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We arrived at his truck.  I should’ve known.  it was a well kept Dodge Ram Truck 4x4.  I could tell it was his with the rodeo stickers on the back of the camper shell.  The windows were all tinted.  He unlocked the passenger door and I climbed in.  Soon we were on the road.  I asked where the rodeo grounds where and he said we’d be heading east of the town.  We talked some more about our interests in rodeo, leather and bondage.  He said he was excited about showing me some rope work first hand.  We both smiled at each other.

He asked if I’d like to see his rodeo gear.  Which I said I would love to see.  He pulled the truck off the road and into a parking lot, well off the road.  I didn’t understand why, but thought nothing of it.  We got out of the truck and went to the back, for he said his gear was in the bed of the truck.  He had me climb in first, then he followed, shutting the tail gate and window.  it was warm in that shell, and the smell of leather was strong.  There was his chaps all laid out.  He told me a story about the design and I lifted them up.  They were heavy, and I would have loved to put them on.  He pulled out his spurs, they looked cool.  He asked if I’d like to put them on.  I didn’t hesitate.  He showed me how to put them on my boots.  I stepped down on the bed of the truck just to hear the jangle of the spurs.  He noticed how I was eyeing the chaps, so he let me put them on also.  My crotch was straining against my denim.  I couldn’t stand straight, but they felt great!  I was beginning to feel like a real cowboy, only wish I had a mirror.  I had left my hat in the truck, so I wasn’t complete, but I didn’t mind.  I then noticed his bull riding glove.  it was a leather glove with a long gauntlet with a long piece of rawhide attached to it.    He had me put it on.  He started to wrap the rawhide around my wrist, but then said he need something.  He worked my hand behind my back, as he was reaching for something.  Somehow he got my other hand behind my back and before I knew it, he had my wrists tied with the rawhide.

He smiled at me and asked it I like that.  He grabbed my crotch and got his answer.  He pulled out some rope and tied  my ankles together, followed by my legs and knees.  He laid me on my side on the bed of the truck, took my wrists and tied them with some rope, ran the rope down my back, through my legs and tied it off at my belt buckle.  if I tugged on my hands, it pulled at my crotch.  He laid me on my stomach, pulled my legs up and tied them down, so that the spurs were digging into my Wrangler covered ass.  My hands fit right between both feet.  Ty came to my head, grabbed a bit and strapped it around my head and mouth.  He lifted my chin, staring me right in the eyes, “Cowboy, you’re gonna see the rodeo first hand.  My ranch is down the road.  You’re mine now, I’ve roped you and you ain’t leaving till I say the sun sets.  You wanted to be  roped, boy, you’re gonna be wishing you never have to leave.”

With that, he give me a big smile.  He reaches over, grabs a canvas bags that seems to be lined in leather.  I think it is like a feed back of some sort.  He slides it over my head and snugly closes it around my neck.  I struggle as he climbs out of the back of the truck. I hear the tail gate shut, his door open, the truck start.  We are moving.  The roads in Billings aren’t the greatest.  Every time we hit a bump, those spurs dig into my ass.  I have no idea how long I’m in for this ride.  My nose is filling with leather as my head is in this bag.  I can feel the chaps against my jeans, my one leathered hand and the ropes that keep me tied up.  Gawd, if this is the beginning, I hope I can handle what is going to come.  

The rides seems long, and I am sweating like a pig.  There doesn’t seem to be much air circulation in the back of this truck and the Montana sun pounds on the plastic of the truck shell.  I struggle in my bondage, but I am not going to escape, and at this point I am pretty sure I do not want to.  I feel how snug my Wranglers are, now that they are wrapped in the leather of the chaps.  The edge of the chaps are right below my hard dick head, and I struggle to make something happen.  But the distance is just a little to great, so I just stay hard.

The truck comes to a halt.  Faintly I hear the door slam, but Ty doesn’t seem to come around and let me out.  I continue to lay still so that I can hear what is happening.  But it is difficult with this bag on my head, for I hear more of my breathing than anything.  I also feel the sweat running down my face as things seem to be getting warmer.  He I am in full clothing, with a leather bag on my head, no wonder I am sweating!

I hear the tail gate lower, followed by the hatch.  I hear Ty climb in.  He takes the bag off my head, “How we doing, cowboy?”.  He has a big grin on his face.  I nod my head that I am OK.  “Well, our fun is just beginning.”

With that, he begins to untie all his nice rope work, except for my hands.  He slides me out to the tailgate of the truck and I sit up.  It is great to feel my muscles stretch a bit.  He removes the bit gag, and pulls a hankie out of his back pocket.  He unzips his Wranglers, pulls out his dick and starts to piss on the hankie.  After he is done with soaking the hankie, he turns his piss on my boots, as they dangle from the tailgate.  When he is done, he puts his great looking dick back into his jeans and zips up. 

“Don’t want you getting thirsty.”, he sez as he balls up the hankie and brings it to my mouth.  I struggle and tell him no, but as I open my mouth, in goes the piss soaked hankie.  Quickly he grabs a wide leather strap, that he puts around my head and tightly holds the gag in my mouth.  Next comes a leather blindfold and straps across my eyes.  Once that is in place, he grabs my wrist, still tied behind my back and moves me along.

As we walk I can feel drops of the piss rolling down my throat.  He is more harsh with me now than when we met earlier.  He grabs his crotch feeling that I am still hard.  “As I thought.”, he chuckles.

As we walk, our booted steps turn from dirt to wood.  I feel the stale warmth and the odor of animals, making a conclusion that we are in a barn.  He takes me to a point and we stop.  I feel him working with my hands and I am beginning to be thankful that he is going to release them.  But shortly, they are being pulled up behind me, and I am made to bend over at the waist.  I moan into the gag, this is not comfortable.  I am worried about my balance.  After he secures my wrists, he takes rope and binds my elbows together as close as they can get.  Then he takes my booted feet and kicks them together, binding them and my knees.  He takes rope and wraps it around my waist and I get the feeling that he is securing it somehow that I won’t fall over.  Some type of leather devise is strapped to my head, I feel it is a head harness.  I feel a tug on my head, as I figure he has tied a rope to the d-ring in the top and stretching it to some point to make my immobile.  Then Ty unzips my Wranglers, fishes out my dick and balls.  He ropes them very tightly and stretches them out before me.  Ty works the blindfold off me, and he stands before me.

“I wanted you to see how helpless you are cowboy.”, with that he steps away and there is a mirror before me.  I see me, in a barn, ranch tools and equipment around me.  There is am bound in my Wranglers, chaps, piss covered boots, shirt, with a piss gag in my mouth, a leather head harness surrounding my head.  My wrists are secured behind me pulled up to a beam overhead, forcing me to bend forward, in a bit of pain.  White ropes tightly secures my leather covered legs, my dick and balls stretched forward of me tied to a ring in the floor.  My head secured with a rope tied to a beam above.  After I get a good look and my dick is as hard as it gets.  Ty snaps a blindfold to the head harness.

I hear his booted steps in the barn, then a whooshing noise, and something crashes on my ass.  I did not expect this and I struggle in my bondage, every piece pulls and tugging.  Another and another hit, Ty is using a leather belt on my ass.  While it hurts and I moan in my gag, I know it doesn’t hurt as much as if I was bare ass naked.  He continues his strapping.  As I pull forward when I am hit, I pull on my sore arms, and as I bounce back, I tug on my balls.  Ty is pretty clever in the bondage.  He hits me twenty or so times, making my ass sore also.  He stops and I hear him walk away.  He leaves me alone, in my pain, in a very uncomfortable position.  To wonder what the fuck I did to get here.  But I am hard as a rock.

Time passes, how much I am not certain.  For I have learned that in bondage, time is a relative matter, basically it doesn’t matter because you are not going anywhere.  I know my muscles are getting very sore.  I am thankful for the dampness of the piss gag in my mouth.  The smell of the leather of the head harness and gag is getting stronger as the afternoon heat fills the barn.  Occasionally a fly or some other insect will buzz around me, but other than that I hear very little.  I hear boot steps on the wood again.  I am pretty sure it is Ty, but I do not know for sure, for I hear no voice.  The hands of this person works on the buckles of the chaps and the button on my pants, and soon I feel them dropping around my boots.  “Fuck”, I hear and I know it is Ty. He is pissed that I am wear white briefs.  I hear him step away, then return and hear the ripping of the briefs, as he cuts them off me.  I hear him shuffle a bit, then the whooshing of that damn belt, striking my bare ass.  Now it really does hurt.  My sore muscles feel the strain of my position as I rock back and forth.  But I find my dick growing again and pulling on the rope that is holding it.

After about twenty hard, long thought out hits, Ty stops.  I feel his gloved hand rubbing my hot ass.  I then hear ripping again, and my shirt is taken off my body.  I can’t believe he ripped up the shirt, and yell into the gag not to.  Ty then works at the chaps and takes them off, then cuts the Wranglers to remove them.  He has gotten my clothes off me without me getting out of this restrictive bondage.  All that does remain is my boots.  I hear the start of a buzz, and know that I am about to be shaved.  Feeling the head of the clippers, Ty works off the hair on my body, starting with my legs, crotch, up my stomach, arms, down my back.  After the clippers, he goes in for a closer shave with a razor on my crotch.  He roughly handles my balls as he works his way around them.

Shortly after, he begins to untie my dick and balls.  He has not cleaned me up yet from the shaving.  After releasing my cock and balls, he releases my legs and feet.  He pulls off my boots.  Ty unties my hands and removes the riding glove.  He brings my hands around in front of me and reties them.  The rope at the head harness is released.  I feel a tug on my cock and I am walking forward.  I cannot see where we are headed.  I am totally naked, shaved, gagged and blindfolded.

I feel the wood of the floor turn to dirt and the warmth of the sun strike my shaved skin.  We continue walking, Ty not seeming to worry about my bare feet on the hot and some what rocky dirt.  After quite a distance we come to a stop.  My hands are raised above me and tied off.  My ankles and knees are securely tied.  Then I feel my hands being lifted up, and shortly my feet can no longer touch the ground.  I am being suspended and the stretch on my arms is great.  I know I can’t be that far off the ground, but since I can see, I am not sure.

The blast of cold water strikes me and I sway having no leverage on the ground.  Ty is cleaning me off from my shaving.  I scream into the gag as the force of the water strikes various parts of my body.  Shortly the water is turned off.  I am lowered to just enough to get my feet on the now muddy ground for stability.  Ty removes the head harness, giving me site.  But the gag remains.  He taps my cheek twice, smiles and walks away.  I look around and I am tied to a beam at a corral gate.  Before me is the open Montana hills.  The suns is heading low in the sky.  I see the several building that make up this ranch.  Then I see Ty get into his pick up and drive off.  I am now totally naked, gagged with a piss rag, standing in mud, shaved and openly naked on a Montana ranch.  I look down at my dick and it is standing straight out.  I feel the sun drying my wet skin.

As I try to relax, I take in the feeling of being in the wide open like this.  That anyone can find me.  How do I explain this, where the hell am I?  Time seems to pass a bit quicker as I can watch the sun move down.  As I remember again how helpless I am, I hear the hollering of several guys.  Damn, who the fuck might they be and where are they going.  I can’t see them, as I struggle to look all around me.  And where did Ty drive off to.  One thing that I know, I feel my dick getting damn hard!