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first time

They say if you wait long enough, that dreams can come true. Well, today, one of those dreams did come true. For most of my life, I have always wanted to experience leather and bondage. It was only in the last three that I discovered that I was not alone in this desire. As I came to terms with my sexuality and desires, I started wanting someone to share their experience and knowledge with me. I ran ads in the local alternative newspaper and got a few responses, but nothing came from it.

Until now, recently I met a guy online in the world of the super information highway. Our conversations were good, and I began to trust this man.  

After a week or two of communication, we set up a time and met at a small roadside restaurant about an hour from where I lived. We talked for a few hours. He fulfilled many of my dreams. He owned a motorcycle, loved leather, and enjoyed bondage. He wasn't into severe pain or other scary things. We hit it off well; I really wanted to explore with him. But with schedules being the way they are, I resigned myself to it being a while longer.

After wrapping up our dinner, we headed to the parking lot. I admired his BMW motorcycle, as he had worn full leather to ride down to meet me. In the parking lot, he paused, and I stopped. He asked if I would like to get together at my place the next day. This was happening fast, but I said yes. 

I was so excited that the long drive home went by quickly. I am finally going to experience the smell, feel of leather, the tightness of being bound. My mind raced with thoughts. I sped home, breaking the sound barrier.

The day arrived, and he arrived. Unfortunately, it was raining, so he wasn't on his bike. But he was dressed in a leather shirt and jacket, boots and looked very good. I helped him with his bags. We went to my bedroom, and he asked me to remove all my clothing except socks. I had relayed to him that I have always wanted to be encased in leather. Head to toe. He asked if I was ready to be encased. I was. He pulled out a leather jock and pulled my dick and balls through. My dick grew right away with the touch of his hands. He pulled out a pair of heavy leather pants. I slid them on; they felt heavy, smooth, and fit. Next came a leather dickey that covered my neck and chest. Then a wonderful leather jacket, he stated it was the same as used by the police. It was new and smelled wonderful. I looked in the mirror; I looked very good and couldn't believe it was me.

He pulled out a pair of Wesco boots; I had only dreamed of wearing such a pair.   They must have been 12-14" tall. They fit well, and after putting them on, we hugged and hugged again. I enjoyed his warmness; I wondered if I was giving such a feeling back. I felt his leather and returned the hug. I sat on the bed, and he came to me and let me breathe in his leather shirt and jacket. I snuggled my face to take it all in. I had worried I wouldn't be sexually aroused during this, but I wasn't disappointed. He asked how I was, and I told him I was fine. And I was. I was relaxed; nothing was on my mind but this moment.

He produced a leather hood from his bag of tricks. He asked if I knew what it was; I did; after all, I read Bound & Gagged magazine!

He put it on and laced it up. It was tight; he let me look in the mirror; I couldn't believe it; I was encased in leather. I felt my legs, not with my hands, but with my skin. He laid me back and sat on me. We felt each other with our hands. I loved the feeling of his weight on me.

He laid on me again, letting me smell and nuzzle his leather.   He put some leather mittens on my hands and had me roll on my stomach. He crossed my legs and bound my feet. They were not too tight, just enough to feel the restraint. He was taking charge, and I liked that. All the time, he wanted to know how I was feeling. I was feeling great. Relaxed and trying to savor it all. He would tell me that I made a good leather man. I felt good.

He rolled me over and pulled another leather hood over me, removing my sight. This was exciting. Now, I could no longer know what was going to happen. He came and sat on me again. Letting me feel his weight on me.  

He asked if I was ready for more bondage, and I was. He took my hands and put them into something that was laced up. They were heavy and awkward. I could no longer feel myself or him. He crossed my arms and bound my hands. Then he sat me up and bound my arms across my chest.   

He asked if I could stand, but I couldn't. He came before me, raising the second leather hood just enough for my mouth to be open. Something touched my lips. I took it in and played with it with my tongue. Soon, I figured out it was his tit. He wanted me to chew on them. I did as he wanted.  

My dick was getting hard. I had no control of my body and was chewing on his tits. I wish I could have seen it, but not seeing it was so exciting. It let my mind create even more. He laid me down, and we hugged, and I continued to chew on his tits.


I felt good, warm, and excited, thinking I couldn't be this lucky. He got up and left the bed. I lay there, listening. I heard snaps and zippers, etc. Soon, I lost thought, feeling the leather's heaviness against my skin, my hands bound, no sight, the smell of leather...

My jacket was unzipped, and he fiddled with my tits. He rubbed my body the entire time I was bound in leather. He found a spot I didn't know I had, my belly button. I jumped. It felt good. I felt my dick in my leather crotch. He laid on me, and I sucked and chewed on his tits again. This was pure pleasure.

He undid my pants and pulled them down some. He tied my balls and dick. I couldn't believe the sensation of his touch on my groin. He played with it and lubed it. I was making more noise. He began to play with my tits again. Then he stopped, and I sucked and chewed on his again.

He asked if I wanted to shoot my load. I said I didn't think so but didn't know if I could hold it. I had been hard longer than any time playing by my lonesome. He started to work at it. His touch on my tits, the feeling of my bounds on my legs, crossed the leather against my skin. My hands before me, heavy and weighted down, I could not touch them. I couldn't see, and the only smell was leather. He continued and got faster. It would happen, but he helped delay it as long as possible. Soon, there were all these emotions in my head. Joy, the touch of his hands, the tightness and heaviness of the smell.

The feeling of not controlling my cuming. They were all coming at me at once. I came. But he continued to play with my dick. It felt wonderful, and I was still semi-hard.

He played a bit longer, then stopped. He returned my sight and then lay beside me.   I was still bound but felt really comfortable.   He was sweaty, but I was surprised that I wasn't. He rubbed me and asked how I was; I was fine. He removed the mask and the boots that were binding my hands. We held hands and talked about this experience. I enjoyed his touch. We talked a bit more, and then it was time for him to leave since he had a prior engagement.

I am 36 and enjoyed my first-ever sexual experience. But I got to do it as I had always dreamed with a man, leather, and bondage. I was with a man that cared about me, and I hoped that I pleased him. I felt warm, secure, and relaxed the entire time. I didn't know how I would react. I regret none of it.  

Before he left, he said he dreamed of going for a tour on his bike with a man on the back. The nights in a room, having fun and sleeping beside one another. I let him know that I have long had that dream. I am feeling so lucky right now.   My bedroom still smells of leather. I will sleep well tonight.   As he left, he presented me with the leather hood that I wore. He stated that it meant that we would get together again. I certainly hope so.


signed ty dehner books


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