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more with jonas - part two

I was exhausted and fell asleep bound to the table.  I don't know how long I slept but Jonas woke me up with a slap to my relaxed cock.  

"Time to wake up and prepare for your next round gimp."

He started working on the rope and slowly released each part of my body.  Once I was free, he helped me sit up and turn to let my legs hang off the table's edge.

"Now we are going to really change things up for you.  I am going to remove everything you are wearing, everything. I want you fully exposed for this next round. So, you will not speak even though your mouth will be empty, and you will keep your eyes closed when the hood is removed.  I will let you know when you can look at me.  If you understand, nod your head two times."

I do so and am relieved I will get out of this rubber suit.

Jonas is in no hurry as he works to remove the duct tape on my head.  As it reveals more and more of my skin, I feel the cool air drying the sweat.  He then took out the cloth and I was ungagged for the first time in a long while. But I didn't speak.  Keeping my eyes closed, I felt his gloved hand stroke my face and head.  At one point I leaned into his hand and gently kissed his glove. He patted my cheek.  He started working on the suit.  As he unzipped it, I could feel the liquids move around my ass and into the legs.  He had to tug on the suit because it stuck to my skin.  But slowly he was able to remove it.  He had me stand so the liquids would pool around my feet and legs.  It was settling well above my knees.  He instructed me to hold on to the suit so it wouldn't fall and lose the liquids.  I stepped out and slipped a little on the concrete floor.  He told me to stand still, took the suit away, and the cool air surrounded my soaked body.  I felt some liquid drip from my balls and fingertips, but I didn't move or open my eyes.  I heard his boots as he returned and started drying me with a towel.  He was not gentle and dried me with vigor.  He was very rough with my cock and balls.  He took the towel and worked the plug out of my ass. I stood before him with my eyes closed, keeping my mouth shut, naked before him.

It was cool as my naked skin adjusted to the air around me.  Part of me wanted to stroke my cock, but I didn't dare. I wanted to see where I was but didn't open my eyes. I waited for Jonas to take me to the next step.

I could hear clearly now, and I heard his boots approach me.  My skin was very sensitive, and I felt his presence before me.  He was close and I could feel the heat of his uniform.  He lifted my hand with his gloved hand and put it on his crotch. He wasn't wearing his cloth uniform that he was when we started last night. It was leather and I couldn't help but think of him in a full leather cop uniform. I let out a faint moan and thought of it and my cock jumped a little. I felt the leather and then touched around to find his hard cock inside it.

"Squeeze it, boy."

And I did. I started to fondle his cock through his leathers. I think he got even harder.  He stepped closer to me and I felt him gently press his leathered body against my naked self.  

"You can touch me all you want, boy."

That was all the encouragement I needed as I took my hands and touched him.  He was in a full leather uniform. Long sleeves, duty belt with all the weapons and tools a cop need. I felt his body and his shoulders moving to his face.  But he grabbed my hands and kept them on his body.  I reached around and felt the tight leather on his ass and by the seams I could tell he was wearing breeches.  That made me wonder if he was in Dehners also.  So, I took a chance and felt lower and lower on his legs where I did feel the leather of his breeches go into the tops of his boots.  Oh, how I wanted to see this all but I kept my eyes closed and didn't dare look.  His hand came upon my head and gently pushed it downward.  This caused me to move to my knees and lay on the cold concrete floor. I was reaching out to find his boots when one moved right under my face and I started to lick the cool leather of his boot.

"Good boy."

The other boot came up and settled on my neck as I cleaned his boot. I was certain his boots were clean, but he would enjoy a naked bootlicker worshiping his boots.  After a few more licks he stepped back and started moving away from where I was.  I started crawling on the floor, naked, sightless, feeling for his boots.  I would find one, then he would move it so I would keep crawling.  As I crawled on the floor my cock slid across the concrete and started to get hard.  I found the boots again but this time as I held the boot, I could hear the creak of a chair and knew he was sitting down.  He let me lick the boot more, making it slick from my tongue.  He lifted his boot under my chin and motioned for me to stand up.  I did so awkwardly with no sight.  I got to my feet and hoped that I was looking at him.  I put out my hands to see if I was, but Jonas slapped them so I put them to my side.

"You stand before me naked and exposed, just like a slave like you should be.  You now know I am in full leather uniform, making me extremely powerful to a slave like you.  My friend Max let me put this on for you. You truly got a great honor by tasting my boots.  I hope you appreciate it."

I almost responded with a yes Sir but remembered that I wasn't supposed to speak.  I nodded that I did enjoy the honor of licking his boots.

"Damn, I was hoping you would forget about not speaking slave.  I was going to enjoy giving you punishment for speaking. Oh well."

With that his boot landed right into my balls. I felt the heavy sole crush them and release extreme pain as I bent over as he moved his leg back to the floor.  I nearly opened my eyes but all I saw were stars as the pain filled my body.  I felt his hand on my chest, pushing me to stand before him again.  

"You see slave, I don't need an excuse to punish you. As a matter of fact, that wasn't punishment it was just for my pleasure.  My pleasure is what you want a most right slave?"

I nodded in agreement.  I realized he was calling me a slave a lot. Things seemed to have changed tone.  His voice was lower and more confident.  He hadn't caused me any intense pain like kicking my balls.  

"You know you can't do anything, even though you aren't in bondage. Yet. You are a fucking slave, exposed to whatever I want to do with you."

I hear a swoosh in the air and a heavy flogger strikes my back.  It wasn't as bad as the kick to my balls, but it was a surprise.  Jonas was before me and I didn't hear him move.  Who was flogging me?

"You remember my friend that helped me bring you home last night?"

Another hit with the flogger.  I nodded my head that I remembered.

"You’re naked in front of two men slave.  Two men, you will do anything they want because I know you want to show us how you appreciate what we’ve allowed you to enjoy so far.  Last night was for you. And you now need to show us how much you appreciate what we did for you.  Now you will do what we want for our pleasure and entertainment.  Guess what, you’re fucked!”

With that Jonas kicks me in the balls again and the flogger strikes my back simultaneously.  I can’t help but let out a scream in pain and as much as I try not to I open my eyes to see Jonas sitting in a leather chair with a huge grin on his face.  He raises his eyebrows with a sadistic smile.  Just then the other guy pulls a leather hood over my head that cuts out my sight, I reach up grabbing the collar on the hood.

As I struggle with the hood it is quickly laced tight and the zipper is pulled down over the laces.  My hands are pulled behind my back as I realize Jonas must have gotten out of the chair.  The hood has a strong leather smell as it is snug on my face.  Handcuffs slapped on my wrists and they weren’t gentle about it.  The zipper at the front of the hood is opened and I learned that this is one of the layered hoods.  Jonas is smiling at me.

“Get on your knees.”

I struggle as my hands are cuffed behind my back and kneel on the concrete floor. I look up at him and he stands before me allowing me to take in how amazing and powerful he looks in his leather uniform.  After a few moments, his glove hand grabs the zip of the hood and closes it putting me into a leather solitary.  I hear their boots leave the room and I am left alone again.  I can take kneeling for a little while, but over time, my knees get sore on the hard floor. I work to relieve pressure on one knee, but it adds pressure to the other.  Then I adjust the other way. I spend time moving back and forth trying to manage the increasing pain.  I think about sitting or getting in the chair but I’m certain that would not go over well and I would be punished.  I haven’t done anything to be punished and will not start now.

Time passes, but eventually someone returns.  He comes to me and I feel him standing before me.  I feel gloved hands under my arms and am helped to my feet.  I am moved across the floor and turned.  The handcuffs are removed, as my arms are stretched above my head and soon, I am secured with heavy leather restraints on my wrist that must be attached to a cross.  My back and ass are exposed and I’m certain I will undergo some impact training.

My ankles are secured next and I lean into the cross and wait.  And wait.  I know whoever is going to train me must be enjoying the anticipation growing inside me.

I hear a boot stomp on the floor, and I jump as far as I can be restrained.  I hear a laugh and feel 2 pair of gloved hands making their way around my body.  These guys are a tease, giving me false hope of not being used.  But their touch and stroking of my body feel wonderful and my cock grows and taps the cross I’m secured to.  They both lean into me and I feel their leather-clad bodies against my bare skin.  One toy with my tits, lightly twisting them as I moan into the hood and struggle in the bondage.  Then one of them strikes me with their hand on my ass. It is followed by stroking my ass.  Then another strike as the other increases the pressure on my tits.  Another slap, then one on my back.  The other rub my tits with his gloves.  

The slapping increases in tempo as I get less stroking of my body.  The four hands move around my naked body with harder and harder slapping.  The sound of their leather-gloved hands hitting my bare skin fills the room and the hood interior I am trapped in.  They stop and then the flogger strikes my back I feel the weight of the leather and hear the thud as it knocks the wind out of my lungs.  There is a pause, then another strike.  That was followed by another and a pace was being set.  This was heavy leather so there wasn’t so much pain as pressure against my lungs.  It was more of a punch than a hit.  After a long series the flogging would stop, and they would run their hands over my skin.  I am sure it turned red as I am light-skinned and easily show marks.  Then they would stop, and I would prepare for the next flogger.  This one had a bit more bite and stung.  That hurt, and when one really got me, I would yell into the hood.  They increase the number of hits with this painful flogger.  I was sweating some and my breathing was getting labored in the hood.  They finished this set with very hard swings that made me struggle in the bondage and want to get out.  It was getting intense and I wasn’t sure I liked the pain.

That is when Jonas came up to me and grabbed my cock and balls and fondled them in his glove.  He would squeeze and push me against the cross so I couldn’t move much.

“You are doing very well, slave.  Very well.”

I nodded my head, but he probably just thought I was struggling.  He gripped my cock and started stroking it with his dry glove.  I was getting hard as he stroked, and it felt good.  His other hand made its way to my ass as one of his fingers slid in my ass cheeks and explored the entry into my ass. I pushed my ass out a bit, and he squeezed my cock tightly.  Then he stopped and I was left hanging on the cross, breathing heavily and humping the open space.

He released my cock and walked away. I heard Max leave the room again.  Alone, I let the heat on my backside sink in and then start to subside.  My arms were getting tired from being held in place above me but there wasn’t much I could do about it.  I took some time in my situation and how I was exposed to these two men, who were using me as an object.  I don’t think I had ever felt so submissive as I was.  There is some protection for myself when in gear but being naked allowed for none. My thoughts were returned to the here and now as I heard Jonas and Max return.  Jonas approached me and removed the hood as he instructed me to keep my eyes and mouth shut.  Then the restraints were released, and I was turned around to face the open space.  After leading me to the table, I climbed upon it laying on my back.  A wet sock was put into my mouth and I could taste the piss it was soaked in.  Then heavy tape was wrapped around my lips and the lower part of my head.  A very heavy and tight leather hood was put on my head to add to the intensity. This was a padded solitary hood with many straps on it.  They were tightening and locked and I was once again in darkness.  

One of them put suction cups on my tits and soon I would feel some heavy leather dropped on my body.  They had me sit up and laid the leather under me as I adjusted.  As my arms were inserted into internal sleeves, I knew I was going into a leather sleep sack.  I always wonder why they called it a sleep sack as the few times I’ve been in one I never got any sleep as I was being used and kept on edge.  They worked the leather over my body and pulled it tightly around me as they pulled up the zipper leaving my cock and balls exposed.  The rest of the sack was roped and belted, and I am certain each belt had a lock on it.  Then they went to work on my cock and balls adding to straps and devices.  Steel cock ring and ball weight were added.  Jonas toyed with my cock getting me hard then he let go.

I was left alone momentarily, then I felt Jonas kissing my gagged lips again.  

“Slave, do you know how fucking helpless you are? But you look so amazing right now.  Here is how the rest of your time is going to proceed.  We are headed out shortly for an early dinner then the bar.  We might pick up a boy or two, bring them here, and use them.  Or we might stay out all night.  But you, my slave, will be here, helpless like the object you are.  Your cock is wired and will be going through phases of electro-torture.  You’re not locked in your cage so you can cum.  But think about this.  The program of the electro is varied, and it might make you cum more than once.  You can’t stop it so you might want to take it easy.   I gagged you heavily as I knew you would scream as your cock would face extreme pain. But yet you will only be able to endure it on your own.”

He strokes my chest with his gloved hand.

“To give you some hope, you will be released tomorrow morning.  But you will be returned to your dry suit, chastity and hood to be stored away for most of tomorrow before returning home.  I’m sure you will enjoy the rest, but you might not like how you are stored.  Tough shit I say.”

He pats me on the cheek as the electro starts lightly.  All I can do is roll slightly as they have secured me to the table.  My head can move up and down but I know I am just a leather-encased object on their table.

I think I hear them leave and the electro slowly rises in amperage.  I do get hard as it feels good at the levels I am being treated.  It is a weird feeling having the heavy tight leather cocoon my body and the cool air around my cock that is free.  My tits have gone numb because of the suction.  I taste the piss in my mouth as the first of many high shocks strike my cock.  I knew it would be coming but it didn’t prepare me.  I screamed into the gag and lifted my head.  The shock stopped, then there was another and damned if my cock wasn’t reacting to it.  Then the electro would ramp down.  And I would get harder, at times trying to hump the air.  Then the shocks increased and were like lightning striking my cock.

I could feel the tightness of the gag, my face wrapped in tape and the leather covering my head, struggling in the leather sack.  This only got me harder and harder.  Since I could only breathe through my nose it was a challenge to keep up as the hood only had a nose hole for me to get fresh air.  I don’t know how long it was as I went through this torture.  The ramping up and down of the electricity, feeling the heavy leather and bondage.  I hoped it had been hours but I doubt that it was that long.  I struggled as I could when things got painful and that only made my cock get harder.  I could feel the edge of my cum boiling in me making its way to release and then the electricity would stop and start again.  It was so random.  I would get some rest and it would start again.  This time the cycle didn’t stop and towards the edge I raced.  I couldn’t stop it and when it was the most painful I erupted with my cum shooting out of me.  It was an amazing feeling, all that ecstasy that I felt.  Then I realized that I was totally alone in this blissful state.  I was an object just being milked, with no affection, no touch, just a toy being played.  I worked to catch my breath and took in some of the liquid in the sock filling my mouth.  I felt the relaxed state that one enjoys after releasing a load.  As cum dripped down my cock I felt the coolness and lay there in silence.

Then a very high shock struck my cock and I was reminded that this night was not over with.

At times, the day passed quickly other times it passed oh so slowly.  As the day went on, I wanted to be released more and more. It was getting harder for my cock to get harder and the electro only seemed to be more intense each time.  My breathing was labored in the hood, gagged with the piss-soaked sock and the duct tape.  Even though the piss kept my mouth moist my throat was getting scratchy because of the moaning and screaming I would do as the electro reached the high frequencies.   I was sweating in the heavy leather I was strapped into, but the hood kept my nose filled with the smell of leather.  It was diabolical what Jonas had done to me.  I had shot my load repeatedly, probably 6 or 7 times.  I lost count, just like I didn’t know the time of day or where I was kept.  I didn’t know when Jonas or Max might return.

As I enjoyed the rest, I tried to get into things to that I could get hard and shoot another load. Another round started and like the others before it it was random, and I didn’t know the extent of suffering I would endure.  After a while I could get hard, as I felt the tightness of the bondage, I was in.  Things were building again and as I was getting hard, I lifted my head. Quickly it was pushed down and I felt something on the sides and top that kept my head from moving.  I realized that Jonas or Max had returned.  But keeping me more immobile was adding to the intensity.  This did make my cock grow.  A leathered hand gripped my cock and slowly started stroking it.  It wasn’t keeping up with my needs to reach the climax and tempo of the electro and my struggle.  Then another finger covered the grommet hole on the hood, and I struggled for air.  I was totally at the mercy of Jonas now; I couldn’t even move as the electro increased and I yelled into the gag.  It wasn’t long before I hit the point of no return and worked so hard to shoot the little cum left in me.  Whoever was on my cock increased his strokes, the air was opened then closed and with one final intense shock I pushed that cum out of my cock and it dribbled down my cock.  The gloved hand just rubbed it into my cock and the electro ended and my breathing returned.

I caught my breath and allowed myself to relax.  One of them patted me on the chest and I felt a kiss on my gagged lips.  They then disappeared again.

I fell asleep and when I woke, I could feel the straps holding me to the table removed.  They worked together undoing the lacing and opening the leather sleep sack.  It was the first time in hours that I felt fresh cool air on my body.  The electro had been removed from my cock and they helped me sit up, still with the gag taped in and the hood on my head.  Adjusting me to sit on the edge of the table my feet we inserted into cold rubbery boots.  Then I realized that I was being put back into the dry suit.  As they pulled it up I could feel the sweat and piss in it still there.  They had me stand and held the suit at my knees.  Jonas re-installed the metal chastity with the small spikes and then the suit went up the rest of my body.  They zipped it closed and locked it, leaving the headpiece to hang down behind my neck.  I was just getting adjusted when the heavy steel wrist restraints were added and quickly I was being led out of the room.

We ended up outside again and I was pushed back into the bed of Jonas's truck.  The liquids in the suit washed over me again.  It wasn’t long before he had me secure as before and we were on the road.

It was a long ride, but we eventually returned to my place.  Jonas released me from the truck bed and led me through the house and into my bedroom.  He put his hand on my shoulder and had me kneel.  The sweat and piss in the suit gathered around my knees.  He started working the locks and straps on the hood, which came off.  I could see him again for the first time in hours.  He was in his cop uniform, smiling at me kneeling at him.  He worked the tape off my head without taking a few hairs with it!  And the sock gag came out.  I looked at him.

“You can speak.”

For the first time in hours I heard words come out of my mouth.

“Thank you, Sir,” was all I could say.  Jonas bent down and kissed me deeply holding my head with his gloved hands.  

“I wasn’t sure you could take it all, but you were impressive!  You spent two and half days in bondage and storage fucker.”

I couldn’t believe that I had looked at him!  He nodded.

“It’s true, it’s Sunday evening.  I wanted to get you home because I know you must work tomorrow.”

I looked at myself in the mirror on the wall in the dry suit.  

“Yea you’ve really gotten good use out of that.  I think you look amazing in it.”

He rubbed my head and ran his hands down the suit.

“As a matter of fact, I’m almost done with you, but you aren’t done with the suit.  So, here is how things are going down.  You have been locked into the suit, as you know.  This time it is a combination lock.  Since you work at home, I’ve decided you will stay in the suit until next Friday night.  I will come by and let you out.  Or maybe I will take you out again and we’ll see what we can do for you next weekend.  My Marine friend is in town and he was talking about doing some Marine Corps PT for the weekend.  Imagine working out in the desert wearing that suit for weeks, with a week’s worth of liquids in it!

“But – “was all I got out.

“I will gag you for the week if you say anything more.  Time for me to go, you can go to bed or do whatever you want for the next week.”

Jonas kissed me again, giving my cheek a gentle slap and walked out of my bedroom.  I couldn’t believe my cock had the energy, but it was getting hard and then I felt the spikes and realized I was stuck in that chastity device for the week also!

I heard the garage door open and Jonas drive away.  I stood looking at myself in the mirror and the rubber suit I was locked in.  I went to my closet, removed my muzzle and put it on.  It just seemed I should be gagged for the night.  Laying on my bed with the piss running over me and started the night and closed my eyes.  



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