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jonas - part two

Laying on the bed in the rubber drysuit, hooded in rubber and in heavy iron shackles I just listened as I heard the garage door open, then close. Shortly after Jonas was standing over me. He had a heavy chain attached to the steel collar with a Master lock and tugged on it to get me off the bed. He smiled at me, "Oh you're going to like what happens next boy." He turned and led me down the hallway and into the garage.  

Jonas had pulled his truck into my garage with the bed towards the door. He tugged on the chain and instructed me to climb into the back. I turned to look at him, questioning his order.  

"Listen, you're not in any real position to question anything I want you to do. You're locked in that suit until I decide you will come out of it. So, get in the fucking truck bed on your back."

He was sounding more forceful than he had in the past. He was right also as the steel on my limbs and the collar would keep me locked in the rubber. I was beginning to sweat as the garage was very hot as the desert sun was setting. I climbed, settling on my back. As I turned around, I could feel some of the sweat run over me and pooling under my back. Jonas climbed in after me, taking a small black bag he pulled out some heavy locks. Taking my hands, he pulled them away from my body and there were short chains attached to the truck bed. Jonas pulled them tightly, secured my wrists to them, and then did the same with my ankles. He lifted the tailgate and then pulled the chain on the steel collar to a hook in the tailgate that he locked.

"From this point on you don't need to see what happens next. Enjoy the ride."

Jonas took a duct tape roll and placed several strips over the eyes of the hood. I struggled a little but the chain still wasn't going to let me do much. I heard him move around a bit with his boots on the metal of the truck bed. Then he hopped out and soon he was getting into the truck and the garage door was opening. I later learned that he had put a cover over the bed so his captive wouldn't be seen. He pulled out of the garage and I heard the door close behind us.  

It was Summer in the desert, so the sun was still up. As he drove, I hoped there would be a breeze, but with the cover over me there was no air circulation and I was sweating heavily into the rubber. It was a strange sensation moving while encased in rubber and chained. I would slide a little during stops and starts but not too much as the chains kept me in place.

I had no idea of our destination, of course I had only my sense of feeling as he drove. For all I know he could be driving in circles and I wouldn't know. Eventually we came to a stop and it lasted longer than normal. The engine was turned off and I listened through the rubber covering my ears to see if I could hear anything that would tell me where we were. With the tube in my mouth from the hood, I could not speak. I also was sure that Jonas didn't want me to be saying anything. I kept thinking that Jonas would come and release me, but he never did. Time passed and what I thought would be a few minutes had to be an hour or more. It was getting very hot in the gear I was locked in and I think he had parked in the sun on purpose. Even though I had been sweating like crazy I also had to pee. I had been holding it for a while but decided to let go when I could hold it no longer. It joined the piss from the other guy and was initially warm as it poured over my balls, pooling under my back.

This time alone was going on much longer than I expected. This was when I realized that I wouldn't be controlling the events in the next few hours. Jonas once mentioned that he thought of me as an object and here I was in the back of his truck.

I had lost any thought when I heard the truck door shut and the engine start. Off we were again to who knows where. He drove around for a long while and eventually came to a stop again. After hearing the truck door, I heard him remove the cover and he stepped into the bed as his booted feet thumped on the bed. He sat on me and asked how I was doing. I nodded that I was doing ok. He patted my chest and said he was glad.  

"I really enjoyed my dinner knowing you were just a rubber object chained outside in my truck. To be honest with you I wish we had tight rubber to put you in but perhaps we can work on that for the future and a longer experience. I will go in to see if they are ready for you. I parked in this shade this time, so you'll be ok."

He padded my face this time and climbed out of bed. I don't think he put the cover on and just left me exposed. It didn't seem as hot so he must have parked in the shade to keep it cool for me. My throat was getting dry as I filled this suit with sweat. He had left the tape over my eyes so I was still blind.

Soon he returned and I could feel him release the locks and chains that held me in place. After releasing my wrists, I stretched them to get the feeling back. That was followed by my ankles. He unlocked the chain on the collar, helped me sit up, and slid out of the truck bed. As I stood the chain from the collar dangled loosely as I was reminded how heavy the steel restraints were on my arms and legs.

Grabbing the collar chain, he tugged on it and I started walking forward. The sweat and piss had moved down into my boots and I could hear them slosh as I walked. I was still blinded so it was difficult walking as I had to trust where he was going. Soon we had to be in a building as things felt much cooler and there was air conditioning.  

I couldn't hear much through the hood as he led me across a room, through a door and around a few corners. Eventually he had me sit on a small stool that was placed so I could lean against a wall. The steel cuffs on my ankles were secured on both sides of the small stool so I wouldn't be moving. The three other steel restraints were removed. I felt Jonas lift my arms and in short order he was sliding a heavily padded leather straitjacket on me. He wasn't gently fitting it on me, making it very snug and adding to the heat surrounding me with the rubber I was in. The straitjacket was then secured to the wall with locks and straps. A harness was placed over my hood that was secured so my head couldn't move. I was very stationary and heavily secured. Also, I was in a rubber dry suit, rubber piss hood and leather straitjacket, blind to the outside world. I heard nothing, not even Jonas leaving. At least wherever I was wasn't in the sun and was much cooler than I had been.  

A while went by and soon Jonas was removing the tape from the eyes of the hood. He was smiling as he looked at me.  "You like your experience boy?"

I nodded in the affirmative.

"Sorry you're gagged but that is how things worked out. Eventually I'll let you speak but you don't need to say anything right now."
I nodded again.

"I’m not sure what I want to do with you now. See you’re pretty well secured, as you can tell, because you will be the centerpiece at tonight’s Fetish night at the bar.”

I was surprised, and he smiled as he saw my eyes open wide and moan in the gag. As I looked around, I could see I was in the bar bathroom, between two urinals.

“The night is early, but you are here to promote Fetish night. I contacted the owners and they loved the idea of you being an object. They think you begged for this position. You’re gagged so you won’t be able to say any different.”

Jonas lifted his booted foot and placed it on my cock and balls through the rubber crotch of the suit.

“My dilemma is that I don’t know if I want you to see the guys that will use you as a urinal.”

He stepped harder on my balls and I moaned into the gag of the hood.

“I like the idea of a guy pissing in you as your balls squeeze and you moan, unable to stop the piss from flowing. And you know eventually you’ll be letting loose with your own piss in that suit.”

He laughed. Then he held up the duct tape again.  

“Yes boy, I’ve decided you’re an object, so you don’t need to know who uses you. And used you will be.”

With that he pulled the tape and covered the eyes again. Jonas tapped my cheek and rubbed my head and I heard his boots as he walked off.

It took a while but eventually the guys started showing up and needing to use the urinals. Most were afraid to use an object like me, so it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Eventually a few guys did use me, one got off on kicking my balls and I ended up choking on his piss. Another poured his beer down the spout and into me. That started to give me a slight buzz. Sometimes a few guys must have been in line as the piss was constantly flowing; other times it was a long time between my use.  

Eventually, I felt a pat on my head and heard Jonas's voice. He told me I had been locked up at the urinal for 4 hours. He would release me so I could enjoy some of the gatherings. He mentioned it was a good crowd and thought I would enjoy seeing all the guys in their gear. Slowly he undid the restraints and then removed the tape from the eyes of the hood. He helped me stand and all the sweat and piss in the suit ran into the boots. He then removed the straightjacket. I motioned my head wondering if he was going to remove the hood.

“Oh no, you’re still an object, just one that can move around.”  He introduced me to Max a friend of his. Max handed Jonas the heavy steel restraints, which were returned to my wrists and ankles. Jonas took hold of the chain on the collar and pulled me out of the bathroom and into the bar's main room.

As I was led in, there was a loud cheer and a few moans. Some of the guys patted me on the back, while I felt my ass squeezed several times. Jonas led me over to a table and had me stand. He went to the bar and returned with a water bottle. I was very glad to see that, and he quickly poured it into the trough at the front of the hood and I drank it down. The cool water tasted wonderful and did help to cool me down just a little bit.  

While I was still trapped in the dry suit, it was a bit cooler in the main part of the bar. Looking at all the guys was enjoyable. Some in elaborate leathers and sports gear, others in harnesses and shorts. As I was standing there, Jonas rubbed his hands on me, caressing me and letting me know he was glad I was there. He talked mostly with his friend and other guys that came around. Several would admire me and ask about me. It was like I wasn’t there, but I couldn’t speak. Jonas got another bottle of water for me and I downed it quickly. While it was nice to taste the cold water, I knew I would be wallowing in it later. It seemed like I was separated from the rest of those there as I was totally sealed into the suit, hood and heavy restraints. Jonas turned to me and smiled, looking at his handy work. He took me in his cop arms and hugged me a lot. Carefully I rubbed his head to not hit him with the steel on my wrists. We started to make out session there in front of everyone. This cop making out with his rubber object.  

The night went on and eventually I could see Jonas getting tired. I was too as this heavy suit and restraints were taking a toll on me. Jonas talked to his friend, then he took hold of the chain and we were on our way out of the club. He led me to the back of his truck, and I knew where I was going for the ride home. As I climbed in and laid on my back, sweat and piss flowed over my body and settled in a pool I soaked in. Jonas attached all the restraints as he did before and installed the cover. He let me have my eyesight this time. In a matter of moments, we were on the road again.

I couldn’t see where we were going as the cover allowed no light at night. Things were certainly cooler than when we headed out to the club and I could sometimes feel a breeze when we was traveling at higher speeds.

Sooner than I expected we came to a stop and I heard Jonas exit the truck. But he didn’t come to me and I didn’t remember hearing a garage door open. After a few minutes the cover was removed. Jonas and his friend Max climbed into the truck's bed and started to release me. Once released they helped me sit up and climb out of the truck. That is when I saw that we weren’t at my house but at someone else’s. I figured we must be at Max’s place. I looked at Jonas with a question and he smiled.

“I told you when you went into that suit you were going into it for a long time. You think I’m done with you. Not by a long shot.”
He grabbed the chain and pulled me along and into the back door of Max’s house.  

There was a short hallway then another heavier metal door and soon we were in a full-fledged dungeon. Max had every piece of bondage and leather gear one could imagine. Jonas allowed me just a brief amount of time to look around before he pulled on the chain and had me kneel before him.  

“It’s late and we need to prepare you for sleep. You’re locked in that suit for the night and you need to go into storage. In a moment I’m going to take off the hood, you are not to speak. Do you understand?”

I nod my head, understanding what command.


Taking keys from his duty belt, Jonas unlocked the steel collar and removed it from my neck. I could feel the pressure off my shoulder immediately. He removed the hood attached to the suit and then unlocked and removed the rubber piss hood and the inflatable gag. For the first time I felt cool air touch my shaved head and some of the sweat roll down my face. I took a deep breath in but didn’t say a word. I looked directly at Jonas to show him that I appreciated all this work with me. He bent down and gave me a kiss. As he was kissing me, I had the first smell of the insides of the suit I was in as it loses around my neck. After kissing, Jonas stroked my head with his gloved hand and inserted his fingers for me to suck on. He stood with his uniform zipper directly in my face. I looked up at him and Jonas smiled as his gloved hand slowly lowered his zipper and he pulled out his hard cock. We had never gone this far, and he was good-sized. His gloved hands took hold of my head and pulled me closer as I opened my mouth and went his cock. Slowly, he guided my head back and forth to provide his cock slow growing pleasure. I made sure that my teeth never touched his cock as he mentioned how good of cock sucker I was.

“Fuck boy.”, was all he said as he stopped me. He just held me on his cock and emptied his bladder into me.

“Everyone got to use you boy; why shouldn’t I give you the extra pleasure of taking your Master’s piss.

And piss he did, he must have been holding it forever. I couldn’t keep up at times, but he never let go and held me tight to his crotch, his balls at my chin. Finally, the flow ended, and he slowly pulled out as I took care of a few drops on the tip of his cock.
As I was catching my breath, Jonas quickly pulled the rubber hood that was part of the suit back onto my head. Then he started putting a heavy leather hood on me. It has many straps but no eye holes, with only a small grommet at the nose and a space for a gag. He strapped it up snuggly, followed by an inflatable gag with a short tube. It was strapped tightly also as it kept my mouth filled. He pumped it a few times to fill even more of my mouth. I was now blind and speechless. I couldn’t believe it, but he worked a leather muzzle over the hood to keep the gag in. He strapped the muzzle up and I heard locks on the straps. I was truly fucked now as my head was fully encased. Then he returned the steel collar. Having me stand he led me a short distance and had me turn and stand. That is when he reached behind me and opened the zipper at my ass, exposing it and pulling the zip around until my cock and balls were exposed. The cool air against my skin felt good, and most liquids had gone into the boots because I was standing.

He grabbed my shoulders and directed me backward until the boots met a wall or boards. He had me sit and that is when I felt the butt plug under me. I stood again and he pushed me down with more force. I never did much ass action so my hole was very tight. The plug felt big as he pushed me on it again, the end entering my hole. He was gentle yet forceful as I knew he would have me sitting on this thing. His hands left my shoulders for a moment and I heard duct tape. That is when the grommet hole was covered and my breathing became labored.

“Sit on that fucking thing boy and I’ll let you breathe.”

He was upping the ante and I worked hard to get the plug in my ass as my breathing became more difficult. He no longer helped me, and it was up to me to finish this task. I moved up and down to work my ass open, but he then grabbed me and shoved me down on it. I moaned loudly in the gag and I swear I saw stars in the darkness I was in. But I was now down, and my ass was filled. Jonas worked some straps across my legs, locking the ankle restraints to the wood and making sure I wouldn’t be standing anytime soon. Next, he took my wrists and locked them to the sides of the space I was sitting in. It was a tight fit and he used straps to secure other parts of my arms.  

I felt his gloved hands on my cock and balls and soon he was working them into a chastity cage. It was tight, small and made of metal which added weight. I moaned as his hands fumbled, squeezed and manipulated them to fit into the cage and lock it. He took the suit zipper and closed it over the cage on my cock and got it as close as possible to the plug in my ass. He took a few more straps that secured my torso to the wall. I felt something press against the toes of the boots and I realized I was going into a wood gimp box.  

Next came the top part behind my neck and the final piece that slid under the metal collar and my chin. This pulled my head up and caused pain as it stretched me.

“You’re locked in the gimp box for the night. You’re nicely plugged and now you can rest. You can piss yourself all night. Think about me in my uniform sleeping in a nice comfortable bed the AC keeping me cool. You will be here sweating in the tight space; your muscle will probably cramp, and your ass and cock will remind you of your position in life. Sleep well gimp, if you can.”

I heard him lock several locks to the box then his booted feet left the room with the door shut.

I struggled a bit and moaned for mercy in the gag, but I’m sure he was gone, and he wasn’t going to change his mind. I did indeed for that plug in my ass and it was going to hurt. I tried to relax as I didn’t want things to cramp. I was in the dark and felt like an object Jonas was having fun with. For all we talked about I never thought he would have done this to me. But I shouldn’t have thought of that because it got me to think about what Jonas would do in the morning. Or whenever he decides to release me from this suit.


signed ty dehner books


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