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christmas eve

this story originally appeared in ropedweb ezine

The typical London winter gray has given way to a bright crisp Christmas Eve day.  Rolling over in my bed, my morning hard on is trapped in the yellowed jock that Master has me wear.  Reaching down, I stroke it a little thinking of spending my first Christmas being collared by the hot Skinhead that picked me up in the Hoist last spring.  He has changed my life and is expecting me to move in with him in the coming months.  

Stroking, I think about how he had me take a motorcycle training class as he wanted me to start riding a cycle.  Over the months he has taken more control and that was just one step.  He loves riding and has taken me as pillion several times, him in his full leathers and boots.  I hold on to him as we ride and reach around play with his pierced dick through the thick leather.  When I do, he speeds up on the M1 and I feel the wind passing my helmet.  He has never allowed me to have full leathers; I only get to wear my 14 hole ox blood boots and jeans, along with my bomber and a full black helmet with tint shield.  He did have my helmet marked with the words slave on it and he pisses in it often so that is smells as I wear it.   At times it soaked my shaved head, reminding me of the pig I am.

Rolling on my back, I grab one of my boots from the floor and take in the interior boots smell of sweat and leather.  After riding, he has me clean his boots and leathers with my tongue as he wears them.  He won’t allow himself out of them until I am done.  By then he is so fucking horny, that he tosses me on the bed and fucks me like the muscled Skinhead he is.

Before I go over the edge and fill the cum crusted yellow jock with more of my sperm, I toss the boot and jump out of bed.  Master would be pissed if I shot my load on my own.  It is just another thing he wanted control.  Plus I have two hours to get ready and be at his place for Christmas Eve.

After showering, I slide on my rubber shirt and shorts that Master likes me to wear under my skin head gear.  Following that with a cock bag in rubber that is locked on, then my red camos, ox blood boots, red FP shirt and maroon bomber, I am ready to head out.

When I arrive, I let myself in.  By the door is my rubber hood that I put on immediately. Upon seeing him on the sofa, I go to him, kneeling, putting my hands behind his back; I begin licking the motocross boots that he is wearing.  He caresses my head and welcomes me and wishes me a Happy Christmas.  I thank him between licks.  As I make my way up his boots, he fishes out his cock and balls and presents them before me.  As I begin to take them in, he reaches and cuffs my hands behind my back.  I then serve him as I am supposed to and want to, with my best.  Soon, he is ready to cum.  I pull back and he shoots on the crotch of my camos.  That means I will have to take them off, but I am not allowed to wash them until I get to my place.  

He has me stand, "boy, I want you to go to the bathroom.  Take care of all you need to, and then put on what is in the bathtub waiting for you.  The key to the cuffs and chastity is there also.”

I follow his commands and head to the bathroom.  I find the key and struggle for a few moments to unlock the cuffs.  But I do get them unlocked and I begin to remove all my clothing, the chastity, including the rubber, but not the hood.  I never remove the hood, unless he does so for me.  I pee in the boys piss box and seal it tightly.  I look into the tub and find a full red rubber suit.  As I lift it, I feel the heavy weight of the rubber; I have never seen one like this on before.   I work myself into it and find that it is a snug fit all around.    The gloves are molded onto the arms, as are the feet.  As I enter the suit, I find that the opening is in the back and the hood is attached to the neck.  I pull my head up into the hood and find it has clear plastic for the small eye holes, a gag plops into my mouth, with a hose coming out so I can breath.  There is a form fitting nose piece that has two small hoses that fill my nostrils slightly.  Master comes into the bathroom and seals the opening by zipping then locking it shut.  

Master then works my hard cock into rubber fitting that snugly encases it.   I feel a small tube like thing work its way into my piss hole.  Then He goes to my ass and a rubber slot is pushed up into my asshole, with a plug.  The slot is lined with rubber from the suit.  I am now totally sealed from the outside world.  Even my eyes are covered in rubber.

He takes me to the living room and before the Christmas tree.  He slides me into a complete rubber sleep sack that closes around my neck.  He fishes out my cock and attaches a clear rubber tube to it. The tube goes into the hose of gas mask that is place on my head after he attaches the tube to the gag.  He then adds straps to the sack to make it even more restrictive. The mask is wrapped red tape.  This tape he covers my entire body.  Finally, he lays me beneath the Christmas tree, leaving me with my sight, but that is really my only sense.  Still in his waders, he sits on my chests and I see his smiling face through the two layers of plastic.

"Boy, I told you not to get me a material item for Christmas, didn't I?  That is because you are my are all I could want.  And I will show you more joy in the next two days than you could have ever imagined.  I know that you will have something for me on Christmas Day.  I have learned that about you, boy.  That is why you are beneath my tree, you are my present.  But that doesn't mean I don't have some gifts for you.  I do, and I have to go get them today.  I know you enjoy your place under my tree.  Enjoy the day boy.”

With that Master leaves my sight.  With the restrictions upon me, I can't follow where he goes.  All I see before me is the lights of the tree, the decorations and the bubbles of the bubble lights.  My hearing is very slight, but eventually I hear the door shut and feel that he has left for the day.

He is right in that I have planned on what I was going to give him for the holiday.  I have already given him some of me, now it was time to give him more.  Was this what he was looking for, the time when I would turn myself over to him completely?  Am I ready for this moment?  I want to make him happy; I enjoy his company and serving him.  We have enjoyed our times together very much.  Perhaps this is the best present I can give.

Because I am so relaxed in my bondage, I doze off on occasion.  During the time, I notice the lightness of the sunny day begin to fade and night fall.  Time passes on and on.  Eventually I have to piss and do so, drinking it in.  I am feeling the plug in my ass big time as it is stretching my asshole and pressing on my prostate. The bottom of the rubber sleep sack is filling with sweat and it allows me to slide around in it

Sometime later, Master appears over me in his full rubbers.  "It is Christmas Eve boy."  I see a smile through his hood then feel something against my rubber cock.  It is a vibrator.

The movement of the rubber slides on my hardening dick.  Moaning through the gag, I lift my waist to create move friction on my dick.  His rubber booted foot pushes me hard against the floor and I am left to just be pleasured by the wonderful feeling of the vibrator.

I hear duct tape pulled from the roll and the vibrator is secured to my dick.

As I am pleasured with the smooth vibrations, I look up at the lights on the tree, though the plastic covering my eyes from my hood, through the gas mask I notice that the room has grown dark.  Have I been enjoying myself so much that I have lost track of time?  The days end quickly in the winter and the cold will be settling in for the evening.  

I don't know how long I have been under the Christmas Tree on this Christmas Eve.

All I do know is that I was where I have longed to be for many years.  I'm in the service of a great man that cares for me more than anyone I have even met.  And the more we learn about each other, the stronger our commitment grows.

Then I feel the vibrator increase in speed against my rubber encased cock and balls...I struggle in my cocoon of rubber and tape.  I moan through my gag. Soon the piss begins to flow, for I've needed to piss for so long the vibrator removes any holding back that I've been able to do.  My ears are suddenly filled with loud SKA music, then the plug in my ass begins to vibrate and finally Master puts tape over my eyes.  Every sensation in my body is active; I am going nuts, for I am totally helpless.  I struggle in this new rubber suit, which has been secured with tape.  My mouth fills with my own piss, and I breath out the tubes in my nose through the gas mask...I am truly a slave to my Master, he controls every part of me.

I want to shoot my Masters load from my dick so much, but he has set the vibrator in just the right position to just give me enough stimulation to want to do it, but not enough to actually do it.  This torment doesn't end, it continues, for minutes, then what seems like hours...I have never been this close to the edge before.  It is frustrating, painful and wonderful all at the same time.  I sweat like a pig, rolling back and forth on my side trying to find relief from this attack.  But it moves with me, the sweat in the sack waving along with me.  The rolling shoves the plug in deeper and it makes me harder.  Not even noticing it, I am humping my own ass with the plug.  Though I can’t hear much because of the blaring SKA, I swear it hear the laughter of my Master in the room.

I try to track the time through the length of the songs and CD's but they start to repeat, and I loose count.  For all I know, I've been through this ordeal for hours.  Finally it all stops, very suddenly.  All is quiet.  I begin to feel my mouth fill with warm piss, but I am not pissing.  Then it dawns on me, it is Master's piss.  This is one of my gifts to him; I take another step closer to total submission and take in his piss, totally proud to do so.

The tape is removed from my eye pieces, I see Master above me.  "Boy, you have given me a great gift tonight.  Sleep tight and image what Master Santa will bring you in the morning."  With that, the tree lights are unplugged and the room goes dark.  I don't know how late it is, but I know that is must be 10 or 11 or later at night, that means I've been a captive in this rubber and tape for nearly 12 hours now.  I panic a little, trying to call Master through the gag.  He has never left me bound over night.  I want to lay with him in his bed.  I struggle in the bondage trying to move towards his bedroom.  As I try to lift my head, I am stopped by a chain.  I realize that the chain is secured to the wall and locked to a ring in the collar around my neck.  I trying moving again, but give up so that I do not chock myself to death.  

I lay back, looking at the ceiling of the dark room.  As my eyes adjust to the darkness, I begin to make out some writing on the ceiling.    It is on paper taped to the ceiling.  

It reads, “U R Fucked. U R Owned.  U R slave!”

This only served to make me harder again.  Without warning, the headphones came alive with my Master’s voice.

“Slave. Get use to the name, for you are now my slave.  Before you fall asleep helpless under my tree, I need to share with a phone call.  I want you to hear it for you will sleep with it in your head tonight and know from this moment on, I control all in your life.”

There is the sound of some static then the voice of my boss at work.  

“ Sean, really sorry to hear that you have resigned.  You meant a great deal to this company.  I hope all goes well in your new endeavor!  I forwarded the address you sent for your final pay and you will receive it in a week.  Cheers!”  The phone line goes dead.

Fuck!  I have just heard that I have resigned from my job of 8 years!  As I want to scream through my gag, I feel so helpless.  I hear my Master’s laugh in the headphones then another crackle and another phone call.

“This message is for Sean.  We received your paperwork and would like you to start on Monday in the New Year!  We’ve assigned you to the cleaning crew at Upper Thames Street waste transfer station.  We’ll have your gear ready for you.  See you then and Happy Christmas!”

I struggle in my helpless rubber bondage, really sweating now as my life is changing without any control.  I hear my Master’s voice.

“You are fucked, you are owned, you are my slave!”  

I scream in the gag and I receive a heavy electric shock from the anal plug.  I struggle and squirm in my rubber cocoon.  Helpless, he really is showing me that I am owned by him.  I realize my dick is hard as a rock.  I want to shoot something bad.  The shocking continues and the pain is increasing.  I roll on my stomach; press my cock into the floor.  I push face into the carpet and stop air coming into the mask.  Realizing I am like a helpless worm, I stroke harder and harder before I black out.  Holding my breath, I feel one huge shock and it reminds me of whom I serve.  I am not suppose to jack off on my own, but I am so close.  

But I quickly roll on my back and take in the pain to stop my erection.    

I try not to feel my rubber encased body, the sweat that I soak in, tightness of the restrains.  I look up at that ceiling again and take in the words, focusing on the final one, slave.

Eventually, I fall asleep.

Sometime in the night I am awakened.  My mouth is filling with piss again, but it is not mine.  I see a shadow of a bearded man lean over me.  He smiles at me, through my grogginess, I take in the piss and as the man steps away, I realize it is Santa????  He toys with my tits and rubber covered dick for a while.  I hear a deep chuckle as I struggle in my rubber and tape.  Then he stops tormenting me and I listen very quietly.  I never hear a door or any sound.  I continue to listen for the longest of time, and never hear a thing.  Eventually I fall asleep.

The next time I am a wake, the tree is lit and the sun if filling the room.  Master is over me in his skinhead kit, smiling at me.
"Happy Christmas slave".  

I try to respond back, but the gag in my mouth makes for a mumbled response.  He shows me some scissors and begins to cut the tape from my body.  Soon I am loose and he removes me from the rubber sack.  I stretch as much as I can.  I then kneel before him, facing his crotch.  I want to give him a great present; I want to take him in my mouth.  But he does not remove the hood yet.  

"Slave, I am going to remove the hood in a moment, then I want you to drink the water and juice I have for you.  Then I will put your other hood on you and I will let you give me my present."  He follows what he said he would do.  I enjoy the refreshing taste of the apple juice and the coolness of the water.  He then puts on me a full leather hood that has eye, nose and mouth holes.  He sits on the sofa and I go to him and take Master's cock into my mouth.  I love the smell of his unwashed body and want to eventually lick the great 20 hole boots he has on.  His hands rub my leather covered head and rubbery body as I serve my Master.

After a good hour, he comes to his climax and he shoots for the first time in my mouth.  We have been together for a great deal of time and we are both safe, this I show him that I am further His boy and put all my trust in Him.  I swallow his cum.  He takes me to him and hugs me deeply, I nearly cry.  

"Slave, you give the greatest gift a Master can receive.  I have some special things for you also."  He directs me to several boxes under the tree.  These were not there before I was secured for the night.  Master instructs me which one to open first, when opened I find a full set of race motorcycle leathers.  It is a one piece suit, in black and red, with full armor.  He has me remove my sweaty rubber and put on the leathers.  They feel so heavy and wonderful against my skin.  The next box has a pair of black motocross boots.  As I am instructed to put them on, I enjoy the feel of the leather and plastic. The next box is a full face helmet, red and black that matches the leathers.  I put it on; the shield is mirrored, creating a mysterious look.  The final box has a pair of black race gloves that Velcro tight on the wrists.  I am now looking like a cycle guy, a dream come true.  Master then leaves for a moment and comes back dressed in his black leather jacket, jeans, chaps, boots and carries a helmet also.  He leads me to the garage and in the garage is a brand new Suzuki sport bike, in the same red and black of my leathers.  Master turns me around to face him.

"Slave, today I give you a gift, and take control of your life.  Beginning today you will only ride that bike to your new job.  No matter the weather, you will ride a cycle.  We will be putting together gear for you to ride, including rain gear.  Of course if it snows, you won't be riding, but you don't go to work in the snow anyway."

"I'm having you do this, because a car is too good for a slave.  It is comfortable.  On a motorcycle, you will always feel the power of your Master between your legs.  Since you always wear chastity or cock devises, you are going to feel them.  Plus you will always be in leather, and I guarantee you will have rubber on under your leathers.  As you do now.

You will also wear rubber to work.  You have been assigned to the crew that cleans the rubbish trucks.  You will be wearing a full rubber suit over your work gear, which will be over your body rubber and chastity.  Your boss is a mate of mine and he understand you’re a bit queer.  Most cause you’ll be wearing you full leathers while working.  And that helmet will never be worn with a hood, including at work.  So guess you’ll be locked in that hood many, many hours a day.  The other as work might think you’re a bit of freak, but I don’t fucking care.  They shouldn’t talk to you anyway.  You’re job is to clean those trucks and get you ass back home. On your knees, slave.”

I lower to my knees, feeling the pucks from the leather suit.  Putting my gloved hands behind my back, I look up at my Master through the shield of my helmet.

“I own you because I love you.  You serve and worship me because you love me.  You will do anything I command, no question.  You are fucked, you are owned, you are my slave!”

He brings my helmeted head to his crotch and rubs it against his bulging cock.

“Get on your bike.  Remember when we both go riding, you will always ride behind me, because that is where my slave belongs."

As I climb on my crotch rocket, he climbs on his bike, putting on his helmet.  The garage door opens and we race down the driveway and into the street.  This Christmas Day is going to be in my mind forever, for we each received gifts that the other really wanted the other to have.


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