leather cop enforcement

An excerpt from ty dehner's most epic leather novel
now available worldwide for Amazon Kindle and in print

Sergeant Kieran Moore is the second in command of The Jackals, a dedicated squad of law enforcement in the high desert of California that has built a dark world of leather and kink while executing their own form of legal justice. The Jackals enjoy service from the submissive men that worship their boots as well as conform to their powers of control and ownership.

A happenstance meeting while riding dirt bikes brings the Leather Cop in contact with Mateo Hernandez, a blue-collar laborer from the Coachella Valley. This chance meeting leads to both entering a leather power exchange relationship that both men have always wanted in their lives. Over time, both their lives change in dramatic ways, causing them to question the reality they are facing and wonder if they truly can deal with the future that they are racing towards.

Leather Cop Enforcement is the second leather kink novel by ty dehner. This epic story has intense BDSM experiences with leather, uniforms, and more. These two men end up finding out more about their emotions, their lust, and how important power dynamics is in their life as well as the need to have each other in their heart.

Kieran has been enjoying the submission of Mateo for several months now, as their bond has grown deeper. This has allowed the Leather Cop's control to go beyond the weekends, Cop Boss has taken more control over the boy's week life. Now the boy wears chastity and a plugin his ass all week, even to work. Two weeks ago, the boy was required to wear a latex catsuit under his work clothing. There is a catheter in the boy's prick where his piss is collected in a hidden bag under the boy's Carhartt's. His piss builds up through the day. He adds it to a larger container and is taken to the ranch for his weekend training.

In the evenings after work, the boy has to change into his leathers with a few additions the Cop now requires: a full hood, gloves, and the boy's collar in front of a video camera for the Boss. For his amusement and a test of the boy's dedication, Kieran has sent the boy out in the evenings on errands in his leather. The Boss has the boy wear his MX gear over the leather and rubber a few times to complete these errands. When Mateo is in his MX gear he wears his hood and gag under his helmet. No one can see that the boy is hooded and unable to speak when he is helmeted.

Mateo's truck pulls off the highway onto the dirt road that leads to the Cop's property for another weekend visit. During these visits they never leave the property as everything is provided for the boy. Mateo has received the best training a boy can receive at the gloved hands of his Leather Cop. Some of it has been very intense where the boy suffered, screamed, and cried with the pain that the Boss gave him.  

Other times Mateo was silent and alone as he was kept in confinement to deal with his thoughts of being owned and in service to the Cop. The weekends always ended with hours of pure passion between the Boss and his boy.

They often just lay upon the leather sheets of Cop's dungeon bed, touching, sensing, and getting to know each other in ways that a causal relationship just doesn't allow. Often Cop Boss is in his full leather uniform during these quiet times with this boy in heavy chains, naked and exposed showing the marks from the weekend's earlier experiences.  

Cop Boss gets up from his soft leather easy chair that sits in his living room, wearing his leather uniform, as he sees the headlights flash from the boy's truck as he drives up the dirt road.
Looking out the window, Boss watches the boy pull up to the spot that is now his assigned parking location. The boy gets out, wearing his leathers, including the hood without gag and collar. From the truck, the boy enters the door leading to the dungeon where the boy will kneel, cuff his hands behind his back, and await his Boss's arrival.

Boss adjusts his cock in his leathers as watching his boy go through the routine, knowing what he will find in his dungeon, just makes the Boss hard as a rock!

After taking the last sips from his beer, Cop Boss makes his way to the dungeon. As he moves down the hall, Cop Boss thinks about this weekend as it has come time to take full ownership of the boy. The coming hours will go beyond what both men have ever experienced, it will be intense, and the boy will find his life is over as he knew it. Cop pauses for a moment, taking in what is going to happen. He realizes his life is also over as he knew it, for he is becoming the true Boss he has wanted for most of his adult life. He closes his eyes and lowers his head, thankful for what is waiting for him kneeling in the dungeon.

Entering the dungeon Cop Boss finds the boy just where he should be, kneeling, hands cuffed behind his back, in the center of the dungeon still in his leather jeans, Wesco boots, t-shirt, harness and leather jacket zipped up, hooded and collared. The boy keeps his eyes on the concrete floor as Boss enters, shutting the door and moves forward to where his Dehner boots are in the eyesight of the boy.
Lowering his gloved right hand, Boss takes his boy's leathered head into his hand gently stroking it from the top to under his chin where he lifts it as he bends down to kiss his boy on his exposed lips.
Cuffed and in submission the boy enjoys the taste of the Cop Boss lips with the after taste of his last sips of beer.

Boss pushes his tongue past the boy's lips, inserting it deep into the boy's mouth with passion showing who is in charge. Moaning a bit, the boy enjoys this pleasure, adjusting himself on his knees lifting himself to reach the Boss a bit more.  

Cop Boss releases the kiss as his hand guides the boy back to lowering his head and keeping his gaze on the floor and Cop's boots. Boss makes his way to the cupboard, returning with a gag and leather blindfold, which he puts on the boy. Now that the boy is sightless and speechless, Boss looks at his boy, enjoying the sight of a leather boy head to toe. Without warning and just because he can, Boss hauls off slapping the boy in the face, then kicks him in the balls. The boy yelps in the gag as he drops forward in pain. This makes Boss very hard as he can use this boy anyway, he wants and the boy will just take it, like the boy he is.

As the boy settles, the pain subsiding, Kieran takes a stance before his leather boy, "Tonight, is very special for you boy. I'm introducing you to members of The Jackals. You will be on your best behavior, treat them with the full respect that you provide me as they are your superiors. If you understand, then nod your head boy."

The boy nods his leather-encased head with a touch of enthusiasm that he understands. In his leather-encased head, the boy is excited to be presented to friends of his Boss.

Just because he can, the Cop kicks the boy in the balls again with his booted foot. The boy releases a heavy breath into the gag bending over. Slowly he moves back into place, breathing heavily. Instinctively the boy wants to cup his ball with his hands but cannot put himself into handcuffs after kneeling in the Cops dungeon.

He keeps his head in the downward position, listening closely through the leather as to any clue as to what the Cop Boss is doing. The Boss just watches the boy as he struggles to understand what is happening to his life as he doesn't truly understand that he is being reduced to one of an animal or object for the Cop Boss to use to his ultimate pleasure.

Cop Boss steps away, going to the cupboard, taking a clear plastic bag in his gloved hand. He returns to his boy, pulls the bag on his leathered head. The bag is loose as Cop Boss takes a belt and puts it around the boy's neck closing the bag tightly. Now the boy has restricted breathing. The boy notices that his breathing is now being controlled, slowing his breathing. The boy realizes that he has a plastic bag on his head. Though he can't see it, he can smell the plastic and feel the restriction of his air as the bag starts to be sucked into the small nose holes in the hood.

Seeing that his boy understands his situation, Cop Boss goes to the closet and prepares what the boy will be wearing for the evening.

As he lays the clothing out on the leathered sheets of the king-size bed, he keeps an eye on his boy. Slowly the air in the bag is losing its oxygen and breathing is becoming labored for the boy. It doesn't help that the boy is gagged and the plug of the gag fills his mouth so that the boy can truly only breath through the small holes in the hood at his nose.

Now that he has placed out the boy's dress for the evening with The Jackals, Boss sits on the bed and watches as the plastic bag starts to cling to the boy's head as he breaths in, trying to pull in all the useful air he can with each breath. The boy starts to waver in his kneeling position as he is getting a bit lightheaded with the slow lack of air. He moans a bit, no doubt wanting to ask for the bag to be removed but knowing he shouldn't dare ask.

Checking his watch, the Boss sees that time is moving forward and he wants to have some dinner with the boy before they meet up with The Jackals. He gives the boy a few more moments, as the bag remains snug to the boy's hooded head now, absent of air very for him to use. The leather boy starts to struggle in the cuffs, making noise through the gag, even trying to get off his knees but stopping himself from doing so. He shakes his head hoping to dislodge the plastic bag, but of course, it does no good. He trembles even more down, mumbling through the gag to be released.

The Boss just watches, kneading his manhood through his leathers. Kieran truly enjoys the struggle that he is witnessing. This is the power of being in control of a man, fuck, Kieran thinks, he is totally in control. Even the boy's breathing is now at the mercy of the man that stands up, wearing the full leather cop uniform.

The boy lets out a large yell into the gag, this signals the Cop Boss that the boy is reaching his limit. Kieran pauses for a moment, then makes his way across the floor to the boy. He reaches for the top of the bag, then waits for just a little more intense struggle from the boy then rips the bag off the boy's head.  

The boy moans in relief as the fresh air fills his lungs as fast as he can take it in through the layers of the hood and into his nose. As the boy is taking in the air, Boss kicks him in the balls again bring a large release of that fresh air as the boy falls to the floor this time. Boss kicks him once more in the stomach, then leaves the dungeon to prepare himself as the boy struggles in the cuffs, the darkness of the hood wondering what the evening will bring.

The Boss returns to the dungeon where he finds his leather boy still on the floor, not moving, just waiting as a good boy should. Cop Boss has changed out of his leathers, wearing a pair of black Wrangler jeans that stack nicely on the top of his black python cowboy boots, a red western-style shirt with black leather vest, a large silver buckle is on the leather belt around his waist. He wears tight leather gloves as a black felt cowboy hat completes his dress for the evening.

He walks up to the boy, poking his boy's body with his pointed-toed boots. The boy squirms around on the floor, not knowing where the assault of the Cop Boss's boots might come from. Boss walks around poking the boy with his boots sometimes harder than other times. At times, the boy grunts as he is poked with the boots, struggling with his hands restrained behind his back.  

Having had his fun, Cop Boss takes keys from his belt loop and unlocks the wrist cuffs, helping the boy from the floor.

He moves him to the bed, removing the gag, blindfold, and hood, as the boy adjusts to the light. Turning to see his Cop for the first time on this visit, he smiles and immediately moves his gaze downwards. Boss likes how the boy responds as he should, reaching over taking the boy's chin in his gloved hand and bring them closer together for a very hearty kiss. As they kiss the boy naturally puts his hands behind his back.

When Boss releases the kiss the boy immediately looks down at the Cop's cowboy boots.

"Sir, nice cowboy boots."

"Thank you boy, you'll be putting yours on shortly."

The boy forgets for a moment, looking up into his Cop Boss's eyes in anticipation, then quickly returns looking down at the boots.

Kieran sits next to his boy, as the leather bed creaks as his weight lands on the mattress. Placing his gloved hand on the boy's leg, Cop Boss informs his boy what is going to happen for the evening, "Tonight, is a special night for you boy. I'm introducing you to my friends in The Jackals. We are very close and all work on the force. Some of them have boys like you and they are very excited to meet the boy that has been keeping me busy for the past few months."

Mateo is not sure how to react to the privilege he is going to be experiencing this evening. Cop Boss has mentioned The Jackals on occasion, but the boy has never encountered any of them. He can tell that they are members of the unit that the Cop services in and are important to him. The boy realizes that his being granted a great opportunity to impress these men, "I will be honored to meet these men Sir."

The Cop squeezes the boy's leg with his leathered hand to let his boy know that things will go well this evening during the meeting.

"I know you will; you are making me proud right now boy…as well as very hard!", the Cop Boss chuckles and squeezes his tool through his jeans.

"I will be taking us to a bar in Yucca Valley. This isn't the official Jackals bar, but one that we enjoy on occasion when we are just out having a good time. Being that it isn't our clubhouse, leather will not be appropriate for you to wear. At least tonight. I've put together what I want you to wear. Let's get you out of your leathers and ready for a night out."

"Yes Sir," responds the boy as he stands and starts to remove his leathers. As he takes off all his leathers, he places them neatly on the bed next to what he is about to put on. Once naked, except for the cage that holds his cock and balls he stands ready. Cop Boss motions for him to start putting on what is on the bed.  

The boy puts on pair of well-worn blue Wrangler Cowboy Cut jeans that fit him snugly in the right places. The jeans have the Skoal can ring mark on the back pocket and a leather wallet chain. It takes a moment for the boy to stuff his caged cock into the jeans, but he can zip them up. He notices a wear mark on the crotch that makes the bulge that his cage stands out a bit more.

He takes a pair of white boot socks, sliding them on, then a used pair of brown leather cowboy boots. These boots are well worn, more work style than fancy dress western boots. Pulling the jeans over the top of the boots, the jeans stack as a good cowboy should have. He follows that with a black t-shirt imprinted with the blue line cop pride flag on the chest and back. After tucking the shirt into his jeans with a tooled brown leather belt, the boy finds a leather harness that he puts on over his shirt. It stands out nicely against the shirt's black, with no straps laying over the flag imprint.

Cop hands his boy a pair of well-worn buckskin leather work gloves. As this boy slides the gloves on, Cop Boss places a chain collar around the boy's neck, locking it with a large chrome padlock.
Cop Boss makes sure the lock stays visible outside the shirt. The last piece for the boy is a worn baseball cap with a police pride flag. Boss steps back, turning his boy to see himself in the mirror.  

"Now there's a boy that knows he is serving a cop and others will not mess with him.", the Cop states proudly.

The boy looks at the mirror and can't believe how simple he is dressed but how much it reflects the total control of his Cop Boss.

Kieran stands behind his boy, "So you know, these are my clothes that I've worn over the years while working out on the ranch."

The boy looks at his Boss through the reflection in the mirror, thinking of the Cop sweating in these jeans and boots, now honored to be wearing them to be present to his Boss's friends. The boy's cock starts to grow in the cage but he doesn't dare moves his hands from behind his back.

The boy also notices how he is dressed and how the Cop is dressed in black, showing his power.  
Cop Boss steps behind his boy, wrapping his arms around the chest of his cowboy, hugging him. As he does, he lowers his lips to the boy's neck, kissing and gently chewing on the tasty flesh. The boy lifts his head backward as he feels the gentle nibble into his skin along with the Boss's warms lips. As his hands are behind him, the boy reaches to feel the crotch of the Cop Boss, finding his stiff weapon behind the denim.

The Cop slides his glove hand up the boy's chest, laying the fingertips on the boy's lips, then pushing his finger into the lips of the willing boy. Sucking on the leather, the gloves have a slight taste of a cigar that the Boss smoked a few days before. The boy takes in that taste, feeling the pressure of the finger moving in and out of his lips.

Keeping his hand on the Cop's crotch, Kieran continues to pleasure the lips of the cowboy in his arms. Their encounter is getting sensual between them. As much as Kieran wants it to continue, he knows that he has to get them to the dinner in Yucca Valley.

Abruptly, Cop Boss pats the boy on the chest with his other hand, releasing his hug and pulling his hand away from the boy's lips. He steps towards the door, leaving Mateo a bit frustrated and wondering what the hell just happened. All the Cop says is, "Let's get going boy."

Kieran takes the lead, exiting the dungeon as the boy follows behind.

Kieran's black Explorer turns right off the Twentynine Palms highway in the middle of Yucca Valley, pulling into the Cactus Tavern to find the parking lot filling for a Friday night. The boy has many questions but has remained silent during the ride and their dinner. He and Kieran had a conversation about leather events, the Cop shared some of the recent arrests he made, and Mateo shared how is work was coming along.  

After they park, Boss exits his SUV as the boy climbs out of the passenger side. As they make their way to the tavern entry, Kieran stops his boy, lifting his chin to stare him in his brown eyes.

"Remember who you are, remember who your serve and remember who you represent." The Cop leans in and kisses Mateo to provide his boy with confidence as the Cop knows meeting The Jackals will be intense for his boy.

Kieran continues, "I know you'll make me damn proud fucker and these guys are going to be jealous to see you as my boy."

Cop Boss takes a hold of his boy on the back of his neck as he guides the boy into the tavern.

They enter the rustic, dated tavern that is busy because it is a Friday night. The country music is loud as the chatter among the patrons just as loud. Mateo looks around as the Boss leads them into the main area of the bar. Releasing his hold on the boy's neck, the Boss continues forward as the boy pauses to take in his environment. Turning to see his boy gazing around the tavern, Kieran smiles, glad to see that the boy takes the time to know the lay of the land he has stepped into.

As he looks around, the boy catches his Boss's eye and proceeds to catch up with the Boss. Cop Boss moves forward towards a back area in the bar with seating and a pool table. As Boss approaches a booth with several guys sitting he smiles, and they shake hands while standing, greeting, and hugging each other.

These are some of the guys from The Jackals that work with Kieran. At the center is Captain Kevin Morris, with Sgts. Buckmaster and Woo next to him and Officer Olguin drinking a beer. They are all in casual street clothes as they are off duty for the night. Boss sits and the men go silent and look up at Mateo who stands alone, placing his hands behind his back while pushing his chest forward, becoming self-conscious with their stares. Not sure what to do as they check him out, the boy starts to kneel while looking at his Cop Boss. Cop Boss motions for the boy to keep standing, which he does.

"Gentlemen, this is my boy, Mateo.", the members of The Jackals nod as Kieran introduces his boy, proudly. The members look over the boy and acknowledge him.  

"Nice bulge you got there boy.", notes Sergeant Buckmaster with humor. The boy adjusts his stance some in his boots, a bit embarrassed by the Sargent's comment. The others chuckle at the boy's awkwardness.

"How about your boy get us all beers?" suggests the Captain.

"You heard him boy.", commands Cop Boss as he looks directly into his boy's eyes. The boy starts to move towards the bar then pauses, remembering that his wallet is back in the dungeon.  

Seeing his boy pause, Kieran asks, "What's the problem, boy?"

With a slight stammer, Mateo answers, "Sir, my wallet is back at the dung--, at your place Sir."

"You've got a wallet boy, hanging from the chain.", Kieran nods his head towards the wallet on the chain in the back pocket of the boy's Wranglers.

The boy reaches for the wallet, opening it to find his driver's license and money. He looks at his Cop Boss, with a slight smile, impressed that his Boss thought of making sure he was prepared to pay for the beers. Quickly the boy heads to the bar to get The Jackals beers. They all laugh as Mateo moves to the bar.  

With small talk between them, they silence upon the return of the boy and the beers. After the boy has placed the beers before all of The Jackals, he returns to the attention stance at the end of the table.

"Let me introduce these men to you boy.", starts Kieran. "In the center is Captain Kevin Morris." Mateo looks at the Captain, a man nearing sixty, with silver hair cut short, a silver goatee, blue eyes and a face that has been weathered by being stationed in the desert for many decades. He wears a blue checkered flannel shirt, with jeans and work boots. The Captain nods at the boy as he is introduced.

 Kieran continues the introductions, "Then there is Sergeant Nathan Buckmaster and Officer Santiago Olguin." Mateo turns his gaze to see these two sheriffs. Sergeant Nathan is dressed in riding leathers, with a black Harley eagle t-shirt. Mateo noticed a nice Harley in blue parked outside the tavern and believes that Sergeant Nathan probably rides as he seems to be the same age as Kieran, with a shaved head, blue eyes, being of Irish descent. Nathan takes a sip of his beer as he nods his head to acknowledge the boy.

Next to the Sergeant is Officer Olguin, wearing black jeans, a Mojave department athletic shirt in white and his black duty boots on his feet. Olguin is the officer in The Jackals, having been assigned to their precinct two years ago. He is fifteen years younger than Kieran, as his first placement after college and the academy was in the desert. Of Hispanic heritage, his father was on the Los Angeles Police for many decades and gave Santiago the desire to follow in his father's boot steps.

"Lastly, this is Sergeant Paul Woo, a fellow motor patrol member, like me.", concludes Kieran.

The boy sees that Sergeant sits next to his Boss and nods to him in respect. Being of Chinese heritage, Paul is the first in his family to leave their agriculture business in the great valley of Central California. He keeps his black hair in a flattop, with a few flecks of gray in his temples, he has a mustache and keeps himself fit. His tight Under Armor white shirt shows his well build chest and tests the limits of his shirt sleeves. He wears Adidas sweatpants of black with the blue three stripes down the legs, ending at his white Stan Smiths.

After the introductions, the Cop Boss gives the boy an order, "You can kneel there boy."

The boy does, putting his hands behind his back while lowering his gaze to the floor.

As the men watch, a couple of them are impressed with the boy's training, letting Kieran know they are awed. For a while, the men catch up with each other, talking about their time on duty, things going on while off duty. Mateo tries not to listen but decides he should stay somewhat focused if he receives an order to fetch the cops another round of beers. As he stays aware, he perceives the conversation as it turns to him.

"Kieran, your boy is well trained for being with you for such a short time.", states the Captain.

"Thank you, Sir, he has impressed me with how quick he learns and his desire to please me." Kieran smiles as he glances at his kneeling boy then returns his gaze to his Captain.

Flipping Officer Santiago some shit, Sergeant Nathan comments. "Your boy could learn from this one, Santiago." They laugh as the Officer doesn't appreciate the dig at his Mastering skills but doesn't respond.

Kieran likes that his boy keeps his gaze down but can sense the dialog involving his boy so he provides the boy with permission to look at the men when they speak to him. Mateo raises his head, a bit embarrassed but with a slight smile of pride.

Nathan turns to the boy, "Santiago has had his boy for about six months now and he has had some challenging times with him, boy."

As Nathan ends his sentence, Mateo nods to let the sheriff know he heard what he said.

The Captain snaps his fingers, getting the boy to look at him, "You stick with Cop Kieran and you won't have those troubles.", states the Captain.

Turning his attention to Santiago, the Captain states, "You know we're just giving you shit Santi. You've done a great job with your boy and he does your proud."

The Captain looks back at the kneeling boy, "Kieran has his work before him to get a boy so well trained. They are still in the honeymoon phase."

Kieran smiles at the description from his Captain, a bit pissed that the Captain seems to suggest his mastering style is lacking. Looking at his boy, Kieran is very proud, as he thinks back to just two hours ago when they were in each other's arms in the dungeon.

The Captain interrupts Kieran's reflection, "Look at this boy, his cock is probably straining in that cage he has on under his jeans. He's kneeling before a bunch of cops, kneeling in a bar filled with other cops and civilians."

Mateo thinks to himself as he hears what the Captain states, that indeed he is struggling with his manhood growing in the steel tube that his Cop Boss has locked him into. The cops are hotter than fuck, but none hotter than the man he serves, the motor cop Kieran.

The Jackals raise their beers, taking a drink as they tease the boy kneeling before them. After their observations, the boy looks around the bar and notices no one looking at him kneeling. It seems weird that a guy kneeling in a bar wouldn't be noticed but truly, no one seems to care. The boy returns his gaze to the floor which he now sees isn't the cleanest in the world.  

The members of The Jackals start to question the boy, requiring him to look them in the eyes as they interview him and get to know the potential boy they might be taking into their gang.  

Kieran just sits back and watches his boy handle himself in front of the cops. The questions go from light information to in-depth detailed information that one doesn't usually share with strangers.
But the boy trusts these men because they are friends with his Cop Boss. Through the questioning, the boy has fetched several rounds of beer for The Jackals. After retrieving the beers, the boy kneels again as the questioning continues.  

Mateo is becoming exhausted by the interrogation by The Jackals, with his knees getting sore as he has been kneeling on the hard, dirty painted concert floor for a couple of hours. The pace of questioning quickens, and it becomes more and more an interrogation. The boy sweats a bit as he tries to keep up with questioning that is getting very personal. Mateo tries not to hesitate, but the questions get really inside the boy's mind and emotions as The Jackals get very harsh in how they ask their questions.
Finally, the interrogation ends, as The Jackals go silent taking drinks from their beers. They just stare at the boy, making him self-conscious again. His eyes dart between the men sitting before him, trying to anticipate what might happen next. But they just remain silent, so Mateo lowers his gaze back to the floor.

After a long awkward period of silence from The Jackals, the Captain stands and suddenly everyone in the bar starts making their way to the exit, the music stops and lights go down except in the back part of the bar where the men sit and the boy kneels. The boy can't believe this is happening, keeping his sight downwards. The Jackals stay in place as the bar empties and soon they are alone.  

Being able to exit the booth, Officer Olguin stands and pulls a pair of handcuffs from behind his back. He goes to the boy, quickly cuffing his hands behind him. The Officer pushes the boy to the floor where Officer Olguin takes a couple of cable ties, wrapping the boy's ankles then putting him in a hogtie on the dirty floor. The boy notices the Officer is wearing black duty boots as he stands to the boy's side. That is when the boy feels the splash as the Officer is pissing on the boy, soaking his back, hands, and head. The piss runs under the boy's hat and shaved head, pooling under his face on the dirty concrete floor.  
In order, each of The Jackals members makes their way out of the booth, moving to the hogtied boy, then unloads their beer-tainted piss on the boy, soaking him in cop piss. The boy makes sure to keep his eyes closed but takes a glance between each flow to see who might be pissing on him but only sees their boot and shoes.

Lastly, the boy sees the boots of his Cop Boss, the python cowboy boots, as Cop Boss unloads his piss on his captive boy. The men all leave with the boy remaining hogtied on the floor, dripping of piss. Only the Captain remains. The Captain slides out of the booth, goes to one of the single wood chains and brings it near the boy, sitting.  

"Look at you, soaked in piss on that filthy floor. Just where you should be, right boy?"

The boy answers with a "Yes Sir." Mateo is very humbled, but he knows to keep his wits about him, he is a sub to his Cop Boss and will make sure he impresses this man that is no doubt important to The Jackals and his Boss.

"Start licking my boots, piss boy.", the Captain firmly commands.

The boy worms his way to the Captain's boots and starts licking.

"You beginning to understand what you're getting yourself into boy?"

As he continues to lick the boy answers the Captain in the affirmative.

"We are a group of cops called The Jackals and we take guys like you that need to serve powerful men like us, enslave you to our service. Not every man wants to be pissed on, worming their way on a dirty bar floor, and licking the boots of a cop. But yet here you are. Get working on my soles, boy. This is why I only wear boots with waffle soles, more for the boy to work on.

You'll find some good dirt in there for your tongue to work on."

The boy struggles as his breathing is difficult while being hogtied on his chest. Plus he is having to work the soles of the Captain's boots, working the narrow space of the waffle soles, as the piss is soaking into his clothes.

"I know you've committed to your Boss, but I need to make sure you are truly committed, boy, to The Jackals. Will you do whatever your Boss requires of you, thus making sure you make him proud, boy?"

"Yes Sir.", the boy firmly states as he struggles to continue his worship of the soiled work boots.

"That's Captain to you boy."

"Yes Captain.", the boy corrects himself and is resolute in his response.

"I know that Kieran has not shared with you much about The Jackals, but we are a proud group of men that believe in the law and the power of serving in the force. We maintain our world tightly. Few can be a Jackal. Some of us have slaves, like you. We mentioned Officer Olguin has a boy. Your Cop has been looking for a few years, having been through a few boys but they never reached the point you are currently at, boy. You should be very proud of what your Cop has given you and that you have made it this far."

"Yes, Captain."

"I'm going to take you back to Kieran's place in a few minutes boy. But you need to know that you will never upset your Cop or me. When you serve him, you serve us. There is much you will learn in the coming days. Your life is going to change fucker, you'll become more than you ever dreamed."
The Captain kicks the boy in the side, causing him to struggle in a bit of pain in the hogtie. Reaching down, the Captain cuts the zip ties but leaves the cuffs on the boy.  

"Get up boy and let's get going."

The Captain makes his way towards the exit of the bar, as the boy struggles to get on his feet while sliding on the piss-soaked floor. He slides himself to the booth where he makes his way to his booted feet, trotting to keep up with the Captain.  

Getting outside there is only one vehicle left in the parking lot. It is a silver Ford F-350 with a shell on the back. The Captain goes to the tailgate, opening it then lifting the door on the shell. The boy makes way to the side of the Captain, looking into the truck camper he sees there is a dog carrier strapped in the back. The boy hesitates a bit.

"You think I'm putting a piss-soaked piece of shit like you in my truck cab?", the Captain stares at the boy, letting him know that he means business and the boy is going to be traveling like a dog

The boy sits on the tailgate, sliding into the truck bed as well as he can while cuffed. He slides his body so that he gets to the opening of the cage, squeezing his body into the bars that surround him. It is a tight fit, but he can make his way backward, so his face looks to the wire gate shut and locked with a Masterlock. Slamming the tailgate and shell cover closed, the Captain makes his way to the driver's side, starting up the engine and then pulling out of the parking lot with the boy caged in the back in the dark.