that held my hands, arms, and body in place.  For the first time I was able to lift myself and oh fuck did I feel that plug as I slowly tried to move off it.  A pair of hands pushed me back down on it and I learned I couldn't get off it.  They removed the muzzle that was locked on over the hood and the pressure was released on my chin and lower face.  I still couldn't speak or see, but I had hope.  A pair of hands held my hands and slowly pulled and lifted me.  The plug in my ass started to slide out and there was a faint pop as it came out of my ass. I moaned loudly as the release was pleasure but painful.  My ass felt empty. The ass of the suit was zipped shut so nothing would leak out. Whoever controlled me pulled me forward and I stumbled a bit as my legs regained their feeling and strength.


Moving me forward I must have been walked around the room.  I was led to a small platform that wasn't solid but firm enough to step onto.  I stayed focused on what my captors were doing to me, but I tried to figure out what I was standing on.  I faintly heard chains being adjusted and some movement on the sides of my neck with the collar that was part of the deprivation hood.  Heavy iron shackles were locked on my wrists but didn't seem connected to anything so I could move my hands in front of me.  I felt some tapping on my ass and soon the surface beneath me was moving and I figured out I was on a treadmill.  It was very slow so I could keep up, but I panicked a bit with the inflatable gag in my mouth.  I could not keep up my breathing if the exercise got vigorous.  I could point at it with my shackled hand, but it was being ignored so far.  The pace increased as did the incline. 


I was feeling the sweat and piss filling my suit and was now pooling around my feet and legs sloshing around and quickly walking.  Breathing through my nose and the holes in the hood was difficult.  But still the pace continued to increase. As I struggled to keep up, I could feel pressure on my neck, realizing that chains were attached to keep me in place so I wouldn't fall. 

The faster and faster it got and the harder it was for me as the liquid in the suit made my feet and legs heavier and the irons on my wrists got heavier as I moved.  I had gone from hours of solitary confinement to an active heavy cardio workout.  I was feeling lightheaded and tried reaching for the tube at the end of the inflatable gag but couldn't find it.  My hand was slapped down and then I felt the gag deflate and be removed.  Fresh air filled my lungs.  Sure, it was through a grommet hole in the hood but at least it was more than I was getting.


As I worked out, I added to the sweat I was in. It was now nearly my crotch, and I could feel it on my ball sack a few times as it splashed.  My cock was still locked, moving around as I was now in a jog and the incline was making my legs burn.  I was so glad the plug had been removed as it would've been hell to run like this with that up my ass.  The suit was sweaty as hell and so was my head in the heavy leather.  My arms could feel the weight of the steel on my wrists and the I could hear the chain that connected them. Sometimes I could feel it on my stomach as I was running. 


Then they just went for it all and rushed the speed up to where I was running in place very fast. They had lowered the incline, but I was running faster than ever, wearing a full heavy dry suit, hooded with irons on my wrists.  I was breathing super heavily and I sure hoped it would end soon.  And suddenly it did.  They slowed it down quickly and I worked to catch my breath. I went to bend down but couldn't, so I held on to the treadmill bars as I had been through an extreme workout. 


As I worked to catch my breath, they pulled a plastic bag over my head and I reached to pull it off and then they held me in place. There were two of them and I was yelling to be released, to breathe.  It was pure torture.  They pulled the plastic off and I got fresh air, then they put it back on again.  The one in front was grabbing and squeezing my balls through the rubber of the suit as I struggled with my breathing.  They pulled it off again and I took in all I could as I knew they would cut it off.  Fuck if my dick wasn't getting hard and pressing on the steel it was locked in.  Again, the bag went down and I was screaming for air.  My heart was racing, and sweat was pouring out of my body and head. 


They just let go of me and I struggled to get the bag off which I did.  I could hear them laughing as I finally caught my breath and calmed down.  They released the chains on my neck and took me off the belt, leading me to a bed where they pushed me on and fell across it.  The liquids in my suit washed over me as I enjoyed the softness of the mattress on my back.


"Thank you, Sir." I was able to get out and I felt a pair of lips on the grommet hold.


I was left to rest and cool down. 


While I could catch my breath, the cool down wasn't that drastic as I was still in full gear trapping all the sweat.  I felt someone lying beside me and I heard Jonas's voice.


"Boy, you have done really well. I'm sure you are surprised how long I've kept you in that suit."


I nodded in the affirmative.


"I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of watching you.  You know I'm not a Dom, but you have made my dick drip for hours on end.  I might have to think about keeping you as my gimp boy in the future.  That is something we can talk about later."


Jonas put his arm around my chest and partially rolled upon me, squeezing me. His other hand wrapped around my head, and he kissed me through the hood.


"Holding you in my arms, I can see you are an object, trapped in your own sweat and piss, blind to the world."

I feel his crotch on my side as he gently humps my rubbered body. I lifted my shackled hands and he gently pushed them back down. 


"No, no, don't move gimp."


His hands started to just run over the smooth rubber of my body.  As he touched and held my cock started to grow but was hindered by the steel it was locked in.  I moaned a bit.


"Yeah, I bet it sucks being locked in that device.  But you must remember you are a fucking gimp and don't get such pleasures."


He kissed me again and hugged me.  Slowly he made his way to laying upon me and I could take hold of him. He didn't stop me this time and I rubbed his arms. The rubber slid smoothly, and I was sure he was still in his cop uniform.  I felt the top of his duty belt as he rubbed his hands over my hooded head.  He continued kissing me, sometimes sticking his tongue into the grommet hole and I met it with my tongue.  I wanted to do more, but I was trapped in the hood and there was no way out until Jonas let me out.


Time passed and I was so relaxed as Jonas just worshiped his gimp.  Nothing intense, other than the gear I was locked in.  Nothing was said, as he just enjoyed his gimp.  After a while he rolled off and cuddled me and I heard him snore a little.  Laying in heavy iron shackles and rubber, I followed his lead and nodded off.


A few hours passed as Jonas and I just rested; he always kept his touch on me.  He sometimes tapped my balls through the rubber to remind me he was around.  But he mostly just let me sleep. I was stewing in piss and sweat but I was able to catch some downtime.


Jonas eventually got up, instructing me to stay on the bed.  When he returned, he said he was going to feed me.  I admit I was extremely hungry and ready to eat.   Setting me up on the edge of the bed a straw was inserted into the grommet hole of the hood and I sucked in.  It was a chocolate protein shake that I took down quickly. Between the cold and taste it filled my mouth with flavor.  Being so hungry I felt cool in my stomach.  Next I was allowed some water and another protein shake. 


After feeding time I was led to a chair with a padded seat and restraints were locked that kept me secured in the seat.


"Rest up, more fun comes later, gimp." With that Jonas tapped me on the side of my head and left me alone to stew further in my silent world.


A few hours went by and I heard some commotion around me. I would stop my breathing from hearing through the hood but I couldn't tell what was going on.  Soon, the restraints were removed, and I was helped to my feet.  I was led a short distance and then placed on a padded table.  All the liquid in my suit ran over my body and pooled under my back and ass.  Someone took my hands and arms placing them on my side then roped them securely to the table.  I was surprised when another set of hands started lacing my torso into place on the table.  I was laced snuggly, unable to move my arms and upper body.  Hands then started opening the zipper at my crotch and pulling out the steel that contained my cock and balls.  They rubbed them some making me struggle in bondage.  I could hear them chucking as they caused me to squirm.


Slowly they worked the cage off me and for the first time in a long while my cock jumped to attention and I enjoyed the cool air as it got harder.  Whoever removed the cage then started wrapping some rope around the base of my balls, extending them.  Then the gloved hands left that part of me alone.  Another set of hands started to release the leather hood I had been wearing for hours.  A voice that was not Jonas instructed me to not speak or open my eyes when the hood was removed.  As it was peeled from my sweat-soaked head, I followed the instructions. I did feel the cool air strike the sweat on my face and head and it felt wonderful. Also, the pressure of the hood was removed.  A gloved hand touched my lips and had me open my mouth. A wet cloth wad was pushed in and eventually I could tell it was soaked in piss.  Then plastic wrap was put around my head. Then there was the unmistakable sound of duct tape and soon my head was wrapped snuggly.  I moaned, especially when adding layers and layers of tape over my mouth and eyes.  The rubber hood of the dry suit was now under the wrap and tape and I must have been a faceless object with only a little space for my nose.  They then put a leather muzzle over my head that allowed them to strap down my head completely to the table I was laying on.


After that, my legs were lifted, and all the liquid came rushing over my body pooling around my shoulders.  Some even went as far as the rubber hood attached to the suit and I could feel it on the back of my shaved head.  They worked the zip lower and kept my ass high so no liquids would leak out.  Soon a cold, goopy plug was being slid into my waiting hole.  They took their time and pulled it in and out, time and time again to get my hole used to the size of this object.  They slowly lowered my legs when they finished, zipping the suit up.  I could feel some wires and realized that I would do more than have the plug in my ass. After they had settled me back down, someone started roping my legs down to the table.  Once they were done, I was not able to move.  They had zipped the crotch of the suit up to a point where it wouldn't leak I felt the piss and sweat move back over me when my legs were returned to the table.

Then I noticed no one was touching me. I didn't know how many guys were watching me now, but I knew there were at least two.  Slowly the frequency was turned up on the plug in my ass and it started to make my cock grow.  Some lube was put on my dick and a rubber-gloved hand stroked it before a metal sounds utensil was inserted into my urethra and slowly filled the hole.  I moaned into the piss-soaked gag filling my mouth under the tightness of the duct tape that encased my head. Another set of hands started just touching me, sliding their gloved hands up and down my secured body.  Everything was very erotic, not painful. They were going after all my senses.


It wasn't overhead, but I was struggling in the secure bondage they had me in on the table. I could struggle and feel that bondage was part of the turn-on of me being used by these guys.  No one said a word, they just took their time touching me, letting the plug in my ass excite my ass and slide that sounds up and down to make the interior of my cock feel the pleasure.  I was getting fucking hard and that metal in my cock was amazing. I found myself humping the rod as one of them started using his leather gloves on my head and rubbing around.  He would get close to my nose's only opening, and I could feel that leather.  Then he moved closer, covering my breathing and taking in the pure leather smell.


Feelings were going on all over my body.  I could only imagine Jonas was still in his cop gear and what Max was wearing.  I was tied down to the table in a liquid-filled dry suit, head tapped and taking in one of their gloves as the others used all my senses to remind me where I am and how helpless I was.  I kept humping and getting more excited and getting to the edge to shoot my load.  But I wasn't there yet.  I was taking in all the feelings on my body when suddenly the gloved hand clamped down on my nose and I couldn't breathe any longer.  The electro of the plug was turned up and I was trying to break free of the bondage because the pain and the hand on my cock let the metal sound slowly enter my cock as they started to jack my dick.  Fuck I struggled as my cock was getting hard, my breathing was getting desperate and the pain in my ass was setting it on fire.  I would burst and shoot that metal rod out of my cock. But suddenly it all stopped, and I could breathe again, the rod was pulled out quickly and the electro stopped.  Fuck, the rhythm was broken, and my orgasm was broken, and I screamed into the soaked gag that was stuffed in my mouth.  I struggled to reach my cock but of course couldn't.  I heard them laugh and they slapped my torso and one ever slapped my cock as it started to deflate in defeat.  I screamed in the gag again asking to be allowed to shoot, but it came out a jumbled mess of noise.


I slowed down my struggling realizing that it wouldn't happen, and I was making myself heat up in this suit and secure in.  My breathing slowed and I tried to hear anything but there was only silence.  I wasn't sure but I think they had left the room, leaving me alone.  I was so pissed as that was an amazing sensation, I was going through but didn't get to shoot.  I struggled a bit in the bondage, but it really was helpless.  Even the tape on my head felt tight and made me sweat in the plastic under the tape. I felt a hand on my cheek.


"You were amazing, gimp. My friend and I truly loved the show.  Rest now, we'll be starting the second act soon."


I felt his lips on my tape-covered lips.


"The next one will be even more intense, so don't go anywhere."


He kissed me again and left me bound to the table, encased in rubber, sightless and speechless, ass filled with my cock exposed to the air.   


signed ty dehner books


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