the jackals

an excerpt  |  all new novel coming july 2021

Mateo’s truck pulls off the highway onto the dirt road that leads to the Cop’s property for another weekend visit.  They have been meeting up for two months now, long weekends of bondage and training for the boy by the Cop Boss.  They never leave the property as everything is provided to the boy for his visits.  The boy has received the best training a boy can receive at the gloved hands of his leather cop.  Some of it has been very intense where the boy suffered, screamed, and cried with the pain that the Boss gave him.  Other times were silent and alone as he was kept in layers of confinement to deal with his thoughts of being owned and in service to the Cop.  The weekends always ended with hours of pure passion.  They often just lay upon the leather sheets of Cop’s bed, touching, feeling, and getting to know each other deeply.  Often Cop Boss is in his full leathers during these quiet times with this boy in heavy chains, naked and exposed showing the marks from the weekend’s earlier experiences. 

After the weekends, Cop Boss has taken more control over the boy’s week life.  Now the boy wears chastity and a plug in his ass all week, even to work. Two weeks ago, the boy was required to wearing a latex catsuit under his work clothing. There is a catheter in the boy’s dick that goes to a bag that is under the boy’s work clothes that collects his piss where he saves it after work and brings it all to the ranch for weekends.  Of course, the boy has to change into his leathers after work with the addition of a full hood, gloves, and collar that the boy puts on in front of a video camera for the Cop Boss.  Boss has sent the boy out in the evenings on errands in his leather. A few times the Boss has the boy get into his MX gear over the leather and rubber and handle these errands. When he is helmeted, he wears his hood, with a gag.  No one can see the hooded boy. 

Cop Boss gets up from his chair, wearing his leather uniform, as he sees the headlights flash from the boy’s truck as it comes up the dirt road.  Looking out the window, Boss watches the boy pull up to the spot he now knows he is to park.  The boy gets out, wearing his leathers, including the hood without gag and collar.  From the truck the boy enters the door that leads to the dungeon where the boy will kneel, cuff his hands behind his back and await the arrival of his Boss.  Boss adjusts his cock in the leathers as watching the boy submit, as he does, just makes the Boss hard as a rock!

As he makes his way to the dungeon, Cop Boss thinks about this weekend as it has come time to take full ownership of the boy.  It is going to go beyond the weekend, it will be intense, and the boy will find his life is over as he knew it.  Cop pauses for a moment, taking in what is going to happen.  He closes his eyes and lowers his head, thankful for what is waiting for him kneeling in the dungeon.

Entering the dungeon Cop Boss finds the boy just where he should be, kneeing, hands cuffed behind his back, in the center of the dungeon still in his leather jeans, Wesco logger boots, t-shirt and leather jacket zipped up, hooded and collared.  The boy keeps his eyes on the concrete floor as Boss enters, shutting the door and moves forward to where his Dehner boots are in the eyesight of the boy.

Lowering his right gloved hand, Boss takes his boys leathered head into his hand gently stroking it from the top to under his chin where he lifts it as he bends down to kiss his boy on his exposed lips.  Cuffed and in submission the boy enjoys the taste of the Cop Boss lips with the after taste of his cigar that he had been smoking.  Boss pushes his tongue past the boy’s lips, inserting it deeply into the boy’s mouth with passion showing who is in charge.  Moaning a bit, the boy enjoys this pleasure, adjusting himself on his knees lifting to reach the Boss a bit more. 

Cop Boss releases the kiss as his hand guides the boy back to lowering his head and keeping his gaze on the floor and the Cop’s boots. Boss makes his way to the cupboard, returning with a gag and leather blindfold, which he puts on the boy.  Now that the boy is sightless and speechless Boss looks at his boy and enjoyed the sight of a leather boy head to toe.  Without warning and just because he can, Boss hauls off slapping the boy in the face, then kicks him in the balls.  The boy yelps in the gag as he drops forward in pain.  This makes Boss very hard as he can use this boy anyway, he wants and the boy will just take it, like the slave he is.

“Tonight, is very special for you boy. I’m introducing you to members of The Jackals. You will be at your best behavior, treat them with the full respect that you provide me as they are your superiors.  If you understand, then nod your head boy.”

The boy nods his leather encased head that he understands. Just because he can, the Cop kicks the boy in the balls again with his booted foot.  The boy releases a heavy breath into the gag bending over. Slowly he moves back into place, breathing heavily. He keeps his head in the downward position, listening closely through the leather as to any clue as to what the Cop Boss is doing.  The Boss just watches the boy as he struggles to understand what his happening as the boy’s life is being reduced to one of an animal and object for the Cop Boss to use to his ultimate pleasure.

Cop Boss steps away, going to the cupboard, taking a clear plastic bag in his gloved hand.  He returns to his boy, pulls the bag on his leathered head.  The bag is loose as Cop Boss takes a belt and puts it around the boy’s neck closing the bag tightly.  Now the boy has restricted breathing.  The boy notices that his breathing is now being controlled taking in a slow breathes.  Seeing that his boy understand his situation, Cop Boss goes to the closet and prepares what the boy will be wearing for the evening.  As he lays the clothing out on the leathered sheets of the king size bed, he keeps an eye to his boy.  Slowly the air in the bag is losing its oxygen and breathing is becoming more difficult for the boy.  It doesn’t help that the boy is gagged and the plug of the gag fills his mouth so that the boy can truly only breath through the small holes in the hood at his nose.

Now that he has placed out the boy’s dress for the evening with The Jackals, Boss sits on the bed and watches as the plastic bag starts to cling to the boy’s head as he breaths in, trying to pull in all the useful air he can with each breath.  The boy starts to waver in his kneeling position as he is getting a bit lightheaded with the slow lack of air.  He moans a bit, no doubt wanting to ask for the bag to be removed but knowing he shouldn’t dare ask.

Checking his watch, the Boss sees that time is moving forward and he wants to have some dinner with the boy before they meet up with The Jackals.  He gives the boy a few more moments, as the bag remains snug to the boy’s hooded head now, allowing very little air left for him to use.  He starts to struggle in the cuffs, making noise through the gag, even trying to get off his knees but stopping himself from doing so.  He shakes his head hoping to dislodge the plastic bag, but of course, it does no good.  He trembles even more down, mumbling through the gag to be released.  The Boss just watches, stroking his cock through his leathers.  The boy lets out a large yell into the gag, this signals the Cop Boss that the boy is reaching his limit.  He pauses for a moment, then stands and makes his way across the floor to the boy.  He reaches for the top of the bag, then waits for one more intense struggle from the boy then rips the bag off the boy’s head.  The boy moans in relief as the fresh air fills his lungs as fast as he can take it in through his nose.  As the boy is taking in the air, Boss kicks him in the balls again bring a large release of that fresh air and the boy falls to the floor this time. Boss kicks him once more in the stomach, then leaves the dungeon to prepare himself as the boy struggles in the cuffs, the darkness of the hood wondering what the evening will bring.

The Boss returns to the dungeon where he finds his leather boy still on the floor, not moving just waiting as a good boy should. Cop Boss has changed out of his leathers, wearing a pair of black Wrangler jeans that stack nicely on the top of his black leather cowboy boots, a red western style shirt with black leather vest, a large silver buckle is on the leather belt around his waist.  He wears tight leather gloves as a black felt cowboy hat completes his dress for the evening.  He walks up to the boy, poking his boy’s body with his pointed toed boots.  The boy wrestles around on the floor, not knowing where the assault of the Cop Boss’s boots might come. Boss walks around poking the boy with his boots sometimes harder than other times.  The boy grunts at times as he is poked with the boots, struggling with his hands restrained behind his back. 

Having had his fun, Cop Boss takes keys from his belt loop and unlocks the wrist cuffs, helping the boy from the floor.  He moves him to the bed, removing the gag, blindfold and hood, as the boy adjusts to the light.  Turning to see his Master for the first time on this visit, he smiles and immediately moves his gaze downwards.  Boss likes how the boy responds as he should, reaching over taking the boy’s chin in his gloved hand and bring them closer together for a very hearty kiss. As they kiss the boy naturally puts his hands behind his back.  When Boss releases the kiss the boy immediate looks down at the Cop’s cowboy boots.

“Sir, nice cowboy boots.”

“Thank you boy, you’ll be putting yours on shortly.”

The boy forgets for a moment, looking up into his Cop Boss’s eyes, then quickly returns looking down at the boots. 

“Tonight, is a special night for you boy. I’m introducing you to my friends in The Jackals. We are very close and all work on the force.  Some of them have boys like you and they are very excited to meet the boy that has been keeping me busy for the past few months.”

“I will be honored to meet these men Sir.”

“I know you will, you are making me proud right now boy…as well as very hard!”, the Cop Boss chuckles and squeezes his cock through his jeans. “We are going to our bar here in Yucca Valley, so leather will not be appropriate for you to wear.  I’ve put together what you can wear. Let’s get you out of your leathers and ready for a night out.”

“Yes Sir”, responds the boy as he stands and starts to remove his leathers.  As he takes all his leathers off, he places them neatly on the bed next to what he is about to put on.  Once naked, except for the cage that holds his cock and balls he stands ready.  Cop Boss motions for him to start putting on what is on the bed.  The boy puts on pair of well-worn blue Wrangler Cowboy Cut jeans that fit him snuggly in the right places. The jeans have the chew can ring and a chain that holds a leather wallet. It takes a moment for the boy to stuff his caged cock into the jeans, but he is able to zip them up. He notices there is a wear mark on the crotch that makes the bulge that his cage makes stand out a bit more.  He take a pair of white boot socks, sliding them on, then a used pair of brown leather cowboy boots.  Pulling the jeans over the top of the boots, the stack as a good cowboy should have.  Next is a leather slave harness with 3-inch black leather and heavy metal.  He follows that with a black t-shirt with the Cop flag with blue strip on the chest and back. Cop hands his boy a pair of tan leather work gloves, then puts a chain collar around the boy’s neck, locking it with a large pad lock.  Cop Boss makes sure the lock stays visible outside the shirt. The last piece for the boy is a worn baseball cap with a Cop flag.  Boss steps back, turns the boy to see himself in the mirror. 

“Now there’s a boy that knows he is serving a cop and others will not mess with him.”

The boy looks at the mirror and can’t believe how simple he looks but how much it is totally under the control of his Cop Boss.  His cock starts to grow in the cage but he doesn’t dare moves his hands from behind his back.  The boy also notices the contrast of how he is dressed and how the Cop is dressed in black, showing his power. 

“Let’s get going boy.”

Boss takes the boy leading him out of the dungeon. They make their way to the Boss’s SUV and head down the road to the highway and the bar.