Twenty years ago, our homeland was rocked by an unthinkable event. As the events sank in, my mind thought about those couples that may have been affected by this tragedy, what was going through their minds. This is the story that i created.

The sweat was pouring from under my helmet, washing away pieces of the dirt and grit from my face.  Every muscle in my body ached, but I couldn’t give up now.  Everyone has one goal in mind right now.  This work, nearly 48 hours straight of it, was taking our minds off the bigger picture.  I hadn’t been out of my fireman coat since the call came in, it weighs a ton on me right now, but it protected me from the small falling pieces of concrete and glass.  I don’t know how all this finally happened, and it is beyond any of our imaginations that we are searching and digging in such desperation, but we are not giving up; we can’t.  We are firemen and dedicated to our fellow firemen and first responders.


As I wiped the sweat away from my eyes, I’m sure the grit smeared across my face.  But there are so many layers of it what does it matter.  The sun was setting on the second day since something happened that would forever change me.  I was so focused on my digging that I didn’t feel the Captain grab my shoulder at first.  He yelled at me over the machinery that motored on everywhere around us.  He finally got my attention and told me it was time for me to head home and get rest.  I shook him off, but he ordered me to get my ass out of there and home.  He knew I wanted to stay but also knew that I needed the rest.


I was numb as I climbed off the rubble and headed home, leaving the site behind.  It took a good hour to get out, as my fellow members hugged, asked questions and voiced concern and questions on other members we knew.  A part of me was ready to shut this all out and be alone. 


I don’t know why, but I headed straight home in my full turnout gear.  There was dust and grit everywhere I traveled, so I didn’t stand out much.  At times someone would stop me and thank me for what we had done or prayed for me, while others would smile and cheer for me.  Had I missed something here?  What was going on?  I had been so entrenched in my work at the site, I didn’t know what was happening in the world.  Then my heart stopped as I walked by a Marine in his green ACU’s.  How could I have forgotten the one I love so much?  My pace picked up as I headed the final mile to our apartment.  Through all this shit, what happened to him? Is he safe?


I burst through our apartment door to find it feeling warmer and safer than I had felt in a few hours.  It was dark outside, and the apartment had a warm glow in it.   As I shut the door and set my helmet on the table, I spotted his dog bowl on the kitchen floor with some half-eaten food in it.  Damn, where was he and is he ok?


I came into the living room, and tears filled my eyes; there in the center of the room was he.  Kneeling, facing towards me, hooded and blindfolded but not gagged, naked, waiting for me.  I held back my tears as my joy filled my heart, knowing he was safe.  Slowly, without a word, I approached him and took his head in my hands and brought him closer to me.  I heard him whisper, “Thank God.”  His arms came up and grabbed my legs, and he brought me closer to him.  I stroked his hooded head with my hands, leaning down to kiss his leathered head.  My boy was safe, I was safe, and together we were safe.

I moved towards my chair and sat; the boy released me and started working on my boots.  I know he couldn’t see the dirt, and I thought about stopping him since it was thick. But at this point, I think he really needed that security of cleaning my boots.  His naked body was covered with dirt from my bunker gear and I sort of liked seeing him like that. I laid back and enjoyed the comfort of this chair, resting my body.  The boy did one of the best jobs ever on my boots, slowly working up and down the rubber.  I could smell the rubber again as his warm tongue brought life to it.  He gripped each boot in his hands as if they were pillars of support for him.  I reached down grabbing his head, and brought him up into my jacket.  Laying him close to my chest, I closed the coat around him, and I heard him whimper inside.  His arms reached around me and tightly gripped me.  I know the smell of my sweat must be strong in there, but he wanted that right now.  His tears brought forth my tears.  Gently kissing his head through my coat, I whisper in his ear, “I love you, boy.”


That brought forth a cascade of tears from my boy and then me.  How could I have forgotten about this beautiful boy?  I’ve dealt with tragedies before, but this one took everything from me.  Except for my boy, no one would ever take that from me.  From under the coat, his arm opened it, and he raised his hooded head.  Removing the blindfold, our eyes looked upon each other, and, in that instance, we knew we were safe.  All I could do was reach for his lips with mine and kiss him with passion and desire.  I stroked his naked body and leathered head as he stroked under my coat.  When we finally released, through his tears, he explained what had happened.


“When they allowed me to come home, I came straight here.  I was so afraid of you not being here.  And when you weren’t, I could only put on this hood to feel secure.  I locked it on, knowing that you were the only one with the key.  You would return and release me from it.  I knew it.”


“You’ve been in it the whole time?”


“Yes, Sir.  To honor you, I ate as a pup also.  I know I don’t do it all the time, but I know how much you enjoy that, and I had to do things that I know you enjoy.  I did things that would bring you home, and damn if you aren’t here now.”


I don’t know why, but my dick was growing my pants; I knew there was a reason why I collared this boy two years ago.  He believes in me so much, and his faith is so strong.  Sometimes it overpowers me but damn, if it doesn’t make me stronger.  


“Right now, boy, we need some security.  There is nothing in this world that will take you away from me or me away from you.  Nothing, you got that.” he knew I was serious and started kissing me again. 


He started removing my jacket, and I helped him out, and it fell to the floor; next came my boots and bunker pants.  I commended him on the job he did on the boots and pushed him to the floor.  As the filthy gear was removed from my still sore body, an animal was growing in me.  There was anger, thinking that someone would take this fine love away from me.  There was lust, for no one could do this to me. There was an escape, for the realities were just outside and be back in our lives when the sun rose.  I reached in the small drawer and pulled out some rope.  I was sore, but I was alive again.  I grabbed my boy and roughed him around on the floor.  Eventually, I got his hands behind his back and tied his wrists tight.  Another piece of rope took care of his ankles, and in a few seconds, my leather hooded boy was in a nice hogtie.  Lying beside him, stroking his beautiful skin, he was moaning.  I grabbed my sock, pulling it off my foot and stuffed it in his mouth.  It filled it rather nicely.  Gently putting my head on my hand, I felt so wonderful at this point, something I was sure I would not feel just an hour ago.  That round ass of his looked so inviting, my hand smacked it sharply, and he jerked in his bondage.  It felt good to release that, so another smack landed loudly on his ass. 


Fuck, that was great, another strike leaving a nice red print on his tanned ass.  I needed one more hit, then another.  Sitting up, I could get a better hit.  Something was coming up inside me, as my boy was moaning and at times yelling into the sock that stuffed his mouth.  One hand was followed by another, then back again, over and over.  His ass had to hurt like hell now.  Then I stopped myself, fuck!  I was hurting my boy over the events that had taken him from me in the last hours.  I reached down and grabbed this bound love of mine and held him so tight.  I was in tears as I told him I was so sorry and regretted hurting him.  His breathing was heavy, but he was silent.  I begged for his forgiveness and kissed him on his leathered head.


Laying him back down, I gently stroked his smooth, shaved skin and tender ass.  I worked my way up to his body, and he struggled in the bondage that held him safe.  He is such a sensitive boy that my mere touch makes him squirm in the ropes.  Slowly I removed the sock from his mouth, and he tells me something, quietly, “Fuck me, Sir.”


I shake my head no, as I had just taken my anger out on him when I said I would never do that.  “Please, Sir,” he whispers his plea as I press my hand against his lips.  “I can’t boy, it isn’t what you deserve.”


“Sir, I need you inside me tonight.  I need you in me more…” his voice trails off.  Damn, feeling my dick, it is hard and wants to enter the safe hole of my boy.  I tell myself to stop thinking and go with the emotions that are driving this evening.  We both need to feel each other.  We are alive.  Reaching down under my boy, I feel his hard dick also.  There is no choice in this.  There are moments when things come together to make each person strong and make a bond between two in love so strong that nothing can break it.  This is that moment.  I begin untying his ankles from his wrists.  In the morning, the sun will rise, and we will face a new day.  He will return to his unit in uniform and perhaps be taken from me in service that I prayed would never occur to some far-off place, alone.  I will be alone myself, deeply entrenched in my work.


I straddle him, a sliver of pre-cum drops from my dick and lands on his ass, a simple string that is between us.  There is hatred outside; sometimes, it overtakes our hearts.  In moments like this that I share with my boy, there is love.  I lower, placing my dick against my boy’s ass, and gently push forward.   Strong love gives in to no one, no event, not even time.  There might be a changing world out there, but I know our love will never change.  There will be another moment like this for us, but for now, we live this one.  No one will take that from us.