leather cop enforcement

chapter one  |  all new novel now available in Kindle and print

Sergeant Kieran Moore is the second in command of The Jackals, a dedicated squad of law enforcement in the high desert of California that has built a dark world of leather and kink while executing their own form of legal justice. The Jackals enjoy service from the submissive men that worship their boots as well as conform to their powers of control and ownership.

A happenstance meeting while riding dirt bikes brings the Leather Cop in contact with Mateo Hernandez, a blue-collar laborer from the Coachella Valley. This chance meeting leads to both entering a leather power exchange relationship that both men have always wanted in their lives. Over time, both their lives change in dramatic ways, causing them to question the reality they are facing and wonder if they truly can deal with the future that they are racing towards.

Leather Cop Enforcement is the second leather kink novel by ty dehner. This epic story has intense BDSM experiences with leather, uniforms, and more. These two men end up finding out more about their emotions, their lust, and how important power dynamics is in their life as well as the need to have each other in their heart.

The harsh desert sun created a landscape void of any color. The sand, rocks, and dead branches of former bushes form a barren wasteland that was flat for as far as the eyes could see. A few pathetic twigs were poking out of the ground, long since having lost any green.  On occasion, the wind would pick up some dust and move it to a new spot in a plain of sand. This was the perfect place to open up on a dirt bike; there was nothing that was going to get in rider’s way.

The silence of the open desert was broken by the sound of one dirt bike racing across the flatland. Kicking up dust that trialed the biker, Mateo Hernandez, riding his Suzuki RM Z-250, had the throttle fully opened as he raced across the open desert.  His mirrored goggles reflected the passing desert as it flew under his bike.  His hands gripped the throttle and levers wearing bright orange leather and plastic gloves.  

He started to slow down, and his dust-covered white Fox motocross boots with the four latches on the side kicked the bike in a lower gear to reduce speed.  Turning his motorcycle in the returning direction, Mateo pauses for a moment, placing his right foot down for balance, allowing the bike to idle.  

He takes hold of the clear tube that went to his hydration backpack.  His orange and black motocross jersey sleeves ripple with the slight breeze that comes across the flatland.  Sipping from the hose that he puts up under his full-face MX helmet that matched his other gear, the cool water tastes terrific as it cools his body.  As he sips, he adjusts his bright orange chest protector, his goggled and helmeted head panning across the horizon of the vast desert.  Nothing.  Just fucking nothing.  

His gloved hand reaches down to his crotch, adjusting the cup he wears under the orange and black MX pants made of nylon material that is thick to handle the roughness of riding. His MX pants are tucked into his boots.  As he takes one more sip from the hydration tube, he lifts his head slightly as he spots a small cloud of dust moving across the desert.

It must be another rider, he thinks. Watching for a moment, Mateo is surprised to find another rider out on the flatlands on this weekday.  On the weekend, Ocotillo Wells was filled with dirt bikes, quads, and dirt buggies.  Guys are hanging out and drinking beer at night, as well as families with tiny bikes for their growing kids.  During the week, it is another story; one can have the desert to themselves.  That is why Mateo is here, enjoying the desert all to himself.  

It had been weeks since he had last gone riding.  He left his home in Indio early to beat the heat.  But that heat was catching up to him.  Checking the Apple Watch on his wrist, it was showing 96 degrees.  He looked out again across the flats and noticed the dust from the other rider had started to form circles.  Mateo realized that the other rider was racing around the track carved out the hard desert ground.  Kicking his bike into gear, Mateo revs his bike and makes a beeline to the track.

Mateo reaches the track to find Kieran Moore racing around on his KTM 450 SF-X, taking the jumps quickly and with the grace that allows him to float in the air for a moment.  Mateo parks his Suzuki and watches to get an idea of what type of rider this guy is.  

Kieran wears gold and black matching Thor race gear, with worn but well cleaned black MX boots and gold mirrored goggles. In a glance, he catches sight of the Suzuki rider watching him, so Kieran decides to hot dogs things a bit.

Getting an idea of how the KTM rider handles the track, Mateo decides to take him on.  He puts his bike in gear, moving onto the track.  Right away, he passes Kieran to put him on notice.  Glad to have the challenge, Kieran steps up his game and chases after Mateo.  They head into the first curve as Kieran matches Mateo’s speed but just can’t get past him, and as they start the second lap, Mateo retakes the lead.  

Racing through a series of whoop-de-doo’s, Mateo keeps Kieran in his dust, but that is short-lived as another curve allows the KTM rider to catch up to the Suzuki.  Wanting to show who is in charge, Kieran kicks Mateo with his right boot to put his challenger off balance, slowing him down. Kieran takes advantage of Mateo’s wobble, exiting the curve in the lead.  He hits the throttle to increase his lead as he takes another turn on the track with no challenge then takes a leap from the jump that crosses the finish line.  Mateo follows, pissed that the guy kicked him.

They ride off the track and park next to each other, turning off their bikes. Mateo lifts his goggles to the top of his helmet, glaring at Kieran in disgust. “Gotta win by cheating, huh?”

Kieran leaves his helmet and goggles in place and leans on his handlebars with his arms crossed. He looks out at the track, “Just how it goes.”

Mateo shakes his head.

Kieran decides to relieve the tension. “Nice bike you got.”

Mateo pauses, then looks at Kieran. “Thanks. You are fucking good rider; you didn’t need to kick me.”

Kieran smiled, confident in his riding, as he is in all of his life. “I know. Just thought it would be fun to see how you reacted.”

Mateo shakes his head again, then asks, “Re-match?”

Kieran waves his hand, “Not really. I really didn’t come for track riding today. Thought I’d have a go around to get warmed up. Would you be interested in riding up to the hills to do some trail riding?”

Mateo puts his goggles back in place, starts his bike, and heads to the hills.  Kieran remains on learning on his handlebars for a few moments watching Mateo ride to the hills.  He sits up and pats the small pack around his waist.  Starting his bike, he heads in the same direction as Mateo.

They ride into the hills that climb out of the flatland and deep into one of the canyons. Kieran is more familiar with these canyons, so he rides past Mateo, heading far ahead of the less experienced trail rider. It is rocky, so the trails are a challenge.  After a while, Mateo loses Kieran but continues his ride into the canyon. There is no wind in the canyon, and the sun is straight up in the sky.  Under the helmet Mateo sweats, taking a drink of water from his hydration pack.  

Moving slowly, he comes around the canyon wall to see Kieran before him, who has dismounted his bike, watching as Mateo rides up to where he is parked.  Mateo gets off his bike and takes a few steps to Kieran.  Looking down the canyon Mateo doesn’t notice as Kieran reaches up and grabs the faceplate of Mateo’s helmet, pulling him closer.  

“One thing, boy, I don’t cheat!” Kieran states with a snarl.

Mateo has spun around, and Kieran has him in cop-issued police cuffs in a flash.  

“What the fuck?!” Mateo protests as he struggles in the cuffs.  “It was just a short race, dude; no need to go bat shit crazy on me!”

Kieran pushes Mateo to his knees on the rocky desert floor.  He stands in front of the kneeling MXer, taking the underside of Mateo’s helmet, lifting it, so the man on his knees can focus on the dominating man standing over him. Kieran then spits onto Mateo’s goggles.  

“Just where you should be, boy. Kneeling before your Boss!”

“What the fuck is this shit?” Mateo questions what is going on as he struggles against the cuffs that keep him helpless.

Kieran kicks Mateo between his legs which surprises Mateo, causing him to bend over but more because of the unexpected kick. Not getting the response to his kick that he expected, Kieran reaches down to discovers the cup and laughs.  

“Damn, I can’t abuse your nuts, can I?!”

Continuing to rub Mateo's crotch, Mateo gains his wits and brings himself back up from bending over. There is a slight moan of pleasure from Mateo, and that catches Kieran’s attention.

“Oh, seems we’ve found something out about you.” Kieran places the pleasure of this guy in the back of his mind for the time being.

The KTM rider stops working the crotch cup as Mateo moans again.  Laughing, Kieran opens the zipper on his black MX pants, pulling out his cock that is eight inches, pointing directly at the kneeling captive.  Mateo looks at this guy’s dick, then looks up at the rider in black looking down at him.  Liquid splashes on Mateo’s goggles as Kieran releases his piss.  It flows quickly down Mateo’s goggles, under his helmet, and over his lips and chin. Then Kieran directs his piss to flow all over the cuffed Mateo.  

Mateo feels the warm piss soak into his jersey as it runs under the plastic of the chest protector.  While it is humbling, it does cool him off.  After a long piss, Kieran reaches down and pulls Mateo’s helmet up and away from his captive’s face.  Without hesitation, Kieran plunges his cock deep into Mateo’s throat, passing his lips, hearing him gag as it settles into the human hole.

After a slight pause, Kieran quickly pulls his cock out then plunges it back in. Over and over, he plunges the biker's face, keeping a tight grip on the helmet that controls the cuffed guy.  Spit fills Mateo’s mouth, coughing up phlegm as the biker in pecker head keeps striking Mateo’s gag point.  The heat, sweat, and piss with the heavy gear he wears make Mateo feel more like an object that the biker uses for his pleasure.  The piss begins to smell in the helmet and his wrists hurt as the cuffs cut into his skin as Mateo struggles with the heavy use by this stranger out here in the middle of the desert.  Kieran says nothing as he has taken complete control of his prisoner, showing the captive he is the fuck hole that he is meant to be.  

Thinking of the heavy boots he wears, the helmet and goggles that keep his identity secret from the hole he is fucking, Kieran gets harder.  He enjoys watching the boy gag and struggle against the cuffs.  He knows they are cutting into the skin and becoming painful, and that just makes Kieran harder.  Debating if he wants to shoot his load now or hold it for later, he plunges his hard dick even deeper, causing the Suzuki rider to gag even more.  Mateo is begging for him to stop between thrusts causing Kieran to just do it harder and faster.  

One more deep penetration, and Kieran holds his cock deep in the throat of this cuffed rider.  Breathing heavily, he holds back from releasing his sperm, then pushes Mateo off his dick, where Mateo falls to his side against the rocky ground, catching his breath.  

Kieran slowly gains his composure, putting his pecker back into his pants.  Looking down, the cuffed and piss-soaked Mateo reflects in his goggles.  Reaching for the guy he just face fucked, Kieran pulls the MXer up to his feet with a struggle.  He moves Mateo to stand against his Suzuki, leaning him back over the seat of his bike in a way that exposes Mateo’s crotch.  Kieran reaches into his pack, pulling a metal device from it. He then unzips and lowers Mateo’s MX pants.  Gently stroking the cup, Mateo pushes his cup crotch towards Kieran’s gloved hand; this makes Kieran laugh as he can see he is gaining control of this biker.

Grabbing Mateo’s plastic cup, the black biker takes the cup and throws it out into the desert, leaving just the cloth jock strap. With Mateo’s cock exposed and hard, Kieran then starts installing the heavy metal chastity device on his captive. Rings are installed around the base of the MXer’s cock and balls, then a tiny one-inch ring lowers his balls. Next, his cock is slid into a metal tube that attaches to the rings. Kieran isn’t gentle as Mateo moans and moves with some discomfort.  He is punched in the stomach by Kieran and told to stand still.  Once the cage is in place, a lock is placed on the rings, and his balls are squeeze tightly by Kieran’s gloved hand.  Mateo looks to the sky as his balls are crushed, taking the pain as well as he can.  With a few taps with his gloved hand, Kieran returns the MX pants into position, zipping them.

Kieran turns Mateo around, pushing his chest down on the Suzuki while removing the cuffs.  After putting the cuffs back into his pouch, Kieran shoves the cock locked biker off the Suzuki. As Mateo reaches down to feel the steel locked on his cock, Kieran mounts his bike.  Starting it and revving it, he looks at Mateo rubbing his crotch.

 “Follow me, fucker.”, orders Kieran.

With that, the black biker rides off as Mateo, with no time to think about what just happened and what he is locked in, races to get back on his bike.  In moments he is chasing after the KTM and out of the canyon.  

As he rides down the rocky canyon trail, Mateo feels the cage on his cock knock on the gas tank of his Suzuki, making him do much of his riding standing. When the metal device touches the tank, the vibration from the bike makes Mateo feel even hornier. While standing to ride, he feels the weight of the device tug on his cock and balls, increasing the pressure as he gets hard from the movement.  Mateo keeps his eyes on the trail as well as keeping the biker in sight before him.  He can’t lose the guy as he has the key to his next erection. At the same time, Mateo wonders what this guy is up to and how far he will take things.  

He finally gets to the flat land and sees the dust trail from the KTM; pulling the throttle full out, Mateo gives chase.  

As the two riders race across the flatland, Mateo sees an RV ahead and watches as the KTM rider pulls up to it, dismounts his bike, and quickly entering the RV.  Mateo can’t believe the guy just goes into the RV, not waiting for him.

Mateo arrives at the RV, ending his ride as he dismounts his bike. Standing on his booted feet, he adjusts his cock in his pants as the cage is something to get used to.

 Knocking on the door, Mateo asks to come in.

“Is that you cock sucker?” Kieran responds from inside the RV.

Mumbling under his breath, “Who does this fucker think he is?”

“I think I’m in control here.”

This surprises Mateo that he was heard mumbling.

“Tell me you’re the cock sucker, and I’ll let you in.”

Mateo goes to slam the door with his fist but stops short and looks out across the flatland in frustration. He would leave right now, but he’s fucked because of the steel trap his cock is locked in.  He wavers a bit, then, without thinking, puts his hands behind his back, standing directly in front of the door.

“Your cock sucker is here.”

There is no sound in the RV, no movement.  Still, with his helmet on, Mateo looks up at the door and the nearby window.  He takes a big swallow. “Your cock sucker is here, Sir.” The last word comes slowly from his throat.

A slight pause and the door opens, and Mateo steps in.  Once inside, he looks around briefly then notices that the KTM rider still is wearing his helmet and goggles, hiding his identity. Standing to the side of Mateo, Kieran’s arms are crossed as he looks over his new captive.

“I think you should show me some respect by kneeling.”, Kieran directs.

This pisses Mateo off, “You fucking crazy, no way –”

Realizing he isn’t going to change this guy's mind, he stops midsentence and cooperates.  He adjusts his crotch again as he kneels before the rider and decides to look at his black boots instead of at him.
Patting Mateo on the helmet, “You did very well, boy; it seems to come naturally to you.”

Mateo looks up at the rider in surprise, then returns his glance to the boots. Humbly he responds to the compliment, “Thank you, Sir.” Again that last word was delayed, but he said it.

“What is your name, boy?”

Mateo looks at him again, not wanting to answer.

“I ask you again, boy, what is your name.”

“Mateo, Sir.” He hesitated but thought giving a first name wouldn’t hurt.  

“And your last name, boy?”

Now that was going too far.  Mateo shook his head and said he wouldn’t be giving that.

The KTM rider leans down, taking Mateo’s helmet by the face bar, looking directly into his googles.  
“You’re going to give me the information.”

Kieran lets go and sits at the table, leaving Mateo on his knees. “You can decide to not tell me now, and I will kick your ass out the door.  You’ll go home and find that your cock and balls are securely locked up, and if you try to pull that steel cage off, you will do great harm to yourself. Then you’ll end up calling the Paramedics to help cut it off, and they’ll have to file a report.  I have access to all emergency calls in my life, and I will just keep watching for a call about a boy named Mateo who had to have a steel device removed by Paramedics. Your name and location will be listed. Can you imagine what will happen after I know that information?”

Kieran kicks the boy with his boot in the chest, making him lose his balance and fall to the floor. Mateo works his way back to his knees, putting his hands behind his back.

“Why are you doing this?” Mateo asks.

“Your last name, please.”

Kieran is about to kick Mateo again.

“Hernandez, Sir, Hernandez.”, Mateo blurts out and then looks down at the ground.

“Thank you, boy. That wasn’t so hard, was it?”

Mateo is silent, still looking at the ground.


“No, Sir, it wasn’t.”

“Good boy. Where do you live?”

“Outside of Palm Springs, Sir.”

“Excellent boy, I can see how you would know something about sucking cock living there. What do you do for work?”

“Mason work, construction.”

“Skilled labor in many ways.  It could be of some use in the future. You’re doing good, boy. Now you were a fucking good cock sucker out there in the canyon; you have been a cock sucker before?”

Mateo looks at Kieran again.  He pauses, then realizes he isn’t getting out of this as long as this rider has him in this camper, so he better be honest.

“Yes, Sir, I have.”

“What is your experience, sucker?”

“I’ve been with guys most of my life. I’ve fucked a few, been fucked by more.”

“Do you like sucking cock, boy?”

“Yes, Sir, I like bringing pleasure to a man.”

“A man like me, one you don’t even know?”

“You seem like you take control easily, and I am surprised you have done what you have done.”

“It is my life, and in my life, I control the world I am in and those that serve me.”, Kieran notes with confidence.

Mateo looks up at Kieran.

“Yes, boy, those that serve me. I think you understand what I’m talking about.

“Sir, my I ask your name?”

“Ah, changing the subject. You may ask, as you just did, but you’re not going to get an answer just yet.”
Kieran taps Mateo’s caged cock with his boot. “You getting used to that yet?  You like me controlling you so much that you won’t be able to get hard when you suck cock?”

Mateo adjusts on his knees, starting to hurt while having the pads in his MX pants.  He reaches up and feels his cock in the steel.  

“First time in chastity, boy?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You can look at me now, boy.”

Mateo looks up at this rider in black and gold gear, checking out his boots and wondering what is behind those mirrored goggles and that helmet.  His voice is one of authority, which implies that the guy expects submission from those around him.  He was very confident in taking Mateo into the canyon and using him, then locking him in chastity. The guy doesn’t seem to know what hesitation is.

“Why me, Sir?

“You, oh, fuck boy. You just happen to interest me when we were racing. I always like a challenge, and I just had a vibe that you would be able to take my cock and serve me.  I now think you are far more talented than you are letting on, and in time you’re going to be an excellent find.”

“Not sure what you mean.” Mateo has some doubt about what the biker is talking about, but in his heart, he also understands where this might be headed.

“Oh, playing the innocent victim, huh? Well, that will work for now, but in time, you’ll learn that I can’t be played like that, and you will be very sorry for even thinking I would fall for it.”

Mateo doesn’t know how to respond to that, so he doesn’t.

“Get on your hands and knees, boy.”

Pausing for a moment, Mateo does.  Kieran stands and places his boots on Mateo’s gloved hands. Mateo lets out some moans of pain as his hands are crushed by the heavy, thick boots.

“You want that steel off your cock and balls, Mateo?”

The use of his name surprises him. Mateo nods that he would like the device removed.

“Alright, I will remove it tomorrow night when you meet me at The Barracks. You know the Barracks, right boy?”

With some anguish in his voice, “Yes, Sir.”

“You will be there promptly at 2200 hours; we will have a discussion about your future.”

“How will I know you, Sir?”

Chuckling, “Oh, you will know me, boy, you’ll know.”

Kieran steps off Mateo’s hands. Mateo moves to sit on his knees, rubbing his hands. “Sir, can you please –”

“Don’t even ask it, boy; you’ve done well up to now. Don’t fuck up at this point. You know you’re dying to know who I am, and this way, you will show up. Just what I want you to do.”

Tapping his boot on Mateo’s cock again, “Now get the fuck out of here and think about me tonight and what’s it’s like to be locked up like you are.”

Mateo gets up, goes to the door, looks back at the KTM rider as he crosses his arms, and watches the boy exit.

Mateo gets outside, going to his bike, and climbing aboard. Starting it, he twists the throttle a couple of times, thinking about what just happened.  Kicking it into gear Mateo rides off into the flats towards where his truck is parked. As he rides, he thinks about the day’s events.  

Finally, Mateo allows himself to appreciate what he has experienced, liking that he found a guy who has taken control without all the questions and answers.  Mateo has been seeking a Master in his life, a Master that would take control and train him to be a good boy and eventual boy.  That this guy likes motorcycles, and hopefully, the gear is a bonus.  Speeding up, there is freedom in Mateo as he flies across the sand.  He starts to get hard and is quickly reminded that he is locked up and not going to be jacking off in his piss-soaked gear when he gets home.

Arriving back at his Dodge Ram, he rides his bike up the metal ramp into the bed.  He dismounts and installs the ties to secure the bike.  Pushing the ramp into the bed, he climbs down and slams the tailgate shut.  He takes his helmet off and wipes the sweat from his forehead and face with his jersey sleeve.  Going to the driver’s door, he tosses his helmet in and looks back in the distance where KTM rider RV is.  There is a very slight grin on his face while he grabs his crotch.  He climbs into his red 4x4, closes the door, and starts it up.  Putting the truck into drive, he heads out to the main highway and a long night of frustration of being locked up and reliving the events of the day.