dominating defense

The first chapter of the new novel by ty dehner
Coming November 2022

With his head bobbing to the beat of the music coming from the speakers in his SUV, Austin Dougherty's mind was not focused on the road passing under the tires of his Carmine Red Porsche Cayenne. Heading east through Banning, California on Interstate 10, the cruise control was set at eighty since Austin has several freeway lanes to himself as the concrete ribbon cuts through the pass between San Gorgonio Mountain on the north and Mount San Jacinto to the south.

The sun had set a few hours ago, as it is February in Riverside county. The air is mild for winter, but it is warmer than the fog shrouded beaches that line the ocean of Los Angeles. The SUV headlights shine a path forward as the sound of the concrete pads run under the vehicle, sometimes almost matching the rhythm of the music that helps Austin forget the last practice session for the winter vacation that all of the pro football league is going on. The practice session was intense this day, Austin's body having been roughed up while working hard to maintain his position on the team as a linebacker, number sixty-four. The six-one, 245-pound career player was running through the plays and mistakes he created during practice.

Having not shaved in a few days, which Austin seldom does until game day, the football player is wearing a loose set of Adidas sweats that are well used. Passing on showering at the practice facility, Austin just wanted to get home, eat some food prepared by his chef, and crash in his bed watching some mindless streaming television.

After signing with the San Diego Sailors two years ago with the largest contract of his career, Austin decided he wanted some land away from the ocean. While he could afford the beachfront, the beach was always crowded, and Austin wanted some peace and quiet. After searching for many weeks, the football pro discovered his dream home in the desert heaven of Palm Springs. Austin laughed after signing the paperwork as he was a gay football player living in a town that is heavily gay. He wondered if anyone might think it was a hint as to his sexuality since Austin only shared that information with a select few friends and family.

The sport of professional football had come a long way, but it was still a challenge to be out and proud in the league. At times, Austin was disappointed in himself for keeping it all a secret, and any relationship always ended because the man he was with wanted to be open. Austin just couldn't allow himself to be that free.

Going through his recollections on the major screw-ups at practice today, Austin took a few moments before noticing the flashing red and blue lights coming up behind him. As the patrol motorcycle pulled closer, its siren broke through the heavy beat of the music that filled Austin's SUV.

Check his mirror several times; the siren reached a higher level than the singing of The Weekend. Austin sighed that he really didn't want to deal with a pullover right now. Looking down at his speedometer, the linebacker sees that he is over the posted limit of seventy on this stretch of freeway.

Too tired to get angry, Austin taps the brake to stop the cruise control as the vehicle starts to slow down. Looking for a place to pull over, the law enforcer's bike's siren goes silent, but the lights continue to flash. Changing lanes, Austin notices the off-ramp to Main Street, following it under the interstate and coming to rest in the parking lot of the Cabazon Dinosaurs.  The officer follows the actions of the Porsche, the T-Rex lit up for the night in the middle of desert along the highway.

Austin turns off the engine, leaving his foot, wearing white Stan Smith's, on the brake, rolling down the window. The evening air slides into the SUV, mixing with the leather scent from Austin's seat, warmed with his body.

Looking into the rear view mirror, Austin watches the motorcycle cop stop behind him, lit in red from the brake lights. A slight smile grows on the lineman's face as he sees that he has been pulled over by the motor cop.

Knowing that he will be asked for his identification, Austin reaches for his insurance and registration from his glove compartment while pulling out his wallet from the front right pocket of his track pants to retrieve his license. As Austin holds his plastic ID, he can hear the crunch of the motor cop's boots on the gravel that lines the shoulder of the road.

"Good evening, Sir." the motorcycle officer states as he shines his small flashlight into the open window, briefly flashing the face of the lineman sitting at the steering wheel, blinding Austin.

"Hello, officer, sir," responds Austin, wanting to remain respectful. "I realize I was going way over the speed limit, but my mind was wandering. It was a tough practice today." Austin is testing the waters to see if this cop knows he plays for the pro football team.

Unmoved by Austin's response, the motor cop flips up the front of the full-face helmet as Austin is briefly silent as he connects his vision to the officer's. Noticing the uniform is from the Palm Springs Police Department, Austin thinks that this guy is a long way out of his district. The cop’s eyes connects also, then asks for the standard ID and paperwork from the speeder in his fancy foreign SUV.

"You must be aware of your surroundings when piloting your vehicle, sir. I'll return shortly; please stay here."

The "motor" makes his way back to his Harley Davidson Electra Glide. Austin watches as the lawman wears his uniform just right, his navy blue breeches with yellow strip down the outside legs that tuck into the tops of his black leather Dehners mold this cop's ass into smooth round mounds that Austin dreams of his face being smothered by.

The lineman is educated in the uniform brands this cop wears, as Austin has a fetish for uniforms, especially those worn by law enforcement. Since the cop has stepped away, Austin reaches down to stretch out his Adidas sweats so his hardening cock has room to grow.

With his dick free to expand, the cop's flashlight shines into the Porsche as Austin returns his attention to why he is parked on the side of the road. Hearing the cop's boots on the gravel. Austin turns to see the helmeted officer holding on to the paperwork.

"I need you to step out of your vehicle, sir."

This request surprises the football player, "Pardon me?"

"Sir, please step out of your vehicle now." There was an emphasis on the now as Austin could see the cop was starting to position himself in a firmer stance.

Lifting his hands, Austin shows that he will comply, so the lineman opens his door and cautiously slides out of his vehicle, stepping on the gravel and raising his hands.

"Stand and face your vehicle, sir." orders the motor.

Austin follows the order, facing the side of his SUV. Just as he is lifting his hands, the officer places the paperwork on the driver's seat, then slams his body onto Austin, shoving him against the Porsche as Austin releases a yell. "What the fuck!"

Quickly, the motorcycle cop pulls out his cuffs from his heavy black utility vest, which is also his bulletproof protection, securing the wrists of the vehicle driver. Breathing heavily, Austin slides a bit on the smooth surface of his SUV.

After being cuffed, the officer's gloved hand grabs his shoulder, spinning Austin around, so they are standing face to face.

Looking into the lawman's deep brown eyes, Austin can see the caramel skin of the officer, a black well-trimmed goatee surrounding some very sexy lips with the helmet covering what looks like short cropped hair on the officer's head.

There is a brief moment of silence as both these men connect, and their eyes dance. That connection is brief as the officer leans in, with his lips planted firmly on Austin's. The sweet taste of those lips makes Austin want to slide his tongue between those lips. But the cop just teases his cuffed driver, quickly releasing his embrace.

"You’re going to follow me, and we’ll discuss how you can avoid a heavy fine and ticket.” The cop takes his gloved fingers, gently lifting Austin’s chin. “You understand, civilian?”

“Yes, sir.” is how Austin responds quietly. He shows that he is very interested in the cop, being respectful and unsure what the fuck is happening in the night on the side of the fifteen freeway.

Roughly spinning his captive around, slamming his chest against the German-made vehicle, the cop removes the cuffs. Getting the steel off his wrist, Austin rubs them as he brings back some blood. As Austin looks at the cop, he sees the officer already making his way to his Harley.

Being speechless, Austin climbs into the driver’s seat, shuts the door and starts his Porsche, pulling on his seat belt. The deep rumble of the cops’ motorcycle rides by Austin’s open window in a flash. The motor turns onto a dark road that leads into the hillside. Stepping on the gas, Austin’s vehicle spits out some gravel as the tires take grip; Austin follows as he is told.

The narrow road is mostly filled with potholes that make Austin glad he has a four-wheel drive. Not wanting to lose sight of the cop, Austin keeps at a distance so that his headlights never leave the cop in the darkness. After yet another turn leading Austin a few miles from the freeway, the cop points to his right, his gloved hand outstretched. Austin turns his Porsche to the right, where a water tank sits at the start of the rise where the mountains meet the desert floor. Realizing this is the end of the road, Austin puts his vehicle into park, turning off the engine.

The cop rides forward a short distance, then performs a U-turn so that his headline shines directly at the driver’s side of Austin’s SUV. Dismounting his bike, the cop motions with his gloved hand for Austin to exit his vehicle.

As Austin climbs out of his SUV, the cop approaches, his right hand laying upon his Smith & Wesson M&P40. Austin steps into the dirt and moves toward the cop when shutting his vehicle door.

After a few steps by both, they meet and take each other into the other’s arms, hugging, their lips locking. Austin can feel the heavy uniform and gear that the cop wears against his light t-shirt and workout pants of nylon. Austin keeps his groin pressed into the cop, knowing his trackies will tent once he steps away.

As the two men work up a sweat in the open air of this secluded rural area, their breathing increases. Slowly, the cop pulls his lips away from Austin’s, whispering in the football player’s ear, “You are so fucking hot.”

Lifting his head, Austin moans a little as he feels the heavy vest the cop wears in his hands as he strokes up and down the back. “I am wearing my workout clothes just for you.”

“Damn, when you smell like sweat, you turn me on even more. Thinking of all those fucking football players hitting you, sweating on you.”

Their lips meet again as the tall black leather boots that the cop wears start to get dusty as they scramble around in the light of their headlights.

“You going to arrest me tonight?” Austin looks at the name badge on the motor, “Officer DeSantis?”

There is a slight laugh from the cop, “Oh, you’d like that, wouldn’t you? I saw how hard your cock was getting when I cuffed you.”

Austin’s face blushes as the deep-seated kink that Austin enjoys has become an important part of his life. Especially when it comes to encounters with law enforcement.

With their lips locked, Officer Cody DeSantis starts to take extra control of their lust for each other. Cody gently maneuvers Austin towards his motorcycle. Not caring about what will happen to him, Austin is getting into the cool touch of the cop’s heavy leather riding gloves on his bare skin as Cody strokes under the t-shirt, occasionally sliding his hand down the front of Austin’s pants.

With their feet scuffing in the dirt, Cody guides Austin to his motorcycle, his gloved hands cupping the football player's manhood to keep him under his tight control. There is moaning from Austin’s lips as he feels the squeeze from the cop.

As Cody guides Austin to the motor cop’s Harley, the cop quickly spins the lineman around to face the bike. Taking in his situation, Austin has a moment to understand what will happen, with a slight grin on his face.

Cody takes hold of Austin’s shoulder, applying pressure to lower Austin’s body upon the seat of the powerful cop motorcycle.

“Fuck.” quietly comes from Austin’s lips as he can’t believe the cop is going to be so open in his sexual use of this professional football player.

As Austin settles on the leather seat of the Harley, his stomach pressing against it. Cody grabs the waist of Austin’s Adidas workout pants with the team logo, pulling them down to his knees and grabbing the snug Under Armor briefs that Austin wears. Austin’s eyes look around the darkness before him as he anticipates the filling of his hole by this cop.

Cody positioned his uniformed body at the ass of the football player as he unzipped his breeches. Working his cock out of his pants with his gloved hand, Cody was hard, and his seven inches were dripping, ready to fill the football lineman with his seed.

Cody leans upon the back of the lineman, whispering something into Austin’s ear. Austin worked his right hand up so that he could take hold of the cop's hand, and they gripped them tightly. As they held this grip, Cody placed his cop cock at the opening of his football captive’s ass.